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L&T Insurance launches their first health insurance policy

Last Updated: Oct 13, 2011 | 4413 Views

L&T Insurance Company, the latest entrant in the non-life insurance space, launched their new comprehensive health insurance policy “my health Medisure Prime Insurance Policy”.New policy - my health Medisure Prime Insurance
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Medisure Prime Insurance is a good health insurance policy that offers a unique combination of hosptalisation and critical illness benefit to cater to the various health needs of a customer. In addition to the basic features of any standard health insurance plan, my health Medisure Prime Insurance Policy offers additional benefits like double Sum Insured for treatment of a Critical Illness like Cancer, Stroke, First Heart Attack etc.

Keeping in mind the variation in healthcare costs across different locations, the company decides the premium amount. For instance, the treatment cost for an illness may be higher in metros like Mumbai, Delhi whereas it may be much lower in places like Surat, Ahmedabad etc. So if a customer belongs to a city where the treatment costs are lower then he will have to pay a lower premium.

Commenting on the new launch, Joydeep Roy, CEO, L&T General Insurance said, "We have cashless hospitalization available across the country with response time commitment. Our policy also provides features like fully paid pre-policy check-up at the comfort of the customer's home and many more customer friendly features and services to make sure that the terms are understood and claims are hassle-free".

Other benefits of “my health Medisure Prime Insurance Policy” are:

. Reinstatement of Sum Insured in case of hospitalisation due to an Accident: During the policy term, if the entire Sum Insured gets used up and there is a second hospitalisation due to an accident; then the Sum Insured on the policy is reinforced

. Lump-sum recovery benefit of Rs 10,000 for more than 10 continuous days of hospitalisation

. Maternity and New Born Baby Cover

. Two year Policy option

. Instant Policy Issuance: For individuals under 45 years of age with no adverse medical history

. No sub-limits under various heads like surgery, room rent, cost of medicines etc

Unlike other standard health plans, “my health Medisure Prime Insurance Policy” promises to offer a lot more such as double Sum Insured on Critical Illness and restoration of the used up Sum Insured in case of hospitalisation due to accident. 

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