HDFC Life aspires to sell 2 lakh Cancer Care policies in 2015-16

Last Updated: Jul 06, 2015 | 262 Views
HDFC Life Insurance has set a target to sell 2 lacs units of their recently launched HDFC Cancer Care policy in 2015-16. The plan was launched on 18th May 2015 and around 35,000 policies have already been sold.

HDFC Life is the first private insurance company to come out with such a policy for a disease which is rising at an alarming rate in India. HDFC Life Cancer Care Policy pays a lumpsum benefit amount to the policyholder in case he/she is diagnosed with any kind of cancer. The policy offers coverage up to 40 lacs and can be bought by people up to 65 years of age. 

HDFC Life Insurance is a joint venture between HDFC Limited and Standard Life Plc of United Kingdom. It was the first private life insurance company to set shop in India and started its operations in late 2000