HDFC SL Crest is a unit linked insurance plan where you pay premiums for only 5 years to get market linked returns for a period of 10 years. This plan offers bonus.

Key Features of HDFC SL Crest

  • Free Asset Allocation: Flexibility to invest in any of the 4 funds available, create your own investment strategy by switching or redirecting future premiums
  • Flexibility to choose sum assured multiple between 10 times to 20 times annual premium
  • Get benefit of investing in a shorter horizon. Pay premiums for just 5 years and enjoy a policy term of 10 years
  • Tax benefits under sections 80C and 10(10D) of the Income Tax Act 1961


Benefits of HDFC SL Crest


A) Maturity

Your policy matures at the end of the policy term and fund value prevailing on the date of the maturity will be paid to you. You can opt for the settlement option described below.


Settlement Option: You can take your fund value in periodical installments over a period which may extend up to 5 years. The value of installments payable on the date specified shall be subject to investment risk i.e. the NAV may go up or down depending upon the performance of the funds chosen by you. Your money will remain invested in the funds chosen by you and is subject to the same investment risks as during the policy term. During the Settlement period, the risk cover will cease, we will continue to deduct Fund Management Charge and no other charges shall be levied. Partial withdrawals and switches shall not be allowed during this period. Complete withdrawal may be allowed at any time during this period without levying any charge.

At the end of this 5-year period, we will redeem the balance units at the then prevailing unit price and pay the fund value to you.


B) Death

In case of the unfortunate demise of Life Assured, the insurance company will pay the benefit as defined below to the nominee:


Summary of Death Benefit

Before attainment of age 60 years

Greater of -

1) Sum Assured (less all withdrawals made during the two year period immediately preceding the date of death)

2) The total fund value

The policy will terminate thereafter and no more benefit will be payable.

On or after attainment of age 60 years


Greater of -

Sum Assured (less all withdrawals made after attainment of age 58)

The total fund value.

The policy will terminate thereafter and no more benefit will be payable.


C) Income Tax Benefit

Life Insurance premiums paid up to Rs. 1,00,000 are allowed as a deduction from the taxable income each year under section 80C. The maturity amounts you receive from this plan are exempt from tax under section 10(10D)


Eligibility conditions and other restrictions in HDFC SL Crest Plan





Sum Assured (in Rs.)

10 x Annual Premium (<45 age)

7 x Annual Premium (>45 age)

20 x Annual Premium

Policy Term (in years)



Premium Payment Term (in years)



Entry Age of the Life Insured (in years)



Maturity Age (in years)



Annualised Premium (in Rs.)


No Limit

Payment Modes



Additional Features and Benefits of HDFC SL Crest



There are no riders in this plan.



This plan has a grace period of 30 days. You are expected to pay your annual premium through-out the policy term. Discontinuance before completion of 5 years from commencement of the policy

If you have not paid your premium by the expiry of the grace period, then you will have the following options:

1. To revive the policy within a period of 2 years from the date of discontinuance, or

2. To completely withdraw from the policy without any risk cover


Your policy will be discontinued if:

- You do not exercise any of the above mentioned options; or

- You choose to completely withdraw from the policy without any risk cover


Until the discontinuance of the policy, the risk cover will remain in-force and policy charges will continue to be deducted.

Once the policy is discontinued, the risk cover will cease and the fund value (as on date of discontinuance) less the applicable Discontinuance Charge will be moved to the Discontinued Policy Fund. A Fund Management Charge of 0.50% p.a. will be levied for amounts in the Discontinued Policy Fund. If a discontinued policy is not revived, the proceeds will be paid out upon the completion of the lock-in period of five years. After the payment of the discontinuance benefit, the policy shall terminate and no further benefits shall be payable under the policy.



If you surrender before completion of the 5 years from commencement of the policy

Your fund value less discontinued charges will be moved to the „Discontinued Policy Fund. The amount allocated to the Discontinued Policy Fund, with accrued interest, will be paid out on the completion of the lock-in period.

In case of the death of the Life Assured before the payment of the surrender benefit, the amount in the Discontinued Policy Fund will be paid out immediately.


If you surrender after completion of the 5 years from commencement of the policy

Your fund value will be paid out immediately.

Upon payment of this benefit the policy terminates and no further benefits are payable.



No loans available on the policy



In case of death due to suicide within 12 months from the date of inception of the policy or from the date of the revival of the policy, the nominee or beneficiary of the policyholder shall be entitled to the fund value, as available on the date of death.


Download HDFC SL Crest Brochure download
~ By Deepak Yohannan
Note: This is a statement of facts based on the information collected from the HDFC SL Crest brochure and insurance company's website. It should not be construed as a Critical or Favourable HDFC SL Crest Review, Analysis or Recommendation.
Insurance is a subject matter of the solicitation.

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Dear Sir I Have paid only one year premium now how can i get my money back.please suggest me ASAP.

By Parveen Padia on Oct 17, 2014 Reply

if i paid only 1st premium of 50,000 before 2 years and now i want to surrender it then what value i got and whom to contact for surrender this policy.

By Jalaj Rana on Aug 18, 2014 Reply

Visit this page and scroll to the bottom

You will find the contact details

Replied By Manoj Aswani (MIC Staff) on Aug 19, 2014 Reply

what is the current unit prise
ashok tiwari

By Ashok Tiwari on Mar 29, 2014 Reply


I have HDFC crest plan and Young start plan .
I pay a premium of 50k for each policy. Already paid 3 premiums for both polices .
Today I get a call from HDFC life services team that I can convert ULIP to traditional plans.
According to them these ULIP has many huge charges and even market is not doing will.
Any advice, Should I convert to traditional plan or continue with same?

thanks in advance,

By K Dadapeer on Dec 19, 2013 Reply

Dear Dada, the information being provided to you is incoorect. You stand to lose money and the person suggesting this stands to make money by churning your policies.

Such calls never come from the insurance company, but is made by fraudsters claiming to be from the company.

Please do not go ahead.

Replied By Deepak Yohannan (MIC Staff) on Dec 20, 2013 Reply

Thanks a lot Deepak

Replied By Dada Peer on Dec 22, 2013 Reply

I have started with highest guarantee NAV option with effect from June 2011. i will be paying my premium till June 2015. i wanted to know till what period is lockin period applicable? when can i surrender my policy at the earliest is it 5 years or 7 seven years? will i get the highest NAV benefit? and if i discontinue to pay from now what are my deductions at the time i get my returns back i.e 5 years?

By Bhavya Shetty on Nov 19, 2013 Reply

Dear Bhavya, the lockin perid is 5 years. Since the policy premium paying term is 5 years you dont have to pay anythig after that anyway.

Since you have paid 3 premiums, so only the discontinuance charge of 4th year can be applied to you. After 5 years, there is no discontinuance charge anyway.

For 4th year it is: Lower of 2% x (Annual Premium or Fund Value) but not exceeding Rs.2000

Replied By Deepak Yohannan (MIC Staff) on Nov 22, 2013 Reply

refer my policy no. 15560283 i want to pay on line pl. guide how to pay my personal banker not helping me

By Baburao Shelke on Oct 29, 2013 Reply

Hi Baburao, please use the below mentioned link on HDFC Life site to make your premium payments online.

Do let us know if you could successfully do it.

Replied By Admin (MIC Staff) on Oct 30, 2013 Reply

Hello I paid my first year of premium and I had not paid the second year. I had some personal issues so had to stop. Can I get my money before the fifth year?????

By Sumon Tamuli on Oct 01, 2013 Reply

Dear Sumon, unfortunately this would not be possible. There is a lockin period and you can get balance amount only after 5 years.

In case you are not intending to pay any more premiums, it would be better to intimate the company in writing that you are surrendering the policy as you would be unable to pay the annual premiums.

Replied By Deepak Yohannan (MIC Staff) on Oct 16, 2013 Reply

Hi I bought this policy 3 yrs back. I have paid my 3rd premium last week. From next year I will have my home loan, which is good enough for my 80C. So in case if I stop paying from next year what is the disadvantage or would you suggest to pay for the next 2 years? Thanks

By Brijesh Somu on Sep 26, 2013 Reply

Hi Brjiesh, if you stop paying the premiums this is what happens:

You stop paying the premium- If the policy holder stops paying the premium, the insurance cover will cease and the fund value net of any discontinuance charge will be transferred to the Discontinued Policy Fund which will earn an interest according to the norms of IRDA. The proceeds from this discontinued fund will be payable after the fifth policy anniversary.
The policy can however be revived within 2 years from the due date of the First Unpaid Premium.

You want to surrender the policy – If the policy holder wants to surrender the policy before completing 5 years, then the insurance cover will cease and the Fund Value net of any discontinuance charge will be transferred to the Discontinued Policy Fund. The proceeds from this Discontinued Policy Fund will be payable after the fifth policy anniversary.

If you can afford to pay it, I would suggest that you continue for 2 more years. Otherwise, t=just stop paying and your fund will move at current Value to the Discontinued fund and will get nominal interest. Plus some discontinuation charges would get deducted.

Replied By Deepak Yohannan (MIC Staff) on Sep 26, 2013 Reply

dear sir,i have purchased hdfc sl crest free asset allocation plan on sept 2011 for yrly premium 1 lakh and it kept oppertunity fund since it begining .now my fund value is 1,46000/ ,where i have paid 2 lakh ..for 2 yr .now my question is ...can i change fund (oppertunity to some other fund).if yes then which fund is safest ? or can i part it in different fund ? or can i surrender/stop the policy to protect further loss my hard earned money ...plz help me out ....thanx in advance by nasir

By Nasiruddin Ahmed on Aug 21, 2013 Reply

Dear Nasir, step one is to check how the other funds are working. The investment option chosen by you is the preferable one. Yes you can switch your future premiums to different funds. We would recommend the Blue Chip fund - they tend to be safer and prospects of growth also will be higher.

Yes, you can use more than one fund.

Please register your policy online at so that you can manage your policy easily. The markets are going through a rough period, but these are things which keep happening and typically is an opportunity to buy at lower rate.

We would not recommend exiting now as the loss would be high and you are trying to do it when markets are dropping. Be patient and stay invested.

Replied By Admin (MIC Staff) on Aug 22, 2013 Reply

I am in the process of purchasing this poly - HDFC SL Crest Highest NAV Guaranteed fund. Just wanted to know if there is anyway to know the past performance and comparative policies from other providers, so that i can make a informed decision to proceed.

By Suresh Ambiger on Aug 16, 2013 Reply

Dear Suresh, below is a link which captures the NAV of funds from diffrerent insurers. You can check for Crest also.

Hope this helps. Do write back in case of some clarifications.

Replied By Admin (MIC Staff) on Aug 17, 2013 Reply

I am holder of HDFC Standard Unit linked Pension Fund (Growth) since February 2006. As per policy terms I have paid premium for 3 years ( 50000 x 3) and now completed 7 Years. Can I withdraw this fund now? Is there any exit charges applicable? Or need to wait for 10 Years ?

By V V Raghavan on Jul 15, 2013 Reply

Dear Mr Raghavan, the discontinuation charge would be clearly mentioned in the policy document which you would have received. Pension funds have a clause wherein only 2/3 of the fund can be withdrawn and the balance will have to used to purchase an annuity. 

We are sorry that exact information for the plan you have is not available with us since this is a plan which was launched some time back and is now no more active. We do not have records of the same.

Replied By Admin (MIC Staff) on Jul 17, 2013 Reply

I am a policy holder of HDFC SL Crest Highest NAV Guaranteed fund since February 2011. From where or which Web site I will be able to know what is highest value achieved by this plan ?

By V V Raghavan on Jul 15, 2013 Reply

Dear Mr Raghavan, if you register yourself you maybe able to track the NAVs regularly. Please give it a shot.

Also please find a link to a site which provides day-wise NAVs for each of the funds in a ULIP.



Replied By Admin (MIC Staff) on Jul 17, 2013 Reply

This policy is complete cheating plan . 66% of your investments will be eaten by HDFC looters in 1st 3 years . If you stop paying in 3year locking then 15% is gone while you surrender .
Dont loose your hard earned money to HDFC rascals .

By Sunil on Feb 19, 2013 Reply

This policy has too much of allocation charges nearly 66% will be eaten up by fund management people . If you want to stop after 3 year you will again be shaved by 15% .
If you are intelligent invest wisely some where else bank interest is much more better than HDFC SL crest

By Sunil on Feb 15, 2013 Reply

hdfc sl crest highest guaranteed nav plan is really one of the best plan, i had taken this plan in nov-12 ,and many people suggest me that this plan is worst plan and u should withdraw ur money from this plan,but i know once u stay in this plan u really get benefited.stay in this plan dont panic.
My money is very valuable so thats why i am staying in this plan.

By Yogesh on Jan 29, 2013 Reply

HDFC SL Crest is nice plan. I am already holding this. One more good plan from HDFC is "HDFC Life Progrowth Plus" which gives you extra life insurance cover during the policy tenure.

By Niraula on Nov 06, 2012 Reply

This is one of the worst fund I selected for savings. It's not at all moving up from last 1yr term. My advise is to do not opt for Crest - Highest NAV plan.

By Suresh on Mar 27, 2012 Reply

Suppose the NAV is 10 and if it does not go below 10 but does not get higher than 14.
So still will i get 15 at the end or as there is a progress from 10- 13 they will give me 13 as highest nav as 13 is still a progress.

By Vishal S. on Feb 13, 2012 Reply

Hi friends - HDFC SL Crest is a good policy as at maturity it paysout highest NAV during
the years along with Insurance policies. Only age below 55 yrs eligible. Why not above
55 yrs not eligible alike ICICI Prudentials Pinnacle Superb policy which is similar ?

By Shashi Chauhan on Feb 10, 2012 Reply

I am interested in the plan, however still confused whether to invest in HDFC crest plan or not?? Most of the people seems to be not satisfied with this plan. What should I do??

By Massey Kumar on Feb 03, 2012 Reply

I spent Rs. 60,000 on ULIP Young Star Champion given by agent Mr Sachin/ Mr Vinod kumar. As on today i may get Rs 40,000 or less after three years, contrary to their claim that i will get Rs 1 Lakh after 3 years.

By B.K Das on Jan 29, 2012 Reply

I invested in SL crest plan Rs. 1 lakh in Jan 2011. I want to know the answer for 2 situations---
If I break the policy-- what I get today?
If I don't pay premium this Year (2nd year) ,what SUM I get?

By Geek on Jan 20, 2012 Reply

Hdfc crest plan how many money get 10 year

By Zainab O Battiwala on Jan 19, 2012 Reply

Never buy any policy from HDFC or any other. If you want life insurance take LIC life insurance where you have to pay only for the mortality charges other than paying fund charges , this charge and other charges.

By Praveen on Dec 29, 2011 Reply


By Anupam on Dec 29, 2011 Reply

The HDFC SL crest is time consuming for getting documents.We need track for getting documents all those things...after 7 days of clearing cheque they are not able send us the proof for investment which we need to sumbimt in org.So the service is very worst....

By Deepak on Dec 27, 2011 Reply

Hi friends
i invest 50000 ra in hdfc crest policy in July 2011 . It giving good return s or not .

If i will break the policy how much amount money i Will get.please tell me.

With regards

By Obul on Dec 10, 2011 Reply

Dear All,

I was going through the views offered by various minds.But I don't think so that this is a bad policy, because it gives your fund a guaranteed return even if the value does not arise in the policy period.And that highest NAV guaranteed is the best part of this policy.

I think HDFC SL CREST is a good plan for investment to secure your happiness.

By Abdul Nasir on Nov 22, 2011 Reply

HDFC crest
highest NAV policy is a good product compaired to all unit linked policies. they guarantee 15% and deduct only 2% allocation charges. mortality charges are deducted in all policies like inall lifeinsurance products. some deduct at the time of premium paid date but hdfc is deducting this monthly so deductions match with others . we have to see only performance .This we know only after few years how fund performs

By Sharashchandra on Nov 19, 2011 Reply

HDFC SL Crest Plan is totaly wastage policy because they dedicated the units per month they charge monthly

By Sushil on Nov 18, 2011 Reply

HDFC customer service & all the plans are very bad. HDFC SL Crest Plan is totaly wastage of money & time.

By Dip on Nov 18, 2011 Reply

Never ever buy any policy from HDFC...Trust me ..

By Yogesh on Nov 04, 2011 Reply

Premium is to be paid in first five years and policy is for ten years. Thereafter I.e. After five years you stop paying premium and they stop giving life cover. This is not fair deal

By Sunil on Nov 02, 2011 Reply

now ulips are better if u hold it for long term almost over 10 yrs.but if u r long term invertor prefer mutual fund than ulip.and take term cover.

By Umesh Kadu on Oct 03, 2011 Reply

how much benifit in i gain3

By Ravi on Oct 01, 2011 Reply

Dear Investors,

My request to you please dont invest into any ULIP plan and specially HDFC Standard life plan. First thing, HDFC STAFF IS NOT UP TO MARK, KNOWLEDWISE. Wrong selling is the hdfc life style. Please don't do any insurance investment with hdfc bank staff. Dont loose your harden money. MF is giving better return but they will never suggest you MF. Always sell insurance and win foreign trip is the strategy of hdfc bank. Thanks.

Advice:1)Do only term plan for insurance.
2)Invest in MF

By Mr.Prashant Mehata on Sep 19, 2011 Reply

I have one of hdfc endowment , have completed 3 year term for this policy . By investing in this policy i have almost lost 38000 in 3 years . It is not possible to surrender within 5 year term . surrender charges are 15% of the total value which is left after they loot your fund value.
I can sugest never ever take HDFC Insurence at any point of your life time .

By Sunil on Sep 14, 2011 Reply

I have a policy of HDFC UNIT LINKED ENDOWMENT PLAN but sorry to say that I have not got any benefit from this plan and I will not suggest to any one to take any such type of plan it is only a froud.

By R C Mathur on Sep 02, 2011 Reply

i want invest 100000 rupess ( in short)for 15 years
please help me

By Narendersibgh on Sep 01, 2011 Reply

HDFC Ulips are very good according to a lot of people i know. I think this will be a good ULIP plan to give me returns. I have also invested in HDFC Top 200 mutual funds

By Aniket on Aug 16, 2011 Reply

please sent me details of jeevan arogya plan

By Sharadbhise on Jul 23, 2011 Reply

I have some few questions.

1. How much benefit that i got when i renew it again without claim.
2. How much is claim for Heart related problems
3. What is meant by "A certain amount of cash benefit is paid for accidental injuries and hospitalization irrespective of policyholder’s expenses."

By Nikhil on Jul 20, 2011 Reply

I want to unerstand the term policy which also gives returns to the survivor

By Abhimanyu Singh on May 18, 2011 Reply

HDFC SL crest seems like a good plan. Among the ULIPs this is good from HDFC Life

By Shailesh Sukhdev on Jan 24, 2011 Reply

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