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Can you have more than one health insurance policy? | Health Insurance FAQ #29
Apr 04, 2018 | 1701 VIEWS
The quick answer to it is, Yes.

You can have any number of health insurance plans as you want. If you have 3 health insurance plans as follows:
  • 2 lakh health insurance cover bought personally from Company A
  • 3 lakh health insurance cover bought personally from Company B
  • 5 lakh health insurance cover provided by Employer

Effectively, it means that you now enjoy a 10 lakh health insurance cover.

Now of course, the real question is “How do I make claims from multiple insurance policies?”

Earlier, there were rules around using all your plans proportionally so that all insurance companies share the claim burden fairly. But all that has changed. Now it is completely upto you to decide which plans to use when making a claim. You can choose to just use any one plan or a combination of plans. For example, if you have to make a 4 lakhs claim, you can choose to just use the company provided cover. Or use the 2 lakhs from Company A and the other 2 lakhs from Company B.

The choice of plans to use when making a claim is left to you. It is recommended that you use the employer provided plan in most cases as the No-claims bonus will not get impacted in your personal plans.

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If you have any question on how to use more than 1 health insurance plan, drop a comment and we will get back to you with our thoughts.

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