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Royal Sundaram Health Shield

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Royal Sundaram Health Shield Insurance Policy


The health insurance market has never been more crowded, making it even more difficult for customers to pick the right insurance policy for their needs. Royal Sundaram Health Shield is a comprehensive health insurance plan which covers medical expenses incurred due to any kind of accident or illness. It tries to cover several diseases after the first year renewal of the policy.



Key Features of Royal Sundaram Health Shield Insurance Policy


  • No medical examination is required for this plan
  • Reimbursement of Health Check Up cost up to Rs.750 per insured person
  • Cumulative Bonus is also available on claim free years



What is covered in Royal Sundaram Health Shield Insurance Plan?


  • Hospitalisation expenses include room rent till 1.5% of sum insured per day and up to 3% of ICU expenses per day
  • Fees of the Surgeon, Specialists, Anaesthetist, Medical Practitioner, Consultants etc. are paid till 40% of Sum Insured which includes Nursing Expenses
  • Cost of Blood, oxygen, drugs and medicines, diagnostic materials, x-ray, chemotherapy, organ transplant, radiotherapy, artificial limbs, pace-maker are all included under this plan.
  • Charges for an ambulance is paid for up to Rs 1000/- per illness
  • After every 5 consecutive claim free years health check up expenses are reimbursed up to a maximum of Rs.750/- per person
  • Treatment of certain diseases are covered till a specific limit as mentioned



Additional Benefits of Royal Sundaram Health Shield Insurance Plan


  • Medical expenses which occurred during 30 days prior to hospitalisation and 60 days post hospitalisation are covered
  • Pre-existing diseases are covered after 48 months of claim free and continuous policy renewal           
  • Hospital Cash Allowance is paid in case of continuous hospitalisation for a period of more than 15 days



Eligibility and Restrictions of Royal Sundaram Health Shield Policy






Coverage Amount (in Rs.)



Policy Term (in years)



Entry Age (in years)

91 days

50 years

Renewable till Age (in years)





Family floater policy will cover


  • Self
  • Spouse
  • Dependent Children between 91 days and under 18 years of age and
  • Dependent Parents




Tax Benefits in Royal Sundaram Health Shield Policy


Health Insurance premiums paid up to Rs. 15,000 and Rs 20,000 for senior citizen are allowed as a deduction from the taxable income each year under section 80D of the Income Tax Act.




Exclusions - What is not covered in Royal Sundaram Health Shield Policy?


  • There is a period 30 days of initial waiting during which any claim other than due to accident is not admitted
  • Pre-existing diseases are covered after 48 months of continuous claim free renewal
  • Maternity expenses and child birth related expenses are not covered
  • Cost of dental treatment and spectacles are excluded from this policy
  • Few diseases are excluded in the first policy year like migraine, urinary stones, tonsil surgery, any type of Cyst / Nodules / Polyps, any type of Breast Lumps, Vascular head ache, Adenoids, Gastric and Duodenal Ulcer
  • The diseases that will be covered after two policy years are Hernia, Fistula, Fissure in Anus, Piles, Hydrocele, Sinusitis, Knee / Hip Joint replacement, Chronic Renal Failure or end stage Renal Failure, Heart diseases, any type of Carcinoma / Sarcoma / Blood Cancer, any type, Inter vertebral Disc Prolapse and such other Degenerative Disorders, Cataract, Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy, Hysterectomy, Osteoarthritis
  • All types of HIV AIDS is excluded
  • Vaccination and treatment for purely diagnostic reasons is not included
  • Diseases or injuries from war or nuclear weapons is not included
  • Mental, nervous and psychiatric treatment is excluded
  • Cosmetic and plastic surgery, ayurvedic, naturopathy, homeopathic treatment is excluded
  • Injuries from hazardous sports and activities are excluded



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