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L&T my health Medisure Prime Insurance Policy


L&T my health Medisure Prime Insurance PlanL&T my health Medisure Prime Insurance is a unique health insurance policy that takes care of medical costs arising due to illness, accident or any injury.  The policy offers some good features such as double sum assured for treatment of critical illnesses and coverage of pre existing diseases after 2 policy years. 


Key Features of L&T my health Medisure Prime Insurance Policy


  • No medical test  required for individuals under 45 yrs of age with a clean medical history
  • Pre-existing diseases covered from 3rd year
  • Assured renewal for lifetime
  • Double Sum Insured for treatment of Critical Illness like Cancer, First Heart Attack, Kidney Failure etc
  • Maternity expenses and new born baby cover
  • Lump-sum recovery benefit in case hospitalisation exceeds 10 continuous days
  • Reinstatement of Sum Insured in case of hospitalisation due to an accident


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Type of plans available in L&T my health Medisure Prime Insurance Plan


The plan is available in both types

  • Individual
  • Family Floater



What is covered in L&T my health Medisure Prime Insurance Plan?


  • Hospitalisation expenses
  • Day care procedures which do not require 24 hour hospitalisation
  • Pre-hospitalisation expenses up to 60 days and Post-hospitalisation expenses up to 90 days
  • Emergency ambulance charges up to Rs 1,500 per hospitalisation
  • Double sum insured in case of a Critical Illness listed below
    • Critical Illnesses covered are Cancer, Stroke, Major Organ Transplant, First Heart Attack, Kidney Failure, Multiple Sclerosis, Coronary Artery Bypass, Primary Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension, and Aorta Graft Surgery
  • Hospitalisation due to an accident – When the Sum Insured has been used up, the same is restored in case of hospitalisation due to accident
  • Maternity and new born baby cover – Up to 5% of Sum Insured or Rs 25,000 for normal delivery and 10% or Rs 50,000 for caesarean section
  • Hospital cash benefit of Rs 1,000 per day from 4th day to 10th day
  • Maximum Rs 500 per day for accompanying person from 4th day to 8th day of hospitalisation
  • Recovery benefit of Rs 10,000 if hospitalisation is for 10 continuous days or more
  • Treatment expenses of organ donor



Additional Benefits of L&T my health Medisure Prime Insurance Plan


  • Family floater option to cover up to 4 members
  • Family discount of 10% available
  • No claim bonus of 5% every year up to a maximum of 50% of the Sum Insured
  • Free health check-up after every 2 years for insured persons above 45 years of age
  • Cashless decision within 6 business hours and within 8 hours in case of non-working hours
  • 24 x 7 claims assistance
  • Claims associate available on request in select cities
  • Policy manager available in select cities to clarify any doubts and to explain the benefits



Eligibility and Restrictions of L&T my health Medisure Prime Insurance Plan





Coverage Amount (in Rs.)



Policy Term (in years)



Entry Age (in years)



Renewable till Age (in years)


Life long



Family floater policy will cover


  • An individual and/or his spouse
  • 2 dependent children up to the age of 18 years
  • Dependent parents



Tax Benefits in L&T my health Medisure Prime Insurance Policy


Health Insurance premiums paid up to Rs. 15,000 in case of individuals and Rs 20,000 for senior citizens are allowed as a deduction from the taxable income each year under section 80D of the Income Tax Act.



Exclusions - What is not covered in L&T my health Medisure Prime Insurance Policy?


  • Pre-existing diseases for first 2 years
  • First 2 year exclusion on diseases like Cataract, Hernia, Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy, Congenital Internal Diseases, Hysterectomy for Menorrhagia or Fibromyoma, Fistula in Anus, Piles, Sinusitis and related disorders
  • Any disease contracted during the first 30 days from the start of Policy
  • Domiciliary treatment (treatment taken at home)
  • Suicide or self-inflicted injury
  • Mental disorders, stress, anxiety or depression
  • Alcohol or drug
  • HIV / AIDS and related conditions



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Download L&T My Health Medisure Prime Insurance Brochure download
~ By Deepak Yohannan
Note: This is a statement of facts based on the information collected from the L&T My Health Medisure Prime Insurance brochure and insurance company's website. It should not be construed as a Critical or Favourable L&T My Health Medisure Prime Insurance Review, Analysis or Recommendation.
Insurance is a subject matter of the solicitation.

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Hi, MY father is 67 yrs and mother is 63 yrs. Can you please advice whether L&T medisure classic is a good policy to enroll into?..I would like to have lifelong renewal option and the sum assured is ~ 3L. Alternate, can you please suggest me other VFM policies that i can pursue?.

By Nithu Mathew on Aug 16, 2013 Reply

Hi Nithu, this is a good policy. You can go in for it. It has some features which are pretty unique. I would recommend going in for a separate plan for each of your parents. That way if there is a claim, both would not get impacted.

It has lifelong renewability.

Also dont look for VFM when it comes to ageing parents - it would be penny-wise and pound-fooliseh approahc. Go in for a feature rich plan.

Replied By Admin (MIC Staff) on Aug 17, 2013 Reply

my age is 46, spouse 37 son 10 daughter12 father 76 mother 66 what will be 1 yr and 2yrs premium
arun udupa

By Arun Udupa on Jun 04, 2013 Reply

Dear Arun, it is not adviseable to include your parents in the family plan. The chances of claims will be higher and the premius for the whole family will get impacted. We would recommend a separate plan for each of your parents.

You have not mentioned the amount of cover that you would need.

In case of a family floater for Rs. lakhs for your wife, yourself and you 2 children, the premium would come to Rs. 10,770 for a 1 year plan and for 2 year it would be Rs. 20,462

In case you include both your parents, the premium for 1 year would be Rs. 30,569 and for 2 years it would be Rs. 58,080. 

A 2 lakh cover for your father would be Rs. 16,899 for 1 year and Rs. 32,108 for 2 years.

A 2 lakh cover for your mother would be Rs. 12,482 for 1 year and Rs. 23,716 for 2 years.

Do let us know in case you want to alter the cover amount.

Even financially it is better to take separate plans for parents.

Replied By Admin (MIC Staff) on Jun 14, 2013 Reply

pls give me u r Agent contact No. at Karwar. 581 306 Karwar District.

By Rajesh R Shenoy on Feb 15, 2013 Reply

i want a policy now plz contact me

By Himanshu Gupta on Dec 12, 2012 Reply

I am an Insurance consultant, selling health products mainly of so many cos.
I would like to have more details of the product to unable to sell the same in retail market.
I am having a strong customer base to sell the product.

By J.B.Shah on Nov 19, 2011 Reply

better for old parents

By Rayi Ravindranath on Nov 11, 2011 Reply

hai i am willing to no more about your products can your sales person contact me
to my no 9043345090. sundar

By Sundar on Nov 11, 2011 Reply

I am 71 years and I have been covered with STAR Medical cover, but till today, I have no claim at all. I have annual check every year and I am prepared for medical check a fresh.

Can I have portability from STAR to New India or L&T Insurance or United or National. Could you please help.

By Anirudha M Bhat on Nov 11, 2011 Reply

I am 40 and wish to take floater policy with daughter aged 7 year with cover of Rs300000
let me know my premium with L&T medisure prime insurance

By Haresh Dharma on Nov 11, 2011 Reply

Dear Sir
i am 64 yrs 6 month &wife is 60yrs please advise which health policy is best for us

By Yeshwant.A.Ambalkar on Nov 10, 2011 Reply

where is da preimum calculation?

By Prafulla on Nov 10, 2011 Reply

I am of 36, my wife is of 30 yrs and my daughter of 3 yrs. Kindly let me know about the policy. I would like to take upto 2-3 lacs. If there is any policy in which i can include my parent with Family floater Health Insuance policy. My father is about 68 and my mother is of 62.

Thank you very much

By Sachin Gupta on Nov 10, 2011 Reply

My husband is 52 ,i am 48, one son 17. i wish to take this policy for 5lakhs
kindly let me know
1. amount of premium for 1 yr
2. any medical for me n my husband
3. can we increase the amt insured later
4. can i separate my son after he attain 18 for another policy.
5 . procedure to be followed for cashless transaction.
6. is max, fortis, paras,medanta apollo, escorts etc on the list.
7 . procedure to take the policy.

By Indu on Nov 10, 2011 Reply

Kindly inform me about a policy for NRI which covers their old parents of above 67 years and 62 years. For them medical check-up is mandateryor optional

By R.Balakrishnan on Nov 10, 2011 Reply

The above description doe"nt cover medial insurance plans for senior citizens; pl furnsih details in case coverage is available for the senior citizens.

By Venkataramanaiah Ramu on Nov 10, 2011 Reply

Pl let me mee your agent to get this policy for my family.Sendcontact ph nos at hyderabad branch.

By Ch.Lakshminarayana on Oct 28, 2011 Reply

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