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ICICI Pru iCare LogoICICI Pru iCare Plan is an online term insurance plan which offers high insurance cover at affordable premiums. This is a pure risk protection plan offering instant life insurance cover and is available for online purchase without any agent intervention.


iCare Plan, like all other Pure Term Plans, pays benefit on death of the policyholder. If the life insured dies within the policy term, then his/her nominee gets the agreed sum assured. ICICI Pru iCare has 2 options – Option 1 where death benefit is equal to Sum Assured and Option 2 which comes with an Accidental Death Benefit rider.

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Key Features of iCare Plan


  • iCare is a pure term insurance policy that offers benefit on death of policyholder
  • Can be exclusively purchased online without agent intervention and at a low cost
  • Comes with High non-medical limits
  • Offers a choice of accidental death benefit rider where additional sum assured is paid to the nominee in case of death due to accident



Plan Options under iCare


ICICI Prudential iCare Term plan has 2 options

Option 1: Offers pure term insurance cover with no riders and death benefit is equal to sum assured

Option 2: Offers basic sum assured along with Accidental Death Benefit which is either equal to the base sum assured or Rs.50,00,000, (which is lower) is payable only in case of death due to accident


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Benefits under iCare Term Plan


Death Benefit – In case of death of the policyholder / life assured during the policy term, the nominee shall receive the following benefits -

iCare Option 1 - Sum Assured
iCare Option 2 - Sum Assured + Accidental Death Benefit

In the Accidental Death Benefit rider, an amount equal to sum assured or Rs.50,00,000 (whichever is lower) will be paid to the nominee in case of death of the policyholder due to an accident.


Maturity Benefit – There is no maturity benefit, survival benefit or paid-up value under iCare as it is a pure term plan.


Income Tax Benefit – Premiums paid under a Life Insurance premiums are exempted from taxable income up to Rs. 1,00,000 under section 80c. Amount paid to nominee is also tax-free according to section 10(10D) of the Income Tax Act.



Eligibility conditions and other restrictions in iCare Plan





Sum Assured (in Rs.)



Age 18-50 yrs = 1.5 crore
Age 51-65 years = 70 lakhs

Policy Term (in years)



Premium Payment Term (in years)


Equal to policy term

Entry Age of Policyholder



Age at Maturity



Premium (in Rs.)


No Limit

Payment modes

Single and Yearly



Sample illustration of premium amount in iCare Plan


The below illustration is for a healthy Male (non-tobacco user) opting for a Sum Assured = Rs. 50 lakhs and Policy Term = 25 years

ICICI Pru iCare Term Plan - Sample Illustration 



Additional Features and Benefits of iCare Plan


Riders – The policy has 2 variants. Option 1 is a pure term plan and has no additional riders attached. iCare Option 2 has an inbuilt Accidental Death Benefit.




Accidental Death Benefit

Inbuilt in Option 2

Accidental Dismemberment Benefit


Waiver of Premium


Critical illness


Family Income Benefit


Accelerated Sum Assured


Hospital Cash Benefit




What happens if?


You stop paying the premium - If the policy holder stops paying the premium, then all benefits of the policy will cease after the expiry of the grace period. It can however be re-instated the policy within 2 years of lapsation by paying up all due premiums with interest.


You want to surrender the policy – There are no surrender benefits under Regular Pay option for this plan. Surrender Option is only available with Single Pay.


Guaranteed Surrender Value = 70% × Single Premium× (Number of Complete Policy Years Outstanding / Policy Term in Years)


You want a loan against your policy – There is no Loan facility available under this policy.



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~ By Deepak Yohannan
Note: This is a statement of facts based on the information collected from the ICICI Prudential Icare Term Plan brochure and insurance company's website. It should not be construed as a Critical or Favourable ICICI Prudential Icare Term Plan Review, Analysis or Recommendation.
Insurance is a subject matter of the solicitation.

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I have not completed 55 of age, want to buy term policy. is medical necessary for below age of 55? Can i pay premium on monthly basis ?

By Sunil Mathur on Sep 02, 2014 Reply

Yes a medical check up before policy issuance will be compulsory for you.

Some companies give you the option to pay premium monthly. HDFC Click 2 Protect Plus is one such policy.

Click here to see a list of online term plans in India

Replied By Manoj Aswani (MIC Staff) on Sep 03, 2014 Reply

i would like to take i care policy i want to know more about this how to pay yearly, what forms r required and all

By R. Padmavathi on Mar 04, 2012 Reply

please clarify the
Accidental Dismemberment Benefit

Waiver of Premium

Critical illness

Family Income Benefit

Hospital Cash Benefit
The above is eligible or not Icare-II

By M.Tirupathi on Mar 02, 2012 Reply


Would like to know among ICICI,HDFC,Bharti & Kotak which term insurance policy covers natural calamity and terrorisom deaths.

By Deepak Sharma on Feb 23, 2012 Reply

Dear Sir,

With refrence to this policy (ICICI Pru iCare), it is mentioned that for home loan customer there is higher cover limit. I would like to know, pertaining to the same no any detailed information is given in the policy guidelines, like what may be benefits for home loan customer if they opt for this policy.


By R. Vishwanathan on Feb 03, 2012 Reply


By Nishi Bansal on Dec 01, 2011 Reply

Dear sir ,

Please provide the premium calulation sheet.

By Sudhir on Nov 24, 2011 Reply


I am 37 years old Male working in a Private Limited Company. I am suffering with Polio in right leg since i was 1 year old. Though, i am capable of walk, drive 2w / 4w etc on my own.
I am looking for pure term insurance plan for my self.

> am i eligible for the ICICI i care option 2 plan?
> do i need to undergo additional medical check up?
> which is the correct / good company with least hassle and good track record of settlement.

Awaiting for your response.



By Atul Maheshwari on Oct 26, 2011 Reply

i want to about terrorism class
if my gross income 1 core then for how much iam eligible
how do incomplete medical fomality...

By Mehta on Oct 21, 2011 Reply

Annual income refers to the Gross income you receive during the year. It could be the income that appears in your Form 16 (if salaried) or ITR (if Self employed)

By Manoj on Oct 19, 2011 Reply

i want to know about these policy

By Narved on Oct 18, 2011 Reply

I donot found premium calculation for my choice

By Jayesh on Oct 12, 2011 Reply

While purchasing the policy online, the form asks for annual income. Does it refer to net salary after tax / deductions OR gross salary?

By Shishir on Oct 12, 2011 Reply

Are there any major exclusions in the plan which one should be careful about?

By Shailesh Sunder on Oct 12, 2011 Reply

Aim senior citizen and 64 year old and iam looking for an health insurance coverage. PL advice appropriate coverage for my health - Rangarajahbahadur Srirajahkalidindi

By Rangarajahbahadur Srirajahkalidindi on Oct 07, 2011 Reply

If I take entry at 37 in i-term term plan for 30 years tenure ,the premium will remain constant or it will go up as the age increaes?

By Sandip Ghosh on Oct 05, 2011 Reply

I case Terrorist Attack and i die then ?

By Dinesh on Oct 04, 2011 Reply

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