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 LIC Anmol Jeevan Plan


LIC Anmol Jeevan is a pure term insurance policy which is primarily for protection only. In this plan, your nominee will get the entire Sum assured if death occurs within the policy term and nothing is payable on maturity. So if nothing happens to you till the maturity period of the plan, nothing will be returned.


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Key Features of LIC Anmol Jeevan 1

  • Cheap plan which is for protection only with no maturity benefits.
  • Hazardous occupation, physically handicapped people are also considered under this plan of protection with additional premium. Sub-standard lives are also considered.


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Benefits you get from LIC Anmol Jeevan 1


Death Benefit – The entire Sum Assured is paid on death during the policy term.


Maturity Benefit – There are no Maturity Benefits. No benefit is payable on maturity as this is a pure protection plan.


Income Tax Benefit - Life Insurance premiums paid up to Rs.1,00,000 are allowed as a deduction from the taxable income each year under section 80C. Maturity benefits too are tax exempt as per Section 10(10D)



Eligibility conditions and other restrictions in Anmol Jeevan 1





Sum Assured (in Rs.)



Policy Term (in years)



Premium Payment Term

Equal to policy term

Equal to policy term

Entry Age of Policyholder (in years)



Age at Maturity (in years)



Single premium



Payment modes

Yearly & Half-Yearly and Single



Sample illustration of premium amount in LIC Anmol Jeevan 1


The below illustration is for a healthy Male (non-tobacco user) opting for a

Sum Assured = Rs.10,00,000 and Policy Term = 25 years.


Sample Premium of LIC Anmol Jeevan I for various ages at which policy is bought

LIC Anmol Jeevan Premium Rates 



Additional Features and Benefits of Anmol Jeevan 1 from LIC


Riders – No riders are available in this policy



What happens if?


You stop paying the premium - If the policy holder stops paying the premium, then all benefits of the policy will cease after the expiry of the grace period from the due date of the first unpaid premium. You can re-instate the policy but before the policy expires by submitting the relevant proofs and payment of premium and interest.


You want to surrender the policy – There are no surrender benefits under this term plan.


You want a loan against your policy – Loan facility is not available under this policy.



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LIC Amulya Jeevan 1


~ By Deepak Yohannan
Note: This is a statement of facts based on the information collected from the LIC Anmol Jeevan brochure and insurance company's website. It should not be construed as a Critical or Favourable LIC Anmol Jeevan Review, Analysis or Recommendation.
Insurance is a subject matter of the solicitation.

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Does this plan covers temporary or permanent disabilities?

By Er Vimal Gandhi on Sep 27, 2014 Reply

No Vimal
this plan only gives benefit amount to the nominee on the death of the policyholder (customer)

Replied By Manoj Aswani (MIC Staff) on Sep 30, 2014 Reply

now plan

By Anwar on Nov 23, 2012 Reply

Dear Praveen, we would be glad to help you out. We have written an email to you for the same.

By Myinsuranceclub.Com on Nov 21, 2012 Reply

I am 34 yrs age, i want to take anmol jeevan for five yrs term, what will be the yearly premium i have to pay.

By Praveen Kumar on Nov 21, 2012 Reply


I brought a new home and took 13 Lacs Home Loan. Please suggest me best policy agreegating to my Home Loan Amount with minimum preimum and period is min 12 years and max 17 years. Please Email me details on or call me on my cell number 09426715787 ( Ahmedabad, Gujarat ) Thanks.

By Kaushal Parekh on Mar 21, 2012 Reply

I think this is the best policy plan. I personally recommend this insurance plan to each one.

By Anil Bodh on Mar 07, 2012 Reply

i want know about lic anmol jevan-1 policy terms &conditions & what'ever kind of death will be covered

By Shankarappa on Feb 15, 2012 Reply

My nephew (female) is 18 years. she pursuing B.E. she take education loan 3 lakh rs. pls. suggese me her life term insurace plan.

By Shirish Sharma on Feb 13, 2012 Reply

Hi Iam planing to 15,00000 Rs LIC Anmol jevan-1 term policy, my age is 35 yrs , how many years, how much amount, I will pay this policy? Plese tell me.

By A.Ramesh. (Kurnool.A.P) on Feb 07, 2012 Reply

can you help me about best plans

minmum pay

10 to 15 yrs plans

sand me SMS ON MY M .NO 9998395701+9375257485


By Basant Choudhary on Jan 28, 2012 Reply

Please suggest me a pension plan

By Sanjay on Jan 21, 2012 Reply

This is very good site for viewing right suggestions without any force to feeding your mobile number for un-wanted calls like POLICYBAZAR.COM.

By Rakesh Kumar Gupta on Jan 17, 2012 Reply

I want to avail this anmol jibon 1 plan,but i have some quary regarding this plan, if i die from any illness then my family will get the the sumassured? this my quary. Plan is ok and affordable

By Sukanta Banerjee on Jan 09, 2012 Reply

I have this policy sinces 2004 and pay ragular priumem til 2008 but I think the greace peired for one month so my policy was laps but compnie was want to start this policy after madical chakap so I go to madical chakap dr ask me you use tabbco i say yas compnie told me thay can not countinu this policy I ask him when I die then lic wil not pay any amont my depandt for reasisson for tabbaco agent said me after policy you can used smoking, drinking etc no eny efct on your policy did he right tel me and suggust me, i should contineu this policy ? thank you

By Rajesh Gupta on Jan 06, 2012 Reply

my age is 25 year plese sugest me best short term plane policy

By V.A.Shah on Dec 29, 2011 Reply

pl suggest me for pension plan and prem amt. now my age is 43 yr.
pl two plan show

By Vijay Temkar on Dec 15, 2011 Reply

I am planning to take the Policy.please suggest on this.

By Chandra Mouli on Dec 08, 2011 Reply

sir i want take policy for my wife she age 29 monthly2500

By Karthik Reddy on Dec 05, 2011 Reply

LIC Anmol Jeevan plan sounds good. I liked your review of this insurance plan. Think i'll buy it next month. Will come back to your site - nice clean site!

By Rajesh Sampat on Aug 08, 2011 Reply

Which is best police in todays day

By Chethan.M on Aug 04, 2011 Reply

How can a NRI get the medical check-up done if he is not visiting India in near future and wants to apply for a health policy (age 54 yrs)??

By Prakash on Jul 31, 2011 Reply

iwant to know about best lic policy,and i want topay premium monthly 2500/- whats best maturity amount iwill get and iwant wealth tax benifit also..........

By Sri on Jul 19, 2011 Reply

My age is 55 and i am a professional. I am searching for a suitable pension plan with intent to get pension or annuity at the age of 65.Kindly guide me suitable and beneficial plans.

By Rama.Palaniyappan on Jul 17, 2011 Reply

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