Sir,I hold LIC Jeevan Anand(149) for 21 years policy term,sum assured 25L,yearly premium Rs123669. taken on 14.8.10.How much will i get on maturity of policy?my current age:28 -sarvesh

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  • On: 23rd Sep 2012 2:07 AM
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Dear Sarvesh,

The Maturity Benefit of LIC Jeevan Anand Plan is (Sum Assured + accrued Bonus + Final Addition Bonus). The amount of Bonus depends on the company;s performance. Hence that cannot determined from now.

In this plan, you would receive the Sum Assured + Bonus as Maturity Benefit, i.e. Rs25 lakhs + Bonus and the life cover chosen continues till your death. Again an additional Sum Assured is paid whenever you would die. Thus this plan is both an endowment plan and a whole life plan.

However, if you die before the completion of premium paying term, i.e. within the policy tenure, the entire Sum Assured along with accrued Bonus is paid to your nominee and the policy would terminate.

There is also an additional Accidental Death and Disability Benefit is payable till 70 years of age of the life insured.

The bonus rates for this plan is also very good and is overall a good plan to buy. It is among the top selling plans of LIC and a very good one. Jeevan Anand is one of the most popular plan of LIC. The Maturity Benefit is Sum Assured plus Bonus after 21 years. Hence you would be paying Rs 123669 for 21 years, i.e. Rs 25,97,049 in all.
However, your maturity amount is Rs 10,00,000 plus bonus.

According to the present rate of bonus, you would get Rs 700 per thousand SA and Rs 45 per thousand SA, i.e. Rs 745 per 1000 X Rs 25,00,000, i.e. Rs 18,62,500.

Hence your Maturity Amount is Rs 44,62,500 AND your Sum Assured of Rs 25,00,000 continues for the rest of your life.
However, the returns would definitely for be comparable to any pure investment tool since this plan guarantees a WHOLE LIFE coverage of Rs 25,00,000 for the protection of your family. So, now, you have judge for yourself!

However, after 21 years the Bonus Rate may change and you would get the rate of bonus at the time of Maturity. Hence it cannot be ascertained accurately now.

  • Answered By: MIC Expert
  • On: 26th Sep 2012 12:39 AM
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