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HDFC Life Cardiac Care Plan

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HDFC Life Cardiac Care Plan

With heart related incidents and medical inflation on the rise, any heart ailment could strain you financially.
HDFC Life presents a non-linked, non-par fixed benefit health plan Cardiac Care, to protect you financially from an extensive list of heart ailments.

Key Features of HDFC Life Cardiac Care Policy

  • Comprehensive cover for an extensive list of cardiac conditions and procedures
  • Fixed lump sum payout irrespective of actual expenses incurred for diagnosis/procedure
  • Multiple Claims of same or different conditions/ procedures can be covered subject to the exhaustion of applicable Sum Insured
  • Option to choose Indexation benefit to ensure you stay ahead of medical inflation
  • Option to choose Hospitalization benefit to get lump sum payout in case you are hospitalized due to any of the covered conditions
  • Tax benefits under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act 1961

How does the HDFC Life Cardiac Care Plan work?

HDFC Life Cardiac Care offers you Base Benefit. In addition to this benefit you also have the flexibility

to choose from the following optional benefits:
Option A: Hospitalization Benefit
Option B: Indexation Benefit
Option C: Income Benefit

You may choose any one or more of the optional benefits at the inception of the policy; however once opted, the plan
benefits cannot be changed later during the Policy Term.

A: Hospitalization Benefit (HB): 

lump sum benefit payable in case of hospitalization due to covered condition

In case you are hospitalized due to the occurrence of any of the covered and admissible conditions or have undergone any of the procedures as listed previously, the lump sum amount payable shall be as follow:

Benefit Type Lump Sum amount payable per day Maximum Number of days per policy year Maximum Number of days throughout Policy Term
Non-ICU 1% of Original Sum Insured (Maximum ` 10,000) 10 30
ICU 2% of Original Sum Insured (Maximum ` 20,000) 5 15

Non-ICU and ICU benefits shall be independent and subjective to their respective limits.

The maximum claim limit during a policy year is limited to 10% of Original Sum Insured and maximum claim limit during the policy term is limited to 30% of Original Sum Insured for both Non-ICU and ICU benefits.

B: Indexation Benefit (IB): 

10% increase in sum assured for every claim free year after first policy year
  • If no claim has been made during the first policy year, the Original Sum Insured opted for at the inception of the policy shall increase by 10% p.a. starting from the first policy anniversary 
  • The Sum Insured shall continue to increase till earlier of:
  1. Maximum of 200% of the Original Sum Insured opted at policy inception
  2. Any claim event (excluding claim for hospitalization benefit)
  • You may opt for this option only at policy inception
  • Once there is a successful admission of a claim (Mild, Moderate or Severe), there shall be no further increase in Original Sum Insured.

C: Income Benefit:

1% of sum assured paid as monthly income for 5 years in case of claim for condition of high severity.
  • In event of occurrence/diagnosis of condition or procedure from those listed under Group A, you will receive 1% of Sum Insured opted at inception for a fixed period of 5 years
  • This benefit will be paid in addition to the base benefit and optional benefit (if any)
  • In case of the unfortunate event of death of policyholder during the income benefit period, the remaining payouts will be made to the nominee.
  • During the income period, future income payments or part thereof can be surrendered in exchange for a lump sum.This lump sum shall be the discounted value of the future income payments at the prevailing revival interest rate charged by the company

Benefits in the HDFC Life Cardiac Care Policy

As per severity levels for the following 18 conditions/procedures related to the heart and have
classified them into 3 Groups – High Severity Conditions, Moderate Severity Conditions and Mild Severity Conditions.  
The benefit payable shall depend on the Group where the condition belongs to
as mentioned below:
Severity Group A (High Severity Condition) Group B (Moderate Severity Condition) Group C (Mild Severity Condition)
Benefit Payable (100% of Sum Insured) (50% of Sum Insured) (25% of Sum Insured)
Conditions or Procedures covered First Heart Attack - of Specified Severity Balloon Valvotomy or Valvuloplasty Pericardectomy
Open Chest Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery to place Ventricular Assist Devices or Total Artificial Hearts Minimally Invasive Surgery of Aorta
Open Heart Replacement or Repair of Heart Valves Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator (ICD) Angioplasty
Major Surgery of Aorta Carotid Artery Surgery Infective Endocarditis
Heart Transplant   Surgery for Cardiac Arrhythmia
Cardiomyopathy   Insertion of Pacemaker
Primary Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension   Pulmonary Thrombo Embolism 

Death Benefit:

There is no benefit payable on death of the Life Insured. On such an event, the policy shall terminate.

Maturity Benefit:

There is no maturity benefit available under this plan. The policy terminates at the end of the Policy Term. 

Surrender Benefit:

In case of regular pay option, there is no surrender value available under this plan.

In case of single pay option, surrender value paid out is calculated as

60% x (Single Premium – U/W cost) x (1 – Policy month of surrender/Policy term in months)

Tax Benefit:

You may be eligible for tax benefits under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act 1961. The above-mentioned tax-benefits are subject to changes in the tax laws. Please contact your financial advisor for more details

Eligibility Conditions in the HDFC Life Cardiac Care Policy

  Minimum Maximum
Premium Regular Pay: Rs. 357.40 Single Pay: Rs. 1,313.20 Regular Pay: Rs. 6,55,860 Single Pay: Rs.14,43,435
Sum Insured Rs. 2,00,000 Rs. 50,00,000
Entry Age (Last Birthday) 18 Years 65 Years
Age at Maturity (Last Birthday) 23 Years Single Pay: 70 years, Regular Pay: 75 years
Premium Payment Modes Single Premium, Annual, Half-yearly, Quarterly and Monthly
Policy Term Single Pay: Only 5 years, Regular Pay : 5 to 40 years

HDFC Cardiac Care Plan Covers:

A number of cardiac conditions or procedures covers under HDFC Cardiac Care Plan are
  • Keyhole or Minimally Invasive or Robotic CABG
  • Balloon Valvotomy or Valvuloplasty
  • Minimally invasive surgery of Aorta
  • Insertion of Pacemaker
  • Maze Surgery/RF Ablation
  • Insertion of ICD
  • Infective Endocarditis

If you have any questions on the HDFC Life Cardiac Care Policy, drop in a line in the comments and we will be happy to help out
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