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Raheja QBE Individual Personal Accident Insurance Policy

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Raheja Qbe Individual Personal Accident Insurance Policy Summary

Accident is an unfortunate, unintentional and unpredictable event occurring in the life of an individual which harms the person physically. In order to protect themselves from such an event, Raheja QBE Individual Personal Accident Insurance policy has come up with a personal accidental insurance consisting of various benefits. Individual Personal Accident Insurance Policy, the best personal accident insurance plan of Raheja QBE that covers the following benefits which are mentioned in the benefit section. 
Plan name Raheja QBE Individual Personal Accident insurance Policy
Policy type Personal Accident Insurance
UIN RQBPAIP21517V032021

Key Features of Raheja QBE Individual Personal Accident Insurance Policy

  • 100% payout for Accidental Death
  • 100% payout for Permanent Total Disablement
  • Maximum payout of 75% in Permanent Partial Disablement.
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Eligibility Criteria in Raheja QBE Individual Personal Accident Insurance Policy

Entry Age Minimum - 5 years
Maximum - 65 Years
Renewal Maximum - 70 Years

Benefits in Raheja QBE Individual Personal Accident Insurance Policy

Accidental death:  In case of Accidental Death of the insured, 100% of sum insured will be provided to the nominee as ‘Death Benefit’.

Permanent Total Disablement: If an insured is suffering from Permanent Total Disablement due to an accident then that person is entitled to receive 100% of the sum insured as payout. What constitutes Permanent Total Disability in this plan - Know more.

Permanent Partial Disablement:  If the insured is suffering from Permanent Partial Disablement then the payout completely depends on the severity of the disability. Know more about the payout depending on the severity levels as mentioned here.

Temporary Total Disablement: Weekly Compensation shall be provided in case of Temporary Total Disablement. Payout of 1% or Rs. 5,000 will be provided for a maximum period of 104 weeks.

Cost of Transportation of Mortal Remains and Funeral Expenses: Expenses incurred for transporting the mortal remains and funeral related expenses shall be covered in this feature. Maximum payout will be 1% or Rs. 2500 whichever is lesser.

Ambulance Cost: This feature includes expenses incurred for transporting the insured in an ambulance. Maximum payout for this feature is Rs. 1,000.

Educational Benefits: This feature is applicable in case of insured’s Accidental Death and Permanent Total Disablement. Maximum payout per dependent children will be Rs. 5,000. Company will only cover up to 2 dependent children in this list.

Hospital Daily Confinement: Daily cash benefit of Rs. 500 for accidental hospitalization is provided up to a maximum of 60 days in case of bodily injury, death or disablement.

Cumulative Bonus:  Minimum 5% and maximum of 25% of sum insured shall be added to the coverage amount in a claim free year.  For detailed information about cumulative bonus you have to Click here.

Exclusions in Raheja QBE Individual Personal Accident Insurance Policy

  • Mainly includes self-injury, suicide, venereal disease or insanity
  • Influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs or any harmful content which causes hallucination
  • Claims arising due to pregnancy or childbirth
  • Injury/death arising or resulting from the Insured committing any breach of law with criminal intent
  • Claim/losses occurring due to War and nuclear group of perils
  • Injury/death occuring while, the person is on duty with armed forces
  • Injury/death while participating in adventurous sports

Adverse situations arising from an accident are likely to occur in today’s time, in such an event one needs to be financially stable with an accidental insurance . Secure yourself and family by buying an Individual Personal Accident Insurance Policy of Raheja QBE from any misfortune because of an accident.  

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