Insurance for Shiv Sena party workers

Insurance and politics seems like a rare combination but believe it or not Shiv Sena has insured its party workers with a mediclaim policy for the lower level office

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Last Updated - May 26, 2023
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Insurance and politics seem like a rare combination but believe it or not, Shiv Sena has insured its party workers with a mediclaim policy for the lower-level office bearers as well.

On the occasion of son Aditya Thackeray’s birthday, who is also Yuva Sena Head, Shiv Sena Executive President Uddhav Thackeray distributed close to Rs 1.5 crores among the party workers for health insurance policies.

“This is part of our initiative to ensure the welfare of our party men, who offer their unstinted support and services in every single circumstance. Such measures help strengthen the bond between the party leaders and the party workers,” said Shiv Sena zonal chief Advocate Anil Parab.

This is the party’s way of assuring their members that in case of any untoward incident, their medical bills will be taken care of. The move has probably come in the wake of medical bills incurred by the party in the past and in anticipation of any future incidents.

Sandip Naik, and Shakha Pramukh have arranged for the hefty sum which was distributed by Sena Executive President Uddhav Thackeray. He said that the premiums are extremely affordable at the shakha level.

In case the party workers run into any sort of violence or incur any injuries, the mediclaim cover will take care of their hospital bills.

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