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Beware of fraud people posing as insurance agents

Last Updated: Jul 27, 2012 | 1275 Views

Few days ago, the New Delhi Police have arrested three teenage boys who were posing as LIC agents and siphoning off money from people.

Three youths namely Gaurav Sharma (19), Kishan Kumar (19) and Gagan Singh (23) have been posing as LIC agents and offering attractive insurance schemes. They would usually target the senior citizens and ask for a nominal amount of premium. They used some kind of magic pen to fill the details of payee name on the cheque, whereby the ink disappears after few minutes. They would then change the name on cheque favouring to their account and then extract the money.

In one instance they collected a cheque of Rs.200 from a person, who later was shocked to find out that Rs.90,000 was withdrawn from his account vide that cheque. 


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