Reliance Life launches health plan with guaranteed lifetime renewability

Last Updated: Apr 30, 2015 | 846 Views
Reliance Life Insurance has just launched a unique health insurance plan called Reliance Health Total which offers guaranteed lifetime renewability.

Reliance Life Insurance which is a part of Reliance Capital (Reliance Group), has been aggressively gaining market share since the launch of their Sabse Sasta Online Term Plan. 

Reliance Health Total is a health insurance plan that covers hospitalization expenses, critical illnesses, and cost of medicines, doctor’s fee and diagnostic tests. It is non unit-linked plan that offers renewability up to age 99. Recently, IRDAI made it compulsory for all general insurers (including stand-alone health insurers) to remove the renewal age cap on their plans.

Reliance Life Insurance is one of the top 5 private sector life insurance companies in India with respect to individual WRP (weighted received premium) and new business WRP. Reliance Life is by far the largest non-bank promoted private life insurer with over 10 million policy holders and distribution network of over 900 branches as on March 31, 2014. Nippon Life Insurance Company acquired 26% interest in equity share capital of Reliance Life Insurance effective October 7, 2011.