How to Make an Insurance Complaint - Step by Step Guide

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If you don’t know the correct way of making an insurance complaint, chances are that you will not get a resolution. There is a process that you must follow in order to get a satisfactory response from your insurance company.

Here is a step by step guide on how to register an insurance complaint:

1st Step - The first step is to have a clear understanding of what your insurance policy does and does not cover you for. To be able to do this, you must read the policy document carefully and also read the exclusions.

2nd Step – To make a complaint, contact your insurance company with complete details like your policy number etc.  Make sure you also send your complaint in writing either by email or by post, and keep a copy of this complaint.

3rd Step – In case your insurance company does not respond to your complaint within 15 days of lodging it, you can escalate it to the IRDA.

IRDA is the insurance regulator which is the governing body for all insurance companies in India.

IGMS to register an insurance complaint to IRDA

IGMS is an Integrated Grievance Management System which you can use for registering any insurance complaint, if your insurance company does not address your complaint first.

Click Here to Register Insurance Complaint on IGMS

After logging on this site, a policyholder needs to create a profile

The details of your complaint are passed on to the respective insurance company.

After registering your complaint, you will get a confirmation email with an IRDA token no. This token no will be used by IRDA and the Insurance Company for tracking the complaint on IGMS.

If you are not satisfied with the resolution provided by Insurance Company, then you can further escalate it for a review by the IRDA for a potential violation of Regulations.

The best part is that all the transactions between your Insurance Company, including any remarks by the IRDA are visible to you.

You can also access IRDA Grievance Call Centre (IGCC) through

Toll free number 155255 for voice calls


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