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Expenses covered under Hospitalisation Expenses in a health insurance plan. | Health Insurance FAQ #30
Apr 04, 2018 | 1385 VIEWS
A health insurance policy is taken to cover any medical requirement of yours in case it requires at least 24 hours of hospitalisation. Most health insurance plans cover the following in addition to other benefits:
  • Pre-hospitalisation expenses
  • Hospitalisation expenses or In-patient treatment expenses
  • Post-hospitalisation expenses

Of this the biggest cost is incurred in the hospital. So it comes under the head of “Hospitalisation expenses or In-patient treatment expenses”. So what is covered under this head?

All medical expenses incurred while the patient is admitted for the treatment are covered under this head. They include the following:
  • Room rent and boarding expenses
  • Nursing fees
  • ICU rent and fees
  • Medical Practitioner fees
  • Anaesthesia, blood, oxygen, operation theatre charges, surgical appliances charges
  • Medicines, drugs and consumables expenses
  • Cost of any prosthetic, device or equipment implanted internally during surgery

These are the broad heads which cover almost all expenses which you incur in case of hospitalisation. Please read up a document called the “Policy wordings” of your policy to know any variations from the list mentioned here.

Oh and please remember the following when making a claim:
  • You need to be hospitalised for at least 24 hours 
  • The hospital should have at least 10 in-patient beds for cities having a population of less than 10 lakhs. In other cities, it should have at least 15 in-patient beds.

If you are looking to buy a health insurance plan for your family, you should compare features of health plans before buying.

If you have any questions on this topic, please drop a comment below and we will get back to you.

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