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What will happen if death occurs within 1 year of purchasing a term plan? | FAQ #23
Nov 09, 2017 | 509 VIEWS
Genuine claims will be honoured even if death happens even a day after taking a life insurance policy. No one knows what is going to happen in future and that’s exactly why one takes life insurance.

However, if death happens within 3 years of taking a life insurance policy some red flags are raised at the insurers end. Insurance covers will then do a much detailed investigation to figure out the nature and reason of death. Basically the insurer will try to ascertain if there is any kind of fraud involved. Was the policy taken purely to avail the claim benefits and all facts were not properly declared? Was the health declaration correct at the time of taking the plan? 

To sum it up - expect a more detailed investigation in case of an early death. That apart, there is no need to worry if the death happens anytime after taking the policy.

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