Fast delivery strategy of Dominos Pizza hurts Reliance Life Insurance

Most people would know that Dominos Pizza claims to deliver pizzas within 30 minutes else the customer gets the order for free. But little did Dominos know that this promise would cost them dearly.

A school student was injured by one of the delivery boys hired by Dominos Pizza in an attempt to keep the 30 minute promise. The delivery boy’s motorcycle hit Ravi Mishra who is studying in the tenth standard. On October 29, 2010, the minor child was riding his bicycle in Delhi’s North University Campus, when the accident took place. The child was later taken to Hindu Rao hospital for treatment.

Motor Accident Claims Tribunal (MACT) Judge Dinesh Bhatt has asked Domino’s Pizza to compensate the boy hit by the speeding delivery man. The judge said, "In view of the unrebutted testimony of the petitioner (school boy) and the documents available on record, it is prima facie proved that he suffered injuries due to rash and negligent driving of respondent no. 1 (driver of Dominos vehicle)."

The court has ordered the company to pay a compensation of Rs 1,14,682 to the injured boy.

Reliance General Insurance Company which sells motor insurance along with other insurance products had insured the motorcycle that was involved in the accident. The insurance company will have to pay the compensation to the minor child.