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Max Bupa Heart Beat Health Insurance Policy


Max Bupa Heart Beat is a comprehensive health insurance policy which will reimburse the cost of medical treatment done by a person for any injury, illness or accident. It covers hospitalisation costs and expenses incurred to undergo day-care treatments which do not require the person to be admitted in the hospital.


Key Features of Max Bupa Heart Beat Health Insurance Policy


  • Wide range of coverage amount ranging from Rs.2 lacs to Rs.50 lacs
  • No restriction of age limit for enrolment. The policy covers everyone from newborn to senior citizens
  • Assured renewal of policy for life
  • No use of third party administrators (TPA) to process claims. The company has a direct claim service team and good cashless facility
  • Provides for maternity and child care benefits including vaccinations
  • Provides for all day care procedures without exceptions



Variants in Max Bupa Heart Beat Health Insurance Plan


There are three variants available in Max Bupa Heart Beat Health insurance policy. They are -

  1. Max Bupa Heartbeat Gold
  2. Max Bupa Heartbeat Platinum
  3. Max Bupa Heartbeat Silver



What is covered in Max Bupa Heart Beat Health Insurance Plan?


  • Treatment expenses during hospitalisation which includes pre and post operative care
  • Expenses incurred on nursing, drugs and surgical dressings
  • Hospital accommodation (single private room), operation theatre charges and intensive care unit (ICU) charges
  • All day care procedures which do not require hospitalisation (for example pathology, X-ray, Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy, operation of cataract or tonsils, therapies, etc)
  • Pre and post hospitalisation expenses which include doctor’s consultation, medicines, drugs, other consumables and diagnostic tests
  • Maternity cover and new born baby cover



Additional Benefits of Max Bupa Heart Beat Health Insurance Policy


  • Domiciliary treatment (covered up to Rs.50,000 in a specific plan)
  • Emergency ambulance cost covered at actuals in network hospitals and up to Rs.2,000 otherwise
  • Expenses for organ donor of transplant
  • Health check-up expenses on every renewal
  • Cumulative benefit of 10% for every year on renewal



Eligibility and Restrictions of Max Bupa Heart Beat Health Insurance Policy





Coverage Amount (in Rs.)



Policy Term (in years)



Entry Age (in years)


No restriction

Renewable till Age (in years)


Life long



Family floater policy will cover


Not available. This plan can be converted to Family Floater Plan or Family First Plan, as required.



Tax Benefits in Max Bupa Heart Beat Health Insurance Policy


Health Insurance premiums paid up to Rs. 15,000 in case of individuals and Rs 20,000 for senior citizens are allowed as a deduction from the taxable income each year under section 80D of the Income Tax Act.



Exclusions - What is not covered in Max Bupa Heart Beat Health Insurance Policy?


  • Pre existing diseases will not be covered for the first 4 policy years given there has been continuous renewal from the policy start date
  • Treatment done in the first 90 days from the commencement of the policy, unless the treatment is done as a result of accident or emergency. This is referred to as a waiting period
  • The waiting period for specific conditions in people above 60 years age will be 24 months
  • If a person enters the policy at the age of 65 or above, then the company will pay only 80% of the reasonable charges and the balance 20% has to be borne by the policy holder (referred to as Co-payment)
  • Certain diseases are permanently excluded such as non-allopathic treatment, cosmetic surgery, self-inflicted injuries, sleep disorders, addictive conditions and disorders, ageing and puberty, artificial life maintenance, congenital conditions, dental / oral treatment, eyesight, experimental treatment, HIV and AIDS, hereditary conditions, obesity, neurological and psychiatric conditions, speech disorders, treatment for developmental problems, treatment received outside India, unrecognized physician or facility



Alternate health insurance plans from other insurance companies


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Other Health plans from Max Bupa


Max Bupa Heartbeat Family Floater

Max Bupa Heartbeat Family First 


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~ By Deepak Yohannan
Note: This is a statement of facts based on the information collected from the Max Bupa Heartbeat brochure and insurance company's website. It should not be construed as a Critical or Favourable Max Bupa Heartbeat Review, Analysis or Recommendation.
Insurance is a subject matter of the solicitation.

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D/sir,my policy is health suraksha ergo from 16/09/ any claim till today i want to go with religare,max bupa or future that which is the (TPA).which is the best include hdfc ergo.PLS.suggest me for my future.thanking you.jyoti shukla birth 21/05/65,policy no.50894674.

By Shailesh Shukla on Aug 18, 2014 Reply

If you have no complaints with your health insurance company then why do you want to port (transfer) to another insurance company?

The answer to the above question should be very clear in your mind.

All the companies listed down by you are good. So if there is no specific reason then I suggest to continue with your existing insurance company

Replied By Manoj Aswani (MIC Staff) on Aug 19, 2014 Reply

Why to pay more premium amount like Rs 5833 in Maxx vs Rs3451 in L&T ???

By Dharminder Punni on Jan 16, 2014 Reply

Hi Dharminder, that is a pricing stratgey followed by each company. Some will have higher premiums for better features and some may drop premiums just to get more customers. No particular reason as such that we can assign. You will find plans with the identical features being priced differently, just as it is in the case of any product sold in the market.

Replied By Deepak Yohannan (MIC Staff) on Jan 17, 2014 Reply

So, can you explain that why should I buy POLICY from Max Bupa?

Replied By Dharminder Punni on Jan 17, 2014 Reply

Hi Dharminder, If for a lower premium your requirements are being met, you should probably go ahead with the lower premium one.

Its just that different people have different approaches when it comes to making a choice - its not about right or wrong. Would you pay a higher premium for buying from a dedicated health insurance company? Would you pay a higher premium if you realise that Company A is new Company B is a little more established? Do you have  a brand preference of A over B or vice versa? Thats a final call which you have to take, if all other things are the same.

Replied By Deepak Yohannan (MIC Staff) on Jan 18, 2014

Is this policy cover pregnancy Delivery & Maternity

By Mangesh Pathak on Oct 20, 2013 Reply

Yes Mangesh, this plan does cover maternity expenses.

Pls read a detailed post on this and share feedback. 

Replied By Deepak Yohannan (MIC Staff) on Oct 22, 2013 Reply

I had three surgeries in my past 8 months. Only plastic surgery of my stomach is pending. Can I have this policy if it covers the treatment?

By Sunil Kumar on Sep 20, 2013 Reply

Hi Sunil, this policy will not cover it. In fact no policy will cover a known treatment that is required. Policies will have a waiting period for existing illnesses, say 2 to 4 years.

Replied By Deepak Yohannan (MIC Staff) on Sep 20, 2013 Reply

my uncles age is58. in march2012 his heart engiyography has done. can he get max bhupa policy?

By Netra on May 18, 2012 Reply

hi, last 25 days i try my poliicy premium pay by on line. but not success,what can i do? policy no-30028729201100

By Vijay D Joil on Apr 06, 2012 Reply

I want to take health policy for my father age73 .kindly suggest the plan and give premium detail

By Uma Asthana on Mar 15, 2012 Reply

I want to take insurance for my mother who is 60 years of age, I need carification if medication, hospitalization, treatment, operations(if necessary) is covered?

I wish to know if I can take an Insurance for my kids as well for their education or child plans something which suits my need?

Mohammed Faisal
Dubai, UAE

By Mohammed Faisal on Dec 27, 2011 Reply

is any waiting period for this policy

By Anil on Dec 20, 2011 Reply

Dear Sir/Madam,

Plz let me know more about Max Bupa Policy.

Anju Singh

By Anju Singh on Dec 16, 2011 Reply

i wand buy one personel health insurance plan from maxbupa for my wife. i am now in Saudi Arabia. so please send full details and agent address, mobile no. to my mail id. my native is Tamilnadu, madurai district.

By Ramamoorthy on Nov 22, 2011 Reply

this is the best plan availaible in the comparison of the benifits with other companies.

By Rahul Ambani on Sep 10, 2011 Reply

Insurance premium of MAX BUPA is very high Apollo Munich heatlh and star health insurance premiums are very affordable

By F Punekar on Sep 08, 2011 Reply

Looking for family and parents (senior citizens) policy. Need more information

By Shanawaj on Aug 04, 2011 Reply

Thanks for this information. I was looking for a good child plan for my 11 yr old son. Great job!!

By Deepali on Jul 01, 2011 Reply

Hi Sumit, we have written a mail to you on Maternity insurance at the email id provided by you.

By Mic on Apr 15, 2011 Reply

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