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What is Maternity Insurance?

Maternity Insurance is a type of health insurance cover which comes with coverage for maternity related expenses. The costs incurred on hospitalisation for the delivery of the baby is covered. The coverage even extends to pre and post natal expenses which are incurred. Most plans offer new-born baby cover also. Additionally these plans offer all other benefits offered by a standard health insurance plan.

Why do you Need Maternity Insurance?

The birth of a child comes with unbridled joy but also increases the expenses of the household. Having a maternity insurance plan ensures that your expenses related to the delivery of the baby are taken care of. It can be a huge relief at a time when your expenses are bound to increase drastically.

Best Maternity Insurance Plans in India

Some of the health insurance plans which provide maternity cover are as follows:

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Niva Bupa Health
niva bupa logo
ABHI Activ Health
Platinum Enhanced
aditya birla health logo
Bajaj Allianz Health
aditya birla health logo
Star Health Women
star logo
Oriental Insurance
Happy Family Floater
oriental insurance logo
New India Assurance
Premier Mediclaim
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ICICI Lombard Health
icici lombard logo
Cholamandalam MS
Health Line
chola ms logo
Go Digit Health
Care Plus
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Future Generali
Health Total
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Zuno Health
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Kotak Mahindra
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SBI Arogya
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Benefits of maternity health insurance

Maternity expenses
Covers both normal and /
caesarean deliveries
New-born baby
Pre & Post natal
Pre & Post
hospitalisation cover
Day care treatment
Income tax

Factors to consider while buying a maternity health insurance policy

  • How much maternity cover is being provided?
  • Whether more than one child is covered?
  • Are new-born baby expenses covered?
  • What are the other benefits of the plan?
  • What is the waiting period for the maternity benefit?
  • What are the exclusions in the plan?

Eligibility criteria for maternity health insurance

  • Minimum entry age of 18 years
  • Maximum entry age of 45 years
  • Most plans cover up to 2 deliveries
  • Most plans will have a waiting period

Maternity & New-born Cover with Health Insurance

Health insurance plans with maternity benefits cover the medical expenses of the new-born baby for a period of 90 days. This period can vary from policy to policy. After this period, you will have to include the baby as an additional member in the policy to enjoy benefits.

When to Purchase Maternity Health Insurance?

It is advisable to buy a maternity health insurance plan a few years before your plan to have a baby. This is important for 2 reasons:

  • Most health insurance plans will have a waiting period to provide maternity benefits
  • Some standard health insurance plans may not cover you if you are already into a few months of pregnancy

FAQs on Maternity Insurance

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What is the process to make a claim in maternity insurance?

Cashless Claims

Step 1 -
Choose a network hospital to avail treatment
Step 2 -
Inform the insurer about the hospitalisation
Step 3 -
Fill up with pre-authorisation form with details of treatment
Step 4 -
Wait for the insurance company to approve the claim
Step 5 -
The insurance company or their TPA will coordinate the rest with the hospital
In case the hospitalisation is unplanned, the same process needs to be followed at the insurance desk of the hospital.

Reimbursement Claims

You are making the payment at the hospital and then you need to send documents to the insurance company to get your claim processed.
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What documents are required to raise a claim for maternity insurance?

  • Policy documents
  • ID Proof
  • Pre-authorisation form
  • Discharge Form from the hospitals
  • Details of all treatment at the hospital
  • Details of all pre and post hospitalisation expenses if you wish to claim them
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What are the exclusions in Maternity Insurance Plans?

  • Pregnancy within the waiting period is not covered
  • Cost of infertility treatments
  • Cost of food supplements and tonics which are not part of the treatment