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Max Bupa Health Insurance to infuse more money into their business

Last Updated: Sep 08, 2014 | 3525 Views

Max Bupa Health Insurance Company is one of the 3 standalone health insurance companies in India. Speaking to the media at a function to release Bupa’s Health Pulse 2010 report, the Chief Executive, Mr. Damien Marmion of Max Bupa spoke on the company’s plan in the coming years.

He confirmed that there would be a further capital infusion of Rs. 450 crores into the company in the next 3 to 4 years. Currently the paid-up capital of the company is Rs. 236 crores, up from 150 crores the company had when it started its operations at the beginning of 2010. 
Elaborating on the findings on the report Health Plus 2010, Mr. Damien said that diabetes and heart diseases are the major health hazards for Indians which is on account of lifestyle and eating habit changes. The report had some interesting statistics on the awareness of Indians and the checkups they do to assess their health. While 55% have done health checkups, 24% have paid for health checkups and 23% do their own research online to assess their health. 
Max Bupa is the youngest specialist health insurance company whose products are much more comprehensive when compared to the other health insurance products available in the market. Accordingly, their products are priced slightly on the higher side too. Max Bupa has got 3 versions of their health insurance plan – Heartbeat Silver, Gold and Platinum. A comparison  of its 3 health insurance products are as shown.
Comparison of Heartbeat Health Insurance Plans from Max Bupa

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