United India Insurance sells shares of Dunlop

Last Updated: Jan 19, 2022 | 180 Views

It is a little known fact outside the insurance industry that most general insurance companies make losses out of their core insurance business. It is out of the investment income that some of the general insurance companies are out of the red. There are a variety of reasons why this is happening – fierce competition, entry of large number of new players almost every year and lower than expected operational efficiencies.

Riding on the highs of the market United India sold most of its shared held in Dunlop. The share has been performing well in the current markets and United India Insurance Company has sold 2.64 lakh shares in the last 6 months. It currently holds 0.004% shares in Dunlop, down from 0.41% some 6 months bac

LIC is a major shareholder in Dunlop as of now. In fact LIC is one of the insurance companies, in both life insurance and general insurance sector which makes handsome gains out of both its core insurance business and the investment business.

The insurance industry plays a major role in the markets as they typically have long term cash and with a mix of traditional plans and investment plans look to maximise returns for their investors.

Deepak Yohannan
Deepak Yohannan is the CEO of MyInsuranceClub. He enjoys writing on Personal Finance and contributes regularly on sites like Reuters & Moneycontrol. He is a strong proponent of online insurance and is often found pointlessly babbling about it!