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Max New York Life Platinum Protect

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This plan has been withdrawn by the insurance company and is no longer available for sale.


Max Life Platinum Protect Plan

Max Life Platinum Protect is a term insurance plan. It offers high life cover at low rates. An additional feature is the continuance of life cover even if you stop paying the premiums after 15 consecutive years. 


Key Features of Max Life Platinum Protect Insurance Plan


  • It is a pure Term Insurance Policy with Death Benefit only
  • After paying for 15 years, if customer chooses not to pay any more, then also reduced life coverage continues till the end of the policy term.
  • Discount is provided for female and non smokers and amazing discount for healthy non-smokers above Rs 50 Lakhs Sum Assured.
  • Additional benefit of Accidental Benefit and 10 most common Dread Disease Benefit available as rider.
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Benefits you get from Max Life Platinum Protect Insurance Policy

Death Benefit – The nominee of the policy holder would receive the Sum Assured in case of death of the policy holder.


Maturity Benefit – There are no maturity benefits under this plan as this is a pure term insurance product.


Income Tax Benefit - Premiums paid towards life insurance policies up to Rs.1,00,000 are allowed as a deduction from the taxable income each year under section 80C.



Eligibility conditions in Max Life Platinum Protect Policy





Sum Assured (in Rs.)


No Limit

Policy Term (in years)



Premium Payment Term (in years)

Equal to Policy Term

Entry Age of Policyholder



Age at Maturity



Annual Premium


No Limit

Single premium



Payment modes

Yearly, (Half-Yearly, Quarterly and Monthly - ECS)



Sample illustration of premium amount in Max Life Platinum Protect Plan


Male, Preferred Non-smoker

Policy Term of 20 years for a Sum Assured of Rs.50 lakhs

Sample premium values of Max New York Life Platinum Protect



Additional Features and Benefits of Max Life Platinum Protect Plan


Riders – Some additional benefits can be taken in the form of riders by paying extra premium


Type of Rider

Available with Policy

Personal Accident Rider


Waiver of premium benefit


Critical illness (or dread diseases) benefit


Increased death benefit / Term rider


Hospital cash benefit



Reduced Insurance Cover – This is applicable only for policies with 20, 25 or 30 year term plans. If a person stops paying the premium after 15 years, the insurance cover would  continue though with a reduced amount. See how this works with the help of this example.


Suppose the person has taken a cover of Rs. 50 lakhs with a term of 20 years. And the customer stops paying the premium after 15 years, the policy would continue for the remaining 5 years but with a lower cover which is as follows:{ [No. of premiums paid/Policy Term]% - 25%} of the Sum Assured. So it would be {(15/20)%-25%] of Sum Assured = 50% of Sum Assured. So a cover of 25 lakhs would continue till the end of the policy term even if the remainder 5 years of premiums are not paid.


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