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Niva Bupa Heartbeat Family First

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Niva Bupa Heart Beat Family First Health Insurance Policy


Niva Bupa Heartbeat Family First health insurance policy takes care of all medical expenses incurred by individuals and family. This plan has been specially designed keeping the Indian Joint Family System in mind such that it covers up to 13 relationships and 50 family members. One cover for the entire family including in-laws, grandchildren, spouse, children, parents etc. In this plan, you need to choose Individual Sum Assured and then Floater Sum Assured.  The Floater Sum Assured cover is available to all family members and can be used once the Individual Sum Insured is exhausted.



Key Features of Niva Bupa Heart Beat Family First Policy


  • Cover for up to 13 relationships and 50 family members
  • Assured plan renewal for life
  • Cashless facility
  • Direct Claims settlement by Niva Bupa. No TPA involved
  • No age restriction to cover family members like senior citizens or new born baby
  • All day care procedures are covered without exceptions
  • Health check-up on renewal
  • Access to health advice 24/7
  • Very limited exclusions
  • Maternity benefits for up to 2 deliveries
  • New born baby automatically covered from birth till next policy renewal
  • Vaccinations for new born baby covered for first year
  • Enrollment to health loyalty programme which gives access to health services and products up to 10% of renewal amount


Variants in Niva Bupa Heart Beat - Family First Plan


There are two variants available in Niva Bupa Heart Beat Family First policy:

  1. Family First Silver
  2. Family First Gold



What is covered in Niva Bupa Heart Beat Family First Plan?


  • In-patient treatments hospitalisation, including pre and post operative care
  • Maternity cover for up to 2 deliveries
  • New born baby cover
  • Doctor’s fees, nursing care, cost of surgical dressings and drugs
  • Operation theatre charges, hospital room rent and ICU charges
  • Prosthetic implants
  • Cost of diagnostic tests like X-ray, blood test
  • Cost of medicines and drugs and consumables
  • All day care procedures which do not require hospitalisation like Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy etc
  • Pre and post hospitalisation expenses
  • Emergency ambulance charge – at actual cost in network hospital and up to Rs 2,000 in non-network hospitals
  • Organ transplant if medically necessary


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Additional Benefits of Niva Bupa Heart Beat Family First Policy


  • 10% cumulative benefit every year on renewal
  • Domiciliary treatment covered
  • Emergency ambulance cost covered at actuals in network hospitals and up to Rs.2,000 otherwise
  • Health check-up expenses
  • Claims of Gold customers get personally attended by assigned Relationship Managers



Eligibility and Restrictions of Niva Bupa Heart Beat - Family First Policy






Individual Cover per insured person (in Rs.)



Floater Cover (in Rs.)



Policy Term (in years)



Entry Age (in years)


No restriction

Renewable till Age (in years)


Life long



Family floater policy will cover


Under this plan, each and every member of the family upto 13 relationships and 50 members are covered.



Tax Benefits in Niva Bupa Heart Beat Family First Policy


Health Insurance premiums paid up to Rs. 15,000 in case of individuals and Rs 20,000 for senior citizens are allowed as a deduction from the taxable income each year under section 80D of the Income Tax Act.



Exclusions - What is not covered in Niva Bupa Heart Beat - Family First Policy?


  • Pre existing diseases will not be covered for the first 4 policy years given there has been continuous renewal from the policy start date
  • Treatment done in the first 90 days from the commencement of the policy, unless the treatment is done as a result of accident or emergency. This is referred to as a waiting period
  • Only 80% payment made by company for individuals aged 65 yrs or above
  • The waiting period for specific conditions in people above 60 years age will be 24 months
  • If a person enters the policy at the age of 65 or above, then the company will pay only 80% of the reasonable charges and the balance 20% has to be borne by the policy holder (referred to as Co-payment)
  • Permanent exclusion on as cosmetic, obesity or non-allopathic treatments
  • Self-inflicted injuries, sleep disorders, speech disorders
  • Ageing and puberty related, congenital and hereditary diseases, addictive conditions, artificial life maintenance
  • Dental/oral treatment, eyesight, experimental treatment
  • HIV and AIDS, hereditary
  • Treatments received outside India
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