Ageas Federal Life Insurance launches Super Cash Plan for regular income and security.

Ageas Federal Life Insurance Super Cash Plan is a non-linked, participating savings plan for retail customers.

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Last Updated - November 23, 2023
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Ageas Federal Life Insurance (AFLI) has announced the launch of ‘Ageas Federal Life Insurance Super Cash Plan’ – a non-linked, participating savings plan for retail customers. This plan offers a combination of immediate liquidity and financial stability for the family, making it an efficient option for people seeking a stable income as well as financial protection, the insurer said in a statement.

“We are thrilled to introduce the Ageas Federal Life Insurance Super Cash Plan which is set to offer a realm of SUPER benefits for your family’s security and prosperity. Moreover, the plan starts providing you returns as soon as the first policy month itself, making it a smart solution for your financial needs,” said Vighnesh Shahane, MD & CEO of Ageas Federal Life Insurance.

“We aim to address the diverse needs of our policyholders through this plan, which can be tailored to their unique financial requirements, thus allowing them to live #FutureFearless,” Shahane added.

The plan offers immediate liquidity through regular income which could start as early as the first month of the policy, depending on when the policyholder has opted to receive returns. Additionally, the plan provides guaranteed boosters after every fifth policy year designed to enhance savings. The policyholder also receives a lumpsum maturity benefit at the end of the policy term.

Ageas Federal’s Super Cash Plan further offers the following benefits:

  • Save The Date – This feature allows the policyholders to defer Survival Benefit payouts to a chosen special date.
  • Uninterrupted Income Benefit (UIB) – This is an optional benefit to waive off any future premiums due after the unfortunate demise of the life assured. A lumpsum benefit is immediately paid to the nominee plus the policy benefits continue and are paid as per schedule.
  • Premium Offset – This is another optional benefit where the policyholder has the option of utilizing the survival benefits to offset the premiums due during the premium payment term.
  • Exclusive Benefits for Females – With an aim to drive life insurance penetration, the plan offers female purchasers, an increase of up to 12% on the sum assured on maturity depending on the premium payment term.
  • Rebate on High Sum Assured or Premium – Policyholders are offered additional benefits, especially if the annualized premium exceeds Rs. 3 lakh.

Ageas Federal Life Insurance comes with Immediate Income and SUPER benefits is a plan that suits every life stage. It could help with your regular expenses, help in building a corpus for life goals and lets you save regularly.

The plan also offers possible tax savings on premiums paid and benefits received, which adds to its attractiveness. It is advisable to consult your tax advisor to determine the tax benefits applicable to you.

Disclaimer: The above content is for informational purposes only, based on a press release by Ageas Federal Life Insurance. Please read the offer document carefully and consult a financial advisor before buying any insurance policy.

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