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What is a Money Back Insurance Plan?

Money Back Insurance Policies help us to plan our finances in a very systematic way by guaranteeing a regular flow of income at fixed stages in our lives. By providing an insurance cover, a regular income, tax benefits and bonuses, Money Back Plans serve as a secure and safe investment decision. These plans are very good for conservative investors who are looking for good returns but with an element of guarantee and above mentioned benefits.

A Money Back Insurance Policy can be used effectively to plan for your child's higher education or marriage, purchase a car or even to pay the down-payment for your dream house. By investing small amounts every year, you can be rest assured that you will receive a large sum of money every 5 years. It works like your small piggy bank in which you keep making small investments.

These plans at times also offer Guaranteed Additions and Annual Bonuses which add to the money back amount every year. All these benefits, along with the Tax Benefits make it a great insurance + investment tool to have in your portfolio.

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