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Now Term Plans provide Benefit in Increasing Monthly Installments to keep abreast with Inflation

Last Updated: Apr 05, 2018 | 1361 Views

In tune with the recent trend of Online Term Plans, Max Life Insurance Company has also launched their first Online Term Plan but with a difference!

Max Life Online Term Plan provides the option of choosing from any of the 3 possible Death Benefit covers like:

Max Life Online Term Plan


· Lumpsum Payment on death, 

·  Lumpsum Payment for Immediate Need + Regular Monthly Income for monthly family need as well as


·  Lumpsum Payment for Immediate Need + Increasing Monthly Income in tune with the ever growing inflation

With rise in affordability, competition and lower distribution costs with no agent’s commission payouts, Term Plans have become a new trend setter in the Insurance Industry. The vanilla Online Term Plans are now being replaced with innovations like the one Max Life has recently launched.

Thus, the Monthly Income Option has been a boon to the high Income Tax Slabs and it has been done to avoid the same altogether.

To know more about Max Life Online Term Plan, click here.

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