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Single Trip: Refers to a single to and fro trip from India. It could include multiple destinations after departure from India.
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What is Travel Insurance?

How often do you travel? Do you travel across the globe? Are you a globetrotter? Do you keep one bag eternally packed with your basic necessities because you might have to travel at any time? Your business trips only come at the last minute without much warning?

Well, in this case have you ever had a problem like:

  • Your baggage was misplaced?
  • Your passport was stolen?
  • You missed your connecting flight because the previous one was delayed?
  • You had to be admitted into a hospital while holidaying in Dubai?
  • Someone from your office met with a fatal accident during your business trip to London?
  • Your trip had to be cancelled due to bad weather and you suffered a loss at the flight and hotel reservation?

Travel Insurance has the solution to the all above problems. Travel Insurance means insuring the risks of having a financial loss or a medical emergency while traveling. In case of a medical emergency, your travel insurance will pay for the medical expenses incurred while undergoing treatment abroad. You do not have to worry about the exorbitant medical bills which will taken care of by the insurance company. There are other benefits of cash allowance for delayed flights and loss of baggage, theft of your belongings etc. It pretty much covers all the standard risks involved while traveling abroad.

What are the different types of Travel Insurance?

Single trip

This is for ONE single trip to and from from India. The moment you return from your trip to India, the policy is validity is over. An example of single trip could be a leaving India for a trip to Singapore, traveling to Thailand from Singapore and then returning from Singapore or Thailand to India.

Annual multi-trip

This is more for a frequent traveler who makes multiple trips throughout the year. It is ideal for businessmen who make more than one trip in a year to specific locations. You can make as multiple trips to an fro from India within the period of ONE year.

Student travel

This is for students who are going abroad for education. A lot of universities insist on student travel insurance as the cost of medical expenses while studying in a foreign university can be quite a large sum for a student. In fact, student travel insurance is strongly recommended even if the university you are going to does not insist on it. While on an extended stay, the chances of falling ill or of a medical emergency can be quite high. This also offer some other benefits like visit of emergency family visit, bail bonds on tuition fees etc.

Major Benefits in a Travel Insurance Policy

These are some of the common benefits provided in an overseas travel insurance policy. This list is not exhaustive and the features may vary from plan to plan.

Medical Treatment

Costs incurred in treatment of a medical condition, in-patient or out-patient and the costs of transportation to a medical facility are covered.

Dental Treatment

The dental treatment costs involved in providing pain relief are covered in the plan.

Medical Evacuation

In case of the insured person needs to be moved from one location to another to provide some specific kind of treatment, the costs involved would be covered.

Hospital Daily Allowance

A cash allowance is paid for each day of hospitalisation. This is usually for the miscellaneous expenses which are incurred.

Balance Treatment back in India

In case the insured person comes back to India and needs to treatment for the same medical condition, the costs are borne by the policy for a specified period of say 30 days.

Total Loss of Checked-in Baggage

In case your baggage is permanently lost by the airline, the costs involved in purchasing the new items would be covered by the policy.

Delay of Checked-in baggage

In case your baggage is delayed, the costs involved in purchasing essential items and any medication involved would be covered by the policy.

Loss of Passport

In case your passport in lost, the costs involved in procuring a fresh passport would be covered.

Financial Emergency Cash

In case you lose your purse or the money you are carrying due to theft, a specified amount of cash would be made available to you.

Repatriation of mortal remains

In case of death of the policyholder, the costs involved in transporting the mortal remains to India would be covered.

Personal Liability

Any personal liability incurred such a damage of property, body injury caused or third party death would be covered.

Personal Accident

In case of an accident to the airline, a lumpsum amount would be paid out.

Trip Delay

If the airline is delayed for more than 24 hours, an amount is paid out to the policyholder.

Trip Cancellation & Curtailment

In case the trip is cancelled or curtailed for unavoidable reasons which are listed in the policy, the travel and accommodation expenses are covered.

Hijack Allowance

A daily allowance is paid to the policyholder in case of an hijack for more than a specified period.

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