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Can I get a loan against my term insurance plan | FAQ #30

Last Updated: Nov 30, 2017 | 1,913 Views
NO. You cannot get a loan against your term insurance plan. 

So how and when does a person get a loan against their insurance policy? Loans are provided against insurance policies which are investment oriented - where you invest your money regularly and a corpus gets built with the insurance company. The company will pay this money to you only at the time of maturity - but they will offer a loan against a small part of your savings by charging you an interest. The insurance company is actually at no risk and you get a rate of interest which is lower than what is available in the market.

Since there is no savings component at all in term insurance plan - all your money is used to provide you the life cover - there is no corpus to give you a loan.

Anyway, insurance policies should not be taken for the purpose of taking a loan against it - that is one costly move.

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