IDBI Federal Termsurance TROP

Sample Premiums for this plan
The below illustration is for a healthy Male (non-tobacco user) opting for a Sum Assured = Rs. 10 lakhs and Policy Term = 25 years.
10 Lakhs Cover
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Death Benefit
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Maturity Benefit
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Woman discount

IDBI Federal Life Termsurance with Return of Premium Plan 

IDBI Federal Termsurance with Return of Premium plan is according to its name where the life cover is Level throughout the policy tenure and the premiums are returned on maturity. This is a variant of a term plan as there is maturity benefit along with death benefit.

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IDBI Federal Termsurance TROP - Key Features

I t is a Term Insurance Pol icy with Death Benefit and return of premiums as Maturity Benefit
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There is an option to pay for limited period and not the whole tenure for only 3 to 5 years as well and single payment option
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Woman discount and large sum assured discount is available
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IDBI Federal Termsurance TROP - Benefits

Death Benefit

if the life insured dies within the policy tenure, then the nominee gets the sum assured as Death Benefit and the policy is terminated.

Maturity Benefit

The basic premiums paid are returned on maturity and the policy is terminated.

Income Tax Benefit

 Life Insurance premiums paid up to Rs. 1,50,000 are allowed as a deduction from the taxable income each year under section 80C...


No riders are available in this policy

Eligibility conditions in Termsurance - Level Cover with Return of Premium

  Minimum Maximum
Sum Assured (in Rs.) 5,00,000 No Limit
Policy Term (in years) 10 30
Premium Payment Term (in years) Single Equal to policy term
Entry Age of Policyholder 18 65
Age at Maturity - 75
Single premium Not Specified Not Specified
Payment modes Single,  Yearly, Half-Yearly, Quarterly and Monthly

IDBI Federal Termsurance TROP - FAQs

angle right iconWhat happen if you stop paying the premium ?

If you stop paying the premiums before completion of 3 years, then the policy lapses and all benefits would stop. However, if you stop paying the premium after 3 years for 5-pay and regular pay terms, then the policy becomes paid up for a reduced sum insured on death and a reduced return of premium benefits on maturity.

angle right iconWhat happen if you want to surrender the policy ?

Option to surrender is available after 3 years only in single, 3-pay and 5-pay options only and there is no guarantee of the surrender value.

angle right iconWhat happen if you want a loan against your policy ?

Loan facility is not available under this policy.