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What is Two Wheeler Insurance?

Two wheeler insurance provides protection to your bike in case of any accidental damage or theft. It also covers any damage which may be caused to someone else due to any accident involving your bike. Third party insurance is mandatory as per law.

Reasons to Buy/Renew Bike Insurance Online

  • Instant policy issuance
  • You can get the cheapest premiums by comparing across companies
  • Select the best features from multiple insurance companies
  • Instant renewal at best rates with just a few clicks

Types of Bike Insurance Plans in India

There are 2 types of insurance which you can take for your bike.

Third party cover only

Better known as TP insurance, this covers the damage which you may cause to someone else - their life, property or vehicle. This component of insurance is mandatory as per law and you should have this.

Comprehensive cover

This is a combination of TP and Own Damage (OD) Cover. In addition to the TP cover, the OD component will protect your own vehicle in case of damage or theft.

Benefits of Two Wheeler Insurance

Be on the right side of law
Third party insurance is mandatory as per law. Avoid getting into problematic situations by taking a two wheeler insurance for your bike.
Protection against theft
In case your bike is stolen, the insurance company will compensate you for the financial loss.
Protection against damage
In case of any accidental damage to your bike, the insurance company will bear the expenses of repair, saving your money and keeping your bike in the best condition.

Add-On Covers for Two Wheeler Insurance Policy

Zero depreciation

Whenever parts need replacement, the insurance company will only pay for the depreciated value and the balance will need to be paid by you. With this add-on cover, the complete price of the new replaced part will be borne by the insurer.

Roadside Assistance

In case you are stuck in some place and your bike will just not start, this cover will provide assistance in the form of towing, puncture repair, minor repairs or emergency fuel.

Engine Protection Cover

In case the engine is damaged due to oil leakages, natural calamities or water seepage, this cover will provide the added protection.

Accessories Cover

You can additionally cover any accessories fitted on your bike.

Return to Invoice cover

In case of theft or total damage of your bike, this cover will provide the price mentioned in the invoice rather than the depreciated value of the vehicle.

Tyre Damage Cover

In case of damage to your tyre, this cover will bear the cost of replacement.

NCB Protection Cover

Normally you are eligible for a no-claims bonus only if you do not make a claim in your policy. With this add-on cover, you will get the no-claim bonus discount even if you have made a claim in the policy.

Key Loss Cover

In case you lose the key to your bike, you will not have to bear the expenses, which sometimes goes to a few thousand rupees. With this cover, the cost of key replacement is borne by the insurance company.

How to Renew Two Wheeler Insurance Policy Online?

Renewing your bike insurance is a fairly quick and simple process. You can visit our site and get it instantly renewed.

  • Step 1 - Input details of your bike
  • Step 2 - Input details of your last insurance policy
  • Step 3 - Get quoted from multiple insurers. You can easily port from one insurer to another at the time
  • Step 4 - Select the insurer of your choice
  • Step 5 - Fill the KYC details
  • Step 6 - Make payment
  • Step 7 - Get the policy instantly

Factors Affecting Two Wheeler Insurance Premium

Make / Model / Variant
of your bike
The price of your
The age of your
claims history
Zone / City of
being covered
Any Add-on

Which Two Wheeler Insurance Policy Cover suits you best?

For most people, the choice of bike insurance boils down to price and the brand - they do not look beyond that. However, there are a few other factors which you want to consider. The wide array of attractive add-on covers which are available could influence your decision - most insurance companies offer a few add-ons and not all of them. Then the list of cashless network garages in your area could influence the choice of insurance policy.

Components of your Bike Insurance Premium

Own Damage Premium (OD)
Basic OD




NCB as a % of above


Add-on covers opted


Sum of OD - A


Third Party Premium (TP)
Basic TP


PA cover to Owner-driver


PA cover for unnamed passengers


Legal liability cover for paid driver


Sum of TP - B


Sum of both A + B


GST @ 18%


Total Premium (in ₹)


*This is just a sample premium

Tips to lower your Two Wheeler Insurance Premium

  • Avoid claiming for small expenses
  • Drive safely and avoid claims, get higher No-Claims Bonus
  • Renew your policy on time - do not let it lapse
  • Take only essential covers - avoid unnecessary add-on covers
  • Opt for a higher voluntary deductible, if you have a history of not making claims

Second-hand Bike Insurance Online

Second-hand bikes can also be renewed online just like any other bike. There is no change in the process. You should have the bike transferred to your name on the RC book after which you can search for premiums from different bike insurance companies to insure your bike. The policy issuance will be instant.

Documents required to avail Bike Insurance Online

You should have the following documents with you while buying your bike insurance.

Registration Book or Card

Details of previous insurance policy

KYC document

Why should you Renew Expired Bike Insurance immediately?

Insurance renewal should always be done on time. While some companies do offer seamless renewal within a certain period of lapsation, it should not be taken for granted. The insurance company may insist on a physical inspection of the bike in case of a lapsed policy. They may then insist on getting all the small scratches and damages to your bike fixed at your expenses before they provide the coverage. Hence, always renew your bike insurance on time.

Two Wheeler Insurance Claim Settlement Process

In case of damage to your vehicle, the following steps needs to be followed:

  • Step 1 - Inform the insurance company about the incident
  • Step 2 - Arrange to get the bike to the service centre. In case you have opted for Roadside assistance, you can ask the insurance company to arrange for a towing facility.
  • Step 3 - The insurance company will send a surveyor who will assess the damage and the price to fix the same.
  • Step 4 - In case it is a network garage of the insurance company, a cashless claim is possible. In case it is not a network garage, you will have to pay the garage and then claim reimbursement from the insurance company.

FAQs on Two Wheeler Insurance

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What is NCB in Bike Insurance?

All insurance companies reward customers who do not make claims as it saves them money. To encourage this behaviour, they offer discounts as high as 50% of the Own Damage premiums. This can result in substantial savings in premiums. This discount is called the No-Claim Bonus or NCB.
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What is IDV in Bike Insurance?

IDV stands for Insured Declared Value. It is the value of the vehicle which is being insured. In case of a new vehicle it is the cost of the new vehicle. This is the maximum amount which the insurance company will need to pay. The bike insurance premium depends on the IDV value. As the age of the vehicle increases, the IDV decreases.
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What is Covered Under Two Wheeler Insurance Policy?

In a Third Party only policy, the damage caused by your vehicle to others is covered. This is a legal requirement and is compulsory to have. The Own Damage component of your policy, covers the damage caused to your bike. You can also take a Comprehensive policy which is a combination of both Third Party & Own Damage cover.
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What is Not Covered Under Two Wheeler Insurance Policy?

  • Not having a valid driving licence
  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Not following traffic rules
  • Electrical or mechanical failures
  • Damage due to war, terrorism, radioactivity & natural calamities
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How to Claim Two Wheeler Insurance Online?

While companies are investing a lot to completely digitise the claim process. Not all companies are ready to cover the entire claims experience digitally. While the claim can be registered online, the assessment part is not fully digital. The payment part is completely digital.
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What is Compulsory Deductible in Bike Insurance?

For bikes, the compulsory deductible is currently fixed at Rs. 100. For every claim that is made, you will have to pay this amount and the insurance company will bear the rest depending on the policy features.
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What is Voluntary Deductible in Bike Insurance?

You can choose to pay a percentage of the claim amount. In lieu of this the insurance company will offer a discount on your insurance premium. This is useful for those who are fairly certain that they will not make claims and hence would like to save on insurance premiums.