Medical Cover as an Add on in Bharti AXA Car Insurance

This comes as an Add-on cover to the standard car insurance policy which is purchased. The features come in handy as you pay only a small premium for the extra benefits.

If you take this Add-on cover with the plan the following benefits accrue to you and the passengers travelling in the car.

Medical Expenses Cover – In case of an accident, you and your co-passengers would be eligible for medical treatment for physical injuries for a value of Rs. 10,000. The cover is provided for a maximum count of passengers based on the seating prescribed seating capacity of the vehicle.

Hospital Cash Cover – In case you meet with an accident and you are hospitalised, this cover provides daily cash compensation of Rs. 1,000. This is valid for a maximum of 30 days. This is valid for treatment offered by Medical Practitioners registered with the Medical Council of India.

Ambulance Charges Cover – In case you meet with an accident, the cost incurred as Ambulance Charges for transporting you to the hospital is paid back to you.

These Add-ons can be useful in addition to the basic cover for your vehicle.