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MWPA (Married Woman Protection Act) - Why is it so important?

Under this act, a married woman (and/or a child) enjoys absolute and uncontested rights to all the benefits offered by a life insurance policy. Life Insurance policies are covered under Section 6 of this act. Know all about this important provision.

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Last Updated: 31-01-2022
MWPA (Married Woman Protection Act) - Why is it so important?
When buying a life insurance policy, you aim to secure the future of your wife and children in your absence. You want the claim amount to reach them quickly and without any hassles. In today’s world, be it salaried or business person, taking a loan has become quite a common phenomenon. Post the death of the husband, legally, creditor’s rights supersede the rights of the beneficiary. All the maturity/settlement amount goes directly to the creditors. In such cases, the intended purpose of the financial security of the insured’s family isn’t fulfilled. This is where MWPA comes into the picture. 

What is MWPA? (Married Woman Protection Act)

Life insurance is purchased for the purpose of protecting the financial interests of immediate family members. However, sometimes due to various external circumstances such as unpaid debts, disputes, family feuds, etc., the intended beneficiaries do not receive these benefits. This is where the Married Women's Property Act (MWPA) comes to their aid. Under this act, a married woman (and/or a child) enjoys absolute and uncontested rights to all the benefits offered by a life insurance policy. Life Insurance policies are covered under section 6 of this act and all the benefits are free from creditors and tax attachments.   

Why was it created?

This act was originally created in 1874 to elevate women’s rights which were significantly low during that time and close to nil post the death of the husband. Because of this act, creditors, other family members, or even the husband himself can’t claim rights on the settlement/maturity amount.

Who can buy policies under MWPA?

Any married person can buy life insurance under this act including divorced and widowed women. Even a woman can buy a policy under this act and nominate her children as beneficiaries. To understand better how the MWPA works, you can refer to this small example.

Who can be the beneficiary?

Since the main objective of this act is to protect the wife and children from creditors after the husband’s death, a beneficiary can only be a wife and/or children.

How can you buy a policy under this act?

Purchasing policy under this act is quite easy and inexpensive. You just have to fill up an MWPA addendum in conjunction with your normal insurance application which would be dispensed by the respective insurance provider.

Which all policies can you buy under this act?

You are free to purchase any Life Insurance policy, let that be Term Plan, Money Back or Endowment plan, from any Life insurance company provided you fill MWPA addendum.

What difference will this policy make?

This Act will safeguard your policy from the repayment of loans, extended family members, or any other creditors who might claim the money after the demise of the policyholder and guarantees that the financial future of your spouse and children is protected.

Can you add this addendum to your existing policy?

Unfortunately, no. The policy under MWP needs to be executed before the creation of any liability and at the time of purchase of the policy. This means you cannot get your existing insurance policy modified under MWP Act.

Can you take a Loan against policies purchased under MWPA?

Since this instrument was made to safeguard the financial future of your family, no loan facility would be available.

Can you surrender this policy?

Yes, you can surrender this policy but only with the consent of the beneficiary and the surrendered amount would be credited to the beneficiary’s account only.


MWPA in tandem with a traditional life insurance policy can act as the perfect way to safeguard the future of your family.
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