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New dental insurance policy coming your way

Last Updated: Sep 29, 2011 | 2608 Views

If you look closely at the exclusions listed in any health insurance policy document, you will realize that health insurance policies do not cover dental treatments unless it requires hospitalisation, and there are companies which completely rule out any and all dental or oral treatments.  

Customers in India want a variety of policies that can cater to their specific needs. Star Health Insurance Company has decided to launch yet another unique standalone dental insurance policy in a month. The company is already a pioneer in the health insurance space being the only insurance company to launch a policy for HIV-infected patients in India. Apart from this Star Health Insurance also launched an innovative plan for diabetic patients called Diabetes Safe.
Star Unique Health Insurance Policy is also another offering which reduces the wait time on pre-existing diseases from the average 48 months on most policies to only 11 months.

The new dental insurance policy will cover day care procedures at select network of dental clinics that the company will have tie-ups with. The company is working on the finer details like pricing etc before they unveil this one-of-a-kind product in the markets.

S. Sundaresan, Executive Director of Star Health Insurance Company said, “We will tie up with over 1,000 dentists. We are working on standards and eligibility norms for dentists to participate in the initiative.”

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