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In love with your brand new bike or car? Here are 5 Safety tips for your vehicle

Some safety tips to keep your car or bike looking brand new

By: Manoj Aswani | 
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Last Updated: 29-12-2021
In love with your brand new bike or car? Here are 5 Safety tips for your vehicle
Don’t we all just love our possessions! For women it’s jewelry and shoes and for men it’s got to be their new bike or car. Ask any guy and he will tell you that one of the happiest moments of his life was the day he drove his vehicle out of the showroom. Loving is one thing but it is also important to protect the valuable asset that you have.

Here are some great ways to keep your Car or Bike looking new always:

Car Safety Tips

1. Regular Service is a must 
Get your vehicle serviced at least every 6 months to ensure that it runs smoothly for years to come. Even after the initial free service period is over, change the engine and brake oil frequently.

2. Use good quality shampoo and clean your vehicle
Use good cleaning materials every time. This will really keep the paint shiny and intact for a longer period. Avoid washing your vehicle in direct sunlight as this tends to dry the shampoo leaving spots and marks. 

3. Weather-proof your vehicle
During the rainy season, ensure that you park your vehicle under some shed to avoid excess water from going into the engine. Check if your tyres, breakpads, headlights or vipers need a change. One more step that not many people know about is rain-proofing your car windshield. There are sprays available for the windshield which makes rain water instantly slide off giving the driver a clearer view. These are absolutely essential to ensure good driving conditions, especially in the rains.

4. Buy the right insurance policy
You could be the best driver in the whole world, but that can never be a reason to skip buying an insurance cover. Apart from the fact that motor insurance is mandatory in India, it is really important to choose a good insurance policy for your vehicle. Pay a little extra premium and buy a zero depreciation car insurance policy or zero depreciation two wheeler insurance policy to save huge claim amounts. The peace of mind you get knowing your vehicle is covered if anything happens, is worth paying the premiums. 

5. Invest in good gadgets
Anti-theft devices, GPS tracker, Safety sensors, etc can really help your vehicle. After all you don’t want your vehicle to be stolen or damaged. 


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