Citizens traveling outside Maharashtra to compulsorily obtain travel insurance

 In order to keep a tab of the missing persons, in times of disaster, Minister of State for Relief and Rehabilitation, Mr. Suresh Das proposed to make it compulsory for people traveling outside the State to register their travel plan and obtain travel insurance.  He also said that now it is a time to put in a process wherein people traveling out of the State should inform the local office about their travel plans. He discussed this proposal with Chief Minister of Maharashtra Mr. Prithviraj Chauhan and is also likely to be introduced in the Parliament during the monsoon session.

The intention of the government to introduce this scheme is due to the fact that during supervision of the relief operation for Maharashtra pilgrims trapped in Uttarakhand, they faced the problem of confirming the exact number of people visited Uttarakhand from the state and also their location. In addition to this, inspite of having relief camp for those strangled, many people travelled back to home without any intimation.
He also ordered the local authorities to prepare a panchnama of those missing in the flood and finalize the list so that they can take appropriate decision on the damages to be given to the families of the victim.
In addition to the above, he also pointed out that since government is not aware of the citizens travel plan they will not be able to help much in times of disaster, thereby citizens pointing at the government for doing nothing.