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Star Health Medi Classic

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 Sample premiums for Star Medi Classic Health Insurance Plan

The Annual Premiums for a 5 Lakhs cover for a Male Individual is as follows: 

Age Basic Gold Plan
30 Years Rs. 8,535 Rs. 9,559
36 Years Rs. 10,959 Rs. 11,726
46 Years Rs. 16,163 Rs. 16,809


Star Medi Classic Health Insurance Plan Summary 

Star Medi Classic Health Insurance Plan is an exclusive plan that provides covers to individuals as well as family members. It offers a wide range of benefits such as Automatic Restoration, Cover for New-born Baby hospitalisation, Cataract Expenses, Additional Cover for Road Traffic Accident and more.

Plan Name Medi Classic
Plan Type Health Insurance
UIN SHAHLIP23037V072223


Key Features of Star Medi Classic Health Insurance Policy

Cataract Expenses 

Cataract treatment is considered under Outpatient Treatment and the expenses incurred on this treatment is covered up to the limits mentioned as below:

Cover Amount
Expenses Covered
(per policy period)
Up to 2 Lakhs Rs. 12,000
3 - 5 Lakhs Rs. 20,000 per eye
Not exceeding Rs. 30,000
10 - 15 Lakhs
Rs. 30,000 per eye
Not exceeding Rs. 40,000

Automatic Restoration of Sum Insured

Under this plan, there is automatic restoration of the cover amount by 200% on complete exhaustion of the insured amount. This benefit can be availed only once during the policy period. The restored sum insured amount cannot be utilised for illness / diseases for which the claim was made prior in the same policy year. The benefit from automatic restoration cannot be utilised for Modern Treatments.

Super Restoration

In case if the coverage amount gets exhausted during the policy period, an additional sum insured of 100% of the cover amount is restored. This will be provided for the remaining policy period for subsequent hospitalisation. The super restoration benefit can be availed even for illness / diseases for which claim was made in the past. The benefit from super  restoration can’t be utilised for Modern Treatments.

In-patient Hospitalisation

In situations where the health conditions are critical or the policyholder is advised by the medical practitioner to get medical treatment from hospitals, the expenses arising at hospitalisation will be covered. In-patient hospitalisation is considered when the insured person is hospitalised for more than 24 hours. In-patient hospitalisation includes treatment of traumatic injuries, chronic illnesses or complex procedures.

Pre & Post Hospitalisation

In the Medi Classic Plan, expenses occurring before being hospitalised and post discharge from hospital are covered. Any medical expenses incurred prior to 30 days of hospitalisation and 60 days post discharge from the hospital are covered under the Medi Classic Plan. The cost incurred is accepted if the policyholder is admitted in-patient for the same reason. 

The expenses covered under this plan will not exceed 7% of the hospitalisation expenses subject to a maximum of Rs. 5,000 per hospitalisation. Expenses such as nursing expenses, surgeon’s/consultants fees, diagnostic charges and cost of drugs and medicines only will be taken into consideration.
Know more about what is pre & post hospitalisation expenses in health insurance plans.

Organ Donor Expenses

Under the Medi Classic Plan of Star Health Insurance, In patient hospitalisation expenses incurred for organ transplantation from the Donor to the recipient insured person are payable provided the claim for transplantation is payable. Donor screening expenses and post-donation complications of the donor are not payable.

NewBorn Baby Expenses

The coverage of NewBorn Baby starts from the 16th day of birth and is covered up to 10% of the cover amount or Rs. 50,000, whichever is less. To avail this benefit, it is mandatory that the mother of the child is also covered under the plan for a continuous period of 12 months. Also, it is important to intimate the insurer regarding the delivery of the newborn baby in advance to avail the benefit. 

Additional Basic Sum Insured for Road Traffic Accident

In a situation where the policyholder meets with a road traffic accident that leads to in-patient hospitalisation, then the cover amount is increased by 50% of the insured amount. This is applicable subject to:

  • It is evidenced that the insured person was wearing a helmet and was either riding or travelling as pillion rider in a two wheeler at the time of accident as evidenced by Police record and Hospital record.
  • The additional Basic Sum Insured shall be available only once during the policy period.
  • The additional Basic Sum Insured can be utilised only for that particular hospitalisation following the Road Traffic Accident.
  • Claim under this benefit will impact the Cumulative bonus

Nursing Expenses

This plan covers expenses incurred in room rent, nursing facility at hospital / domiciliary treatment at 2% of the cover amount. The benefit under this plan for nursing expenses is subject to a maximum of Rs. 5,000 per day. 

Ambulance Expenses

The Medi Classic Plan of Star Health Insurance provides ambulance transportation facility for the insured person in emergency situations. A coverage of Rs. 750 per hospitalisation and a maximum of Rs. 1,500 is provided during a policy period for the insured person.

Modern Treatments

In this plan, the policyholder gets coverage for modern age treatments like uterine artery Embolization and HIFU, Balloon Sinuplasty, Deep Brain Stimulation, Oral Chemotherapy, Immunotherapy-Monoclonal Antibody to be given as injection and Intra Vitreal injections 

Health Check Up

The Medi Classic Plan of Star Health Insurance covers the expenses incurred towards Cost of Health checkup up to 1% of the average of the cover amount. This can be claimed after every four continuous claim free years. The expenses are covered subject to a maximum of Rs.5,000/- and is payable on renewal. This benefit is available for a cover amount of Rs.2,00,000/- and above only.

Tax Saving

The Medi Classic Health Insurance Plan offers dual benefits of covering the hospitalisation expenses as well tax benefits. One can avail tax benefits under section 80D of Income Tax Act. To know more about Tax benefits in health insurance.

Psychiatric and Psychosomatic Disorder

In this plan, if the insured person is diagnosed with psychiatric or psychosomatic disorder for the first time and is hospitalised for a minimum period of 5 consecutive days, then the expenses incurred will be covered up to the cover amount opted by the policyholder. To avail this benefit, it is mandatory that the policy is in force for a continuous period of at least 24 months.

Cumulative Bonus

In this plan, a 5% cumulative bonus is accumulated at the time of renewal of policy. The policyholder is eligible to receive this bonus only on a claim free year. The cumulative bonus received can be a maximum of 25% of the cover amount. In case of partial utilisation of the cover amount, the cumulative bonus accrued will be reduced at the same rate at which it was accumulated.

AYUSH Treatment

AYUSH stands for Ayurveda, Unani, Siddhi, and Homoeopathy treatments, which are covered under this plan. Expenses related to any of such treatments are covered up to 25% of the cover amount or a maximum of Rs. 25,000 per policy period. 

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Shared Accommodation

If the Insured person occupies, a shared accommodation in a networked hospital during in-patient hospitalisation, then the expenses covered are mentioned below:

Cover Amount Coverage
Rs. 3 / 4 / 5 Lakhs Rs. 500 per day, maximum up to Rs.3,000 per hospitalisation
Rs.10 / 15 / 20 / 25 Lakhs Rs. 1,000 per day, maximum up to Rs.6,000 per hospitalisation


Co-payment is applicable only in case if the insured person's age is 61 years and above at the time of purchasing the policy. In such a scenario, there is a co-payment of 10% on every claim amount. Co-payment is also applicable in the Gold variant of Star Health Medi Classic Plan.

Optional Cover under Star Medi Classic Health Insurance Policy

Patient Care 

The cost incurred on providing an attendant for the insured person right after discharge is covered under the Medi Classic plan of Star Health Insurance. The expenses are covered only on the recommendation of a certified physician. In such a scenario, expenses are covered up to Rs. 400 per day up to 5  days and a maximum of 14 days in a policy period. Patient Care benefit is eligible only for insured persons above the age of 60 years. The insured person can opt for this benefit by paying an additional premium.

Hospital Cash

The plan provides additional cash benefits for in-patient hospitalisation. The insurer provides cash benefit of Rs. 1000 for each day up to 7 days per hospitalisation, for a maximum of 14 days in a policy period. If the in-patient hospitalisation is for r physiotherapy and/or any epidemic then this benefit can’t be availed. To add this benefit to your plan, an additional premium is to be paid.

Eligibility Criteria in Star Medi Classic Health Insurance Policy

Any individual can purchase the Medic Classic Plan of Star Health Insurance for themselves. However, there are a few criteria in this plan:

Parameters Minimum Maximum
Entry Age Adults - 18
Child - 16 days 
65 years
Cover amount 3 to 25 Lakhs


Exclusion in Star Medi Classic Health Insurance Policy 

There is a list of conditions under the Medi Classic Plan that is not covered. Below are the exclusions in the Medi Classic Plan:

  • Pre-existing diseases will be covered after 48 months from the date of inception
  • Any claims in the initial period of 30 days will be excluded, except due to an accident
  • Insured Person committing or attempting to commit a breach of law with criminal intent
  • Specific surgeries will be covered only after 24 months from the date of purchase of policy
  • Hospitalisation due to excessive consumption of Alcohol
  • Intentional self-injury or attempted suicide while sane or insane.
  • Expenses related to treatment of gender change, obesity, cosmetic or plastic surgery.
  • Expenses for treatment of in-patient hospitalisation due to involvement in hazardous or adventurous sports.

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FAQs of Medi Classic Star Health Insurance Policy

Can I purchase the Star Health Medi Classic Insurance Policy without undergoing a pre-medical approval screening?
People over 50 must go through a pre-medical test at the Star Health Insurance empanelled centres.
Is there a grace period for renewing the Star MediClassic health insurance policy?
Yes, the Medi Classic plan from Star Health Insurance offers a grace period of 30 days after the expiration date of the policy.

Who pays for the medical examination?
The proposed member has to pay for the cost of the pre-medical examination. On acceptance of the application and issuance of the policy, 100% or 50% of the expenses incurred in the medical examination will be reimbursed; depending upon the age and cover amount.

Does Medi Classic Policy provide Tax Benefit? 
Yes, the premium paid against the Medi Classic Policy is exempted from the Income Tax Act under section 80D.



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