United India Insurance Family Medicare Policy



United India Insurance Family Medicare Health Policy


United India Family Medicare health insurance policy takes care of hospitalisation and medical expenses incurred by individual and family members.


Key Features of United India Insurance Family Medicare Health Policy


  • No medical tests required  for  Sum Insured  up to  Rs.10  lacs  and  age  up to  45  yrs
  • Wide cover for treatment against illnesses and accident
  • Get coverage before, during and after hospitalisation


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What is covered in United India Insurance Family Medicare Health Plan?


  • Hospital room rent and boarding as well as nursing expenses
  • Nursing care charges, RMO charges, cost of IV fluids, blood, oxygen, injections and administration charges
  • ICU, diagnostic procedures, operation theatre, anesthesia, blood, oxygen, medicines, drugs & consumables, surgical appliances, prosthetics, pacemaker and other devices implanted internally
  • Expenses of donor (does not cover cost of organ)
  • All hospitalisation expenses
  • Also covers many cost of X-ray, Dialysis, Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy, laboratory tests etc
  • Cataract, hernia, hysterectomy, cardiac surgery, cancer surgery, brain tumor surgery, hip replacement, knee joint replacement, sinus syndrome –cover restricted to a certain percentage of sum assured
  • Pre-hospitalisation for 30 days and post hospitalisation costs for 60 days



Additional Benefits of United India Insurance Family Medicare Health Plan


  • No medical up to 45 yrs and Rs. 10 lakh sum assured
  • Additional cover for Critical illness (optional)
  • On payment of additional premium, ambulance charges and daily hospital cash benefit cover available



Eligibility and Restrictions of United India Insurance Family Medicare Health Policy





Coverage Amount (in Rs.)



Policy Term (in years)



Entry Age (in years)





Family floater policy will cover


An individual and/or his spouse

Dependent children



Tax Benefits in United India Insurance Family Medicare Health Policy


Health Insurance premiums paid up to Rs. 15,000 in case of individuals are allowed as a deduction from the taxable income each year under section 80D of the Income Tax Act. The exemption is Rs 20,000 for senior citizens.



Exclusions - What is not covered in United India Insurance Family Medicare Health Policy?


  • Treatments within first 30 days, exceptions – accidental case
  • Pre-existing conditions for first 4 years
  • Two year exclusion on treatment of cataract, hysterectomy, hernia, hydrocele, benign prostatic hypertrophy, sinusitis, gall bladder stone removal, age-related osteoarthritis, osteoporosis etc
  • HIV, AIDS and related diseases
  • General weakness, convalescence, self-inflicted or intentional injury
  • Naturopathy treatment, acupuncture, acupressure and such other therapies
  • Abuse of drugs, alcohol and intoxicants
  • Cost of vitamins and tonics unless part of treatment
  • Non-medical expenses
  • Cost of contact lens, hearing aids, spectacles, crutches, braces, collars, slings and other ambulatory devices etc
  • Conditions caused due to nuclear weapons, war, invasion of foreign army etc
  • Pregnancy, childbirth-related and voluntary termination of pregnancy
  • Charges like service charge, admission fees, surcharge levied by hospital
  • 2 yrs exclusion for: cataract, hernia, hysterectomy, Joint Replacement, Hydrocele



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~ By Deepak Yohannan
Note: This is a statement of facts based on the information collected from the United India Insurance Family Medicare Policy brochure and insurance company's website. It should not be construed as a Critical or Favourable United India Insurance Family Medicare Policy Review, Analysis or Recommendation.
Insurance is a subject matter of the solicitation.

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I, with my spouse , are holding a family medicare policy which is going to complete its two years on 18/10/2014 with the sum assured of Rs one lakh.
As the policy is under renewal , the branch is saying that now the company has changed the terms and now the minimum sum assured is Rs two lakhs .///
Also whether i can enhance my SA from Rs one lakh to two lakhs without loosing any initial benifits.

pse clarify on urgent basis/////////////// from AShok Kamal Gupta

By Akg Ss on Oct 14, 2014 Reply

Yes your existing benefits will continue. Increase the cover to 2 lacs.

Replied By Manoj Aswani (MIC Staff) on Oct 14, 2014 Reply

Hi, I would like to know which is the best available medical insurance for covering the expenses of 'Total hip replacement'. My wife(28 years) suffering AVN on both femoral head. But now surgeons are suggesting THR. We have already a star health insurance(Family health optima:3 lakhs) .I don't know whether start health insurance cover THR. Am expecting a valuable suggestion from your side

By Baba Babi on Oct 12, 2014 Reply

New health insurance policy will not offer coverage (benefit) for existing conditions or illness. If you buy a policy now then it will only cover unknown / unseen conditions, diseases, etc

Visit this page and fill up the form to see a list of plans


Replied By Manoj Aswani (MIC Staff) on Oct 14, 2014 Reply

I have family medicare policy from uiic of 2A+2C sum insured of 1.5 lakhs. premium is 3859/-and i would like to increase the sum insured to 2.0 lakhs then what is the premium amount. from shiva shankara chary. hyd

By Shiva Shankara Chary Andoji on Oct 08, 2014 Reply

Your insurance company may not increase the sum assured to 2 lac. You should consider buying a new health insurance policy from any of the private companies for a cover of 2 lacs. Continue the existing policy also so that your total cover is 3.5 lacs.

Click here to see the premiums of health plans

Replied By Manoj Aswani (MIC Staff) on Oct 09, 2014 Reply

I have a Family Medicare Policy from united india insurance company for my family, recently my wife is pregnant. My family medicare policy cover my wife hospitalization cost and treatment cost.

By Sanjib Dutta on Oct 06, 2014 Reply

No Sanjib

United India Family Medicare Policy does not cover expenses related to pregnancy or child-birth related.

Replied By Manoj Aswani (MIC Staff) on Oct 07, 2014 Reply

i have mediclaim from united india insurance company for my family.
i stay in mahaveer enclave, delhi.
can u give the list of hospitals where i can get treated for cashless emegencies/treatments

By Sumanth Gooty on Jul 14, 2014 Reply

List of hospitals in Delhi closer to Mahavir Enclave in the list of United India Insurance

1. Bhagat Chandra Hospital, RZ F-1/1 Mahavir Enclave Dwarka
2. Hemraj Jain Hospital And Maternity Home, 1, Block, C - 1,Janakpuri
3. Amar Leela Hospital Pvt. Ltd, B - 1/6 Janak Puri
4. Khanna Hospital, C2/396,Janakpuri
5. Genesis Hospital Pvt Ltd C-1/130, Near Mata Chanan Devi Hospital,Janak Puri
6. Bhagat Hospital, D-2/48-49 Janakpuri
7. Sharp Sight Centre (Janakpuri), A3/24,Janakpuri
8. Park Hospital, 12- Meera Enclave, Chowkandi
9. Ayushman Hospital, Plot No.2 Sector - 12,Dwarka
10. Lotus Hospital, WZ 409A, Janak Park, Hari nagar
11. Mata Chanan Devi Hospital, C-1 Janakpuri New Delhi
12. Sri Balaji Action Medical Institute, Fc-34 A-4, Paschim Vihar
13. Suman Super Specialty Hospital, Plot No 14, Pkt no: 4, Binda Pur Sec: 7, Dwarka, New Delhi - 59
14. Rockland Hospital, B-33-34 Qutab Institutional Area
15. Bensups Hospital, Sec-12 Dwarka

Replied By Manoj Aswani (MIC Staff) on Jul 17, 2014 Reply

Sir i m running a hospital and some patient says that we have a health insurance so sir what i have to do for cashless surgery so sir pls tell me what i have to do for tie up with insurance company pls email me on my mail address vinaykapila1@gmail.com

By Vinay Kapila on Jul 13, 2014 Reply

You will have to approach the insurance companies and discuss the process to empanel your hospital with them

Start by writing directly to the customer service email id of each general insurance company


Replied By Manoj Aswani (MIC Staff) on Jul 14, 2014 Reply

MY self hitesh ra acharya. in my family my wife age 35 my two son of age 13 and 08 years and my father 86 and mother 77 so please kindly mail me which plan of your insurance co. is relevent for me

By Hitesh Acharya on Jun 10, 2014 Reply

You will need 2 health insurance policies
1) Family floater to cover yourself, your wife and 2 sons
2) Senior Citizen Plan to cover your father and mother


Visit this page and select "Family Floater"

Replied By Manoj Aswani (MIC Staff) on Jun 10, 2014 Reply

I have taken a 'Family Medicare Policy' from United India Insurance Company Ltd. My renewal date was March 11, 2014 but unfortunately I haven't renewed in time, I have renewed on March 26th, 2014, the Policy will be treated newly or it will continued as old one. Please clarify

By Krishna on Apr 01, 2014 Reply

The policy will be treated as a renewal only. Every insurance company gives a grace period for renewal.

Replied By Manoj Aswani (MIC Staff) on Apr 02, 2014 Reply

hello sir, i am from ludhiana(pb), i want to know hospital network cashless/ reembraseed at ludhiana

By Vikram Sood on Dec 03, 2013 Reply

Dear Vikram, this list is difficult to get. The list shown here does not cover ludhiana.


What you can do if you are already a policyholder - check the TPA allocated to you. The name would be on the card which has been provided to you. Now on the link I shared go to the TPA website and they would have the list of hospitals updated.

Thats the best we could help with :(

Replied By Admin (MIC Staff) on Dec 04, 2013 Reply

Sir,I am from Coimbatore. I require the list of cashless hospitals of United India Insurance in Coimbatore

By Santha Kumary on Nov 16, 2013 Reply

Hi Santha, this information is unfortunately not available publicly. One way to get to it - check the TPA which is providing you the service.

If it is FHPL, the list can be found here.


Replied By Admin (MIC Staff) on Nov 16, 2013 Reply

Sir, I am T.P.Mohandas from Coimbatore would like to know the family floater medical insurance system through your organisation. My family consists of wife and my son (three members)
my age is 49 years. I wish to know the cashless tariff of the claim.
Awaiting your reply soon to my email id: tpmohandasxxxxx@rediffmail.com

By Mohandas Menon on Nov 05, 2013 Reply

Dear Mr Menon, we can help you get in touch with a suitable health insurance provider. You can compare premiums and more by visiting our health insurance page here.

On the cashless piece - this would depend on the health insurance company you finally opt for. Each insurance company goes and does a tie-up with a large number of hospitals where they then provide cashless facility for their policy holders. This list may change from time to time. So you will need to check if the plan you are taking has a tie-up with the hopistals you are most likely to visit in case of hospitalisation.

Replied By Deepak Yohannan (MIC Staff) on Nov 06, 2013 Reply

i want to take family health schemes
pls contact me on 0996174xxxx

By Srimaan Narayana on Oct 24, 2013 Reply

Sure Sir, we will give you a call.

Replied By Admin (MIC Staff) on Oct 25, 2013 Reply

Will sinus surgery covers with United India Insurance plan?

By Dodda Srinivas on Aug 13, 2013 Reply

Dear Dodda, surgeries which require at least 24 hours of hospitalisation are covered under this plan. Also it would be excluded if it falls under the pre-existing disease clause for the specified period of 4 years from the start of the policy.

Replied By Admin (MIC Staff) on Aug 14, 2013 Reply

I want to take critical illness cover along with my existing healthcare plan from United india family floater. Please let me know if united india have the same with them.

By Neeraj Thareja on Aug 09, 2013 Reply

Dear Neeraj, United India does not seem to have a separate Crtical Illness plan. The benefits are aprt of the regular healthcare plan.

Replied By Admin (MIC Staff) on Aug 12, 2013 Reply

I have taken a 'Family Medicare Policy' vide policy No.101700/48/12/06/00000271 from the Pathanamthitta office of the United India Insurance Company Ltd. I haven't received the "card" so far.I have enquired with the Pathanamthitta office.They told me that it was the duty of the TPA and when contacted the TPA they told me that they have not received my photograph from the Pathanamthitta office.This is nothing but irresponsibility on the part of the Pathanamthitta office.Please do the needful.

By Salim Sukumaran on Apr 06, 2013 Reply

Hi Salim, it is the duty of the insurere to ensure that the card reaches you. You have taken a policy from them and paid premiums to the insurance company. They should not be asking you to follow up with their own TPA. Surprising...

Replied By Admin (MIC Staff) on Apr 11, 2013 Reply

Please advise how to pay annual premium for family medicare policy online? by Johnson
please reply to johnson_raju@yahoo.com

By Johnson Mariandran Raju on Mar 21, 2013 Reply

Dear Sir, you can make the payment online on the United India website. The link is menitoned below. You can of course make a cheque payment also in their branch. https://portal.uiic.in/polclaim/healthPolicy/initiateRenewalAction.do?USERTYPE=CUSTOMER®=N&ENTERPRISE=TRUE

Replied By Admin (MIC Staff) on Mar 25, 2013 Reply

I could not make online payment. It says that online payment cannot be made for this policy number. My period of insurance expire on 22 March 2013. Please help me to make online payment. Johnson

Replied By Raju Johnson on Mar 28, 2013 Reply

The only way then is to check with their customer service if they have a tie-up with some bank for paying the premiums online. Did you try connecting with someone there? Replied By Admin (MIC Staff) on Apr 04, 2013

after my operation i claimed hospital bills for one month i did not recieved yet my payments from united india insurance. i want to know when i will get the cheque from insurance

By Mani Candan on Mar 21, 2013 Reply

Dear Sir, you will have to follow up with United India for the same. We are attaching a link which will provide more information on the procedure to be followed. There is information on the service hubs also which you may want to visit in case of further delays. https://uiic.co.in/claims/claims-procedure

Replied By Admin (MIC Staff) on Mar 25, 2013 Reply

I want a medical insurance policy for self and my wife. I am 72and my wife 63 years old.
Olease suggest a suitable policy.

By Hari Srihari on Mar 19, 2013 Reply

Dear Sir, you have health insurance options from the following insurers - Star Health, Religare Health, Max Bupa, L & T Health insurance. All of them have plans for both your ages but premiums will vary signnificantly. While Religare Health will be in the range of 34,000 for a 3 lakh cover Max Bupa will be 56,000 plus for a 5 lakhs cover. Always take separate plans for both of you'll

Replied By Admin (MIC Staff) on Mar 20, 2013 Reply

sir i want know that what is mean of preexciting deasease

if any deasease present that what will be cover after four year or not cover please give me reply.

By Kk Verma on Mar 04, 2013 Reply


Replied By Harish Katira on Sep 06, 2013 Reply

My birth Date is 16-08-1968 and wife birth date 01-05-1973 so please give floater insurance premium on my mobile no. 9004088054

By Ravindra Gupta on Mar 01, 2013 Reply

would like to join insurance plan. Please help me regarding the plans and amount

By Mukesh Patidar 9427469872

By Mukesh Patidar on Mar 01, 2013 Reply

Dear sir, I want to know the premium charges for my family.sister.38 yrs, one son.13 yrs. Another son 11 yrs. For 3 Lakhs. Monthly, or quarterly.Or. Annually. And pl suggest me which one is best medical policy in United India insurance .

By Ramesh on Feb 28, 2013 Reply

Hello Sir
I want to know the premium amount to my whole family(4 members-mysel f(37yrs), wife(32 yrs) daughter (7 years) son(5 yrs.) if i go for United India Family Medicare Policy(coverage amount 5,00,000/-).

By Dr T K Chakraverti on Feb 20, 2013 Reply

Hi Sir,

I need an health insurance which suits me & with affordable emi option and infuture can add my spouse and child with the same policy plz let me knw.

By Shashikumar on Feb 17, 2013 Reply

Dear Mr Srinivasan, you can visit the United India site and renew it online. The link for the same is as mentioned below:

By Myinsuranceclub.Com on Nov 17, 2012 Reply

each year- no claim-what NCB

By Vijendra Jain on May 22, 2012 Reply

dear sir,.
i need yearly 5 lakh insurence policy , each year i paid to expectation money details send me

By Santhosh Thomas on Apr 15, 2012 Reply

i want to know the premium amount to my whole family(3 members-myself(45yrs), wife(43 yrs) and son(15 yrs.) if i go for United India Family Medicare Policy(coverage amount 2,00,000/-).

By Subhra on Jan 29, 2012 Reply

Dear sir,

I would like to know the approved hospitals under Government of Tamilnadu"s madiclaim policy and oblige.

By Ganapathyraman on Jan 24, 2012 Reply

Whether 10% deduction is made from the mediclaim in respect of senior citizen.And why this
deduction from the claim of senior citizen.I want to know more details about policy's term ,condition.

By R.A.Hiwale on Jan 11, 2012 Reply

Dear Sir,
I want to know the list of hospitals covered under this insurance ( Cashless).

By Madhu Brahmandam on Nov 29, 2011 Reply

i want to know how much charges is to be paid by us at the time of claim

By Mohit Jain on Aug 29, 2011 Reply

in this family medicare policy i want to know that up to what age i will be able to renew the policy.will it be cntinued as such till my age of say 80 years.

By Nitin on Aug 25, 2011 Reply

I want more details abolut policy where i have to contact at bellary karnataka

By Kolur Ravi on Jul 03, 2011 Reply

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