IDBI Wealthsurance Premier - Insurance plan for HNIs

Wealthsurance Premier is the new ULIP launched by IDBI Federal Life Insurance Company. The plan is designed for customers who want to invest in a ULIP without the hassle of paying regular premiums.  IDBI’s Wealthsurance Premier is a single premium Unit linked insurance plan (ULIP) that provides various options to policyholders.

Customers can start this plan by paying only one premium and enjoy the benefits for the entire term of the policy. In future, if the policyholder wishes to invest more money, the plan allows top-up premiums. This plan however is for high-end investors as the premium starts at Rs. 5,00,000. The premium allocation charges are 0.50% on premiums up to Rs. 24,99,999. For those who pay premiums over Rs. 25 lakhs, the premium allocation charges are nil. Anyone who is over a month old and less than 70 years of age can avail the policy.

Policyholders can choose to manage the funds on their own or leave the funds to be managed by experts. There are various riders available to cover accidental injuries and serious illnesses that require hospitalisation, disablement, 17 major diseases like Cancer, Stroke, Heart Attack etc which can take a toll on the income earning capacity of individuals.

This is a comprehensive wealth management solution that combines wealth creation and insurance protection into one policy. Read our complete review on IDBI Wealthsurance Premier Insurance Plan

G V Nageswara Rao, Managing Director and CEO of IDBI Federal Insurance said that the single premium plan has been customized to suit high net worth individuals (HNIs) as it allows one to build wealth for the long term in tranches, with the flexibility of 13 varied investment fund options across the risk-return continuum for active wealth management.