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Indian Celebs with Bizarre Insurance Cover

Indian Celebs with Bizarre Insurance Cover
John Abraham’s looks, or Vijender Singh’s much acclaimed upper cut? Lata di’s pleasing voice, or Neha Dhupia’s hour glass figure? While talent runs rampant among the wide pool of celebrities, only a few qualify as having some of the most expensive body parts in town, all thanks to the expensive insurance policies they’ve taken out to protect their most valuable assets.
Check out some of the Indian celebrities who have taken a cue from the celebs in the western world and taken no risks when it comes to securing their unrivaled assets.

1. John Abraham

John Abraham’s famous display of butt in the 2008 Bollywood blockbuster – ‘Dostana’ not only had his female fans ogling, it also caught the attention of an international insurer who offered to insure the Bollywood hunk for a whopping Rs 10 crore. It is well-known that the Bollywood star responded positively to the offer, but the name of the insurer was never made public.

2. Mallika Sherawat

One of the boldest sex sirens of Bollywood, best remembered for her role in Anurag Basu’s ‘Murder’, announced her intention to get her smoking hot body insured for a mind boggling sum of Rs 50 crore after she was approached by an international insurance company in 2009. Whether it materialized or not has never been made public, but the only hitch in the entire scheme was that the premium had to be borne by the producers who signed Mallika.

3. Neha Dhupia

Former Miss India turned Bollywood actress is renowned for having an hour glass figure. The sultry actress was approached by the same insurance company that has insured JLo’s derriere. It is reported that the representatives of the company were so impressed with Dhupia’s bum that they decide to make the offer, which the actress was mulling. May be Neha Dhupia could fill in the details of her policy for our readers!

4. Vijender Singh

India’s ace pugilist, Vijender Singh has got his power packed hands insured with Bajaj Allianz. The decision came after his medal winning performance in 2008 Beijing Olympics. However, unlike the celebs in the western world, Indian celebs are reluctant to state their insurance values on record. Therefore, the amount is not known.

5. Minissha Lamba

Lamba’s career may not have ‘shaped up’ well enough for the tinsel town or public to take much notice. However, after she donned a bikini in 2008 multi-starrer film, Kidnap, her acting stills may have still remained in doubt but there is no doubting that her bum has really ‘shaped up’ well and could give Beyoncé a run for money! Just as Bollywood was soaking it all up, she created a stir by announcing her willingness to get those pretty assets of her insured! Her reason: “I get complimented a lot for the shapely butts I have, so why not protect them.”

6. Rakhi Sawant

Recently in the news for claiming that she was way hotter than porn star-turned-actor Sunny Leone. One will be naïve to expect that Rakhi Sawant will let the opportunity to create a stir pass. She has expressed her willingness to get her buttocks insured. Well, we are not surprised! It’s a win-win situation for her because it gets her back into the limelight and we know what a sucker she is for attention. However, we certainly were wondering who will be interested in the item girl, who is more renowned for her antics off-screen than her skills or looks!  

7. Lata Mangeshkar

Though the odd one out because she’s the most elderly celebrity on the list, it would have been unfair to leave her name out. In case you are wondering what and why has she got insured, its actually her melodic voice that she has insured for an undisclosed sum. Primarily because so much moolah is riding on her that if India’s nightingale were to lose her voice, the financial losses to her producers and concert organisers will be enormous. 

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