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​Is the cost of oximeter, oxygen cylinder covered in home care treatment of Corona Kavach policyholders? Find out

​Is the cost of oximeter, oxygen cylinder covered in home care treatment of Corona Kavach policyholders? Find out
Last Updated: May 17, 2021 | 51 Views
The coronavirus pandemic is running wild and having its toll on the health and lives of individuals. IRDAI had launched exclusive health insurance plans to take care of hospitalization costs owing to covid-19, Corona Kavach being one of those. Given the scale of the spread of infection, the lack of hospital beds is posing a concern. In such circumstances, many infected patients are opting for home care treatment.

But, before you go for the claim, make sure the conditions as set by Corona Kavach guidelines are met for a smooth claim settlement process. The guidelines also talk about the various expenses that will get covered during the claim.

The Home Care Treatment Expenses will be covered up to 14 days for the Corona Kavach policyholder. However, any such treatment has to be prescribed by a medical practitioner.

Here are the conditions that need to be met:

a) The Medical practitioner advises the Insured person to undergo treatment at home.

b) There is a continuous active line of treatment with monitoring of the health status by a medical practitioner for each day through the duration of the home care treatment.

c) Daily monitoring chart including records of treatment administered duly signed by the treating doctor is maintained.

As per the IRDAI guidelines, the cashless or reimbursement facility are offered under homecare expenses subject to claim settlement policy disclosed on the website of the Insurer. And, in case the insured intends to avail the services of non-network provider, the claim will be subject to reimbursement.

It is important to get prior approval from the Insurer before availing such services or treatment. Any such approval request has to be addressed by the insurer within 2 hours of receiving the last necessary requirement.

What all are covered
Cost of Pulse oximeter, Oxygen cylinder and Nebulizer gets covered but they have to be prescribed by the medical practitioner. It is better to confirm from the insurer whether cost of refilling will be covered or the entire cost of oxygen cylinder. Similarly, the following will be covered if prescribed by the treating medical practitioner.

a. Diagnostic tests undergone at home or at diagnostics centre

b. Medicines prescribed in writing

c. Consultation charges of the medical practitioner

d. Nursing charges related to medical staff

e. Medical procedures limited to parenteral administration of medicines

f. Cost of Pulse oximeter, Oxygen cylinder and Nebulizer.

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