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What is Domiciliary Treatment in a health insurance policy? | Health Insurance FAQ #25
Feb 12, 2018 | 625 VIEWS
Again all health insurance policies cover a head called as Domiciliary Treatment. This refers to treatment taken at home and not in a hospital. Yes, the name could have been made simpler!

Health insurance plans insist on a 24 hour hospitalisation to cover the hospitalisation expenses of the treatment. This condition is waived for the below 2 conditions:
  • In case the patient is not in a condition to be moved to the hospital
  • There are no rooms available in the hospital

Now in such a scenario, the treatment would be done at home and it is called as “Domiciliary Treatment” or “Domiciliary Hospitalisation”. So the treatment at home is covered under the policy and the 24 hours claused is waived off.

In case you have any queries on this, do drop a comment and we will get back to you.

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