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Future Generali Assure Plus Plan - Bonus Rates. Calculate returns, Maturity Value
Future Generali Assure Plus Plan - Bonus Rates. Calculate returns, Maturity Value

Bonus rates for Future Generali Assure Plus Plan (UIN: 133N052V01) 

The table below shows the Bonus rates declared for Future Generali Assure Plus Plan from inception. You can use this to calculate the Future Generali Assure Plus Plan Maturity Value. Compounded Reversionary Bonus for your policy is calculated as a percentage of sum assured and all previously accrued bonuses and is paid to you as per policy conditions.

In case you have a plan with Sum Assured of Rs. 5,00,000 - Use the values in the table as following:

Bonus Value = (Sum Assured x Bonus Rate / 100) + Previously accrued bonuses = (5,00,000 x Bonus Rate / 100) + Previously accrued bonuses

Compound Reversionary Bonus for Future Generali Assure Plus Plan

Year Bonus Rate
2018-19 2.75%
2017-18 2.75%
2016-17 2.75%
2015-16 2.75%
2014-15 2.75%
2013-14 2.75%

Terminal Bonus

Terminal Bonus refers to a one time payment which is applicable to your policy and is payable either on death or maturity as the case may be.
As of now we dont have any information on terminal bonus of this plan.

Maturity Benefit

So to get to the Survival value of Future Generali Assure Plus Plan, you have to add all of the following - Sum Assured + Accrued Bonus + Terminal Bonus

Do let us know in case you need any further information on the bonus rates for this plan or in calculating the returns for your Future Generali Assure Plus Plan

Please contact the Future Generali Life's office for exact details of the bonus which has accrued in your plan.

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