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HDFC Life Corporate Social Responsibility activity announces the launch of Swabhimaan Careers

Last Updated: May 31, 2013 | 1579 Views

Mr. Rajendra Ghag, Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resource Officer at HDFC Life announced the new initiative taken by the Company. This initiative is by way of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). They announced the launch of ‘Swabhimaan careers’ wherein the company will provide an opportunity to the family member of the deceased policy holder to work with the company. It also focuses on the company’s planned project of building long term customer relationship.

Under this CSR activity, once the claim is settled, HDFC life will meet the dependents of the deceased and offer them the opportunity to work with the company. This offer will depend on the education and capability of the individual. This will not only maintain a long term relationship with the customers but will also give a fair chance to the dependents of the dead to earn their livelihood and live an independent life.
Mr. Ghag also added that the overall objective of taking insurance is to compensate the monetary loss caused to the family due to unnatural death of the earning person and this step will also enable an equal opportunity to the dependents of the deceased thereby securing their future. He further added that once a customer purchases a policy from HDFC life, the relationship will also extend to the near and dear ones of the policy holder.
To achieve this success, from March 2013 onwards, a dedicated team in the company has started issuing letters to the dependents of the deceased informing them about this CSR activity. These letters also guide them about the process involved in submission of the application for the employment.

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