List of Major Surgeries covered in LIC Jeevan Arogya Plan

A significant benefit of the LIC Jeevan Arogya Policy is the Major Surgical Benefit (MSB) which offers a lumpsum payment in case any of the members covered in the plan undergoes significant surgery.

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Last Updated - May 12, 2023
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A significant benefit of the LIC Jeevan Arogya Policy is the Major Surgical Benefit (MSB) which offers a lumpsum payment in case any of the members covered in the plan undergoes significant surgery. Let us understand this benefit before going through the list of Major Surgeries and

Major Surgical Benefit (MSB)

In case of a major surgery during the policy period, an amount equal to 100 times the initial HCB selected will be paid to the policyholder as part of this benefit. So the payouts for MSB will be as follows:

Initial Hospital Cash Benefit( HCB) SelectedMajor Surgical Benefit (MSB)
Rs. 1,000 per dayRs. 1,00,000
Rs. 2,000 per dayRs. 2,00,000
Rs. 3,000 per dayRs. 3,00,000
Rs. 4,000 per dayRs. 4,00,000

The list of Major Surgeries is divided into Category 1, Category 2, Category 3, and Category 4. You will be paid only a % of the total MSB as shown below:

Category of Surgery% of MSB to be Paid
Category 1100%
Category 260%
Category 340%
Category 420%

Example: In case you have opted for an HCB of Rs. 2,000 per day, the MSB will work out to Rs. 2,00,000. Now you will get the following payouts in case of a Major Surgery.

Category of Major SurgeryPayout
Category 1Rs. 2,00,000
Category 2Rs. 1,20,000
Category 3Rs. 80,000
Category 4Rs. 40,000

So here is the list of 140 Major Surgeries which are eligible for the payout and the Category of these Surgeries which will determine the amount of payment you will receive.

#List of Major Surgeries Category% of MSBSum Assured
ICardiovascular System
1Major Surgery of the AortaCategory 1100%
2CABG (two or more coronary arteries must be bypassed) via open chest surgeryCategory 1100%
3Heart Valve Replacement using a mechanical prosthesisCategory 1100%
4Heart/Heart-Lung TransplantCategory 1100%
5Aortic root transplantation with coronary artery reimplantation for proximal aortic aneurysmCategory 1100%
6Pericardiotomy / PericardectomyCategory 260%
7Initial implantation of a permanent pacemaker in the heartCategory 260%
8Mitral valve repairCategory 260%
9Aortic valve repairCategory 260%
10Tricuspid valve repairCategory 260%
11Pulmonary valve repairCategory 260%
12Coronary Angioplasty with stent implantation (two or more coronary arteries must be stented)Category 340%
13Major vein repair with or without grafting for traumatic & nontraumatic lesionsCategory 340%
IIHaemic & Lymphatic System
14Bone marrow transplant (as the recipient)Category 1100%
15Major excision and grafting of LymphoedemaCategory 260%
16SplenectomyCategory 260%
IIINervous System
17Repair of Cerebral or Spinal Arterio- Venous Malformations or aneurysmsCategory 1100%
18Craniotomy for malignant Cerebral tumorsCategory 1100%
19Excision of the pineal glandCategory 1100%
20Excision of the pituitary glandCategory 1100%
21Craniotomy for non-malignant space-occupying lesionsCategory 260%
22Operations on the Surbaracahnoid space of the brainCategory 260%
23Intracranial transaction of Cranial nerveCategory 260%
24Other operations on the meninges of the BrainCategory 260%
25Microvascular decompression of cranial nerves/neurectomyCategory 260%
26Craniotomy for drainage of extradural, subdural, or intracerebral spaceCategory 340%
27Decompression surgery for Entrapment SyndromeCategory 340%
28Unilateral or Bilateral sympathectomyCategory 340%
29Peripheral nerve GraftCategory 340%
30Free Fascia Graft for Facial Nerve ParalysisCategory 340%
31Excision of deep-seated peripheral nerve tumorCategory 340%
32Multiple Microsurgical Repair of digital nerveCategory 340%
33Bur-hole Drainage of Extradural, subdural or intracerebral spaceCategory 420%
IVRespiratory System
34Lung TransplantationCategory 1100%
35Unilateral PneumonectomyCategory 260%
36Diaphragmatic/Hiatus Hernia RepairCategory 260%
37ThoracotoplastyCategory 260%
38Open Lobectomy of LungCategory 260%
39Excision of benign mediastinal lesionsCategory 260%
40Partial Extirpation of BronchusCategory 260%
41Partial PharyngectomyCategory 260%
42Total PharyngectomyCategory 260%
43Total LaryngectomyCategory 260%
44Excision of Diaphragmatic tumorsCategory 260%
45Pleurectomy or Pleural decorticationCategory 340%
46Tracheal reconstruction for various lesionsCategory 340%
VDigestive System
47Excision of the esophagus and stomachCategory 1100%
48Abdominal-Perineal Pull-Through Resection of the rectum with Colo-Anal AnastomosisCategory 1100%
49Total excision of the esophagusCategory 260%
50Total excision of stomachCategory 260%
51Resection and Anastomosis of any part of the digestive tractCategory 340%
52Open Surgery for the treatment of Peptic UlcerCategory 340%
53Artificial opening into the stomachCategory 420%
VIEndocrine System
54Complete excision of Adrenal glandsCategory 260%
55Complete excision of the Thyroid glandCategory 260%
56Complete excision of Parathyroid glandCategory 260%
57Partial excision of Adrenal glandsCategory 340%
58Partial excision of the Thyroid glandCategory 340%
59Partial excision of Parathyroid glandCategory 340%
60Total ear amputation with reconstructionCategory 260%
61Transmastoid removal cholesteatoma with extended MastoidectomyCategory 260%
62Total Nasal Reconstruction due to Traumatic lesionsCategory 260%
63Labyrinthotmy for various lesionsCategory 340%
64Wide excision and Major reconstruction of malignant Oro-pharyngeal tumorsCategory 260%
65Total GlossectomyCategory 340%
66Wide local Excision for oral leukoplakiaCategory 420%
67Orbit Tumour Exenteration /Flap reconstructionCategory 340%
68Corneal or Retinal Repair for Traumatic eye injuriesCategory 420%
69Penetrating injuries of the eye or repair of a ruptured globeCategory 420%
XLiver, Gall Bladder & Pancreas
70Liver TransplantationCategory 1100%
71Partial Resection of LiverCategory 260%
72Partial PancreatectomyCategory 260%
73Cholecystectomy/Choledochotomy for various Gall bladder lesionsCategory 340%
XIMusculoskeletal System (Due to accident only)
74Replantation of upper limbCategory 260%
75Replantation of lower limbCategory 260%
76Total prosthetic replacement of hip joint using cementCategory 340%
77Total prosthetic replacement of hip joint not using cementCategory 340%
78Another total prosthetic replacement of the hip jointCategory 340%
79Total prosthetic replacement of knee joint using cementCategory 340%
80Total prosthetic replacement of knee joint not using cementCategory 340%
81Other total prosthetic replacement of knee jointCategory 340%
82Total prosthetic replacement of other joints using cementCategory 340%
83Total prosthetic replacement of other joints not using cementCategory 340%
84Other total prosthetic replacements of other jointsCategory 340%
85Prosthetic replacement of the head of the femur using cementCategory 340%
86Prosthetic replacement of the head of the femur not using cementCategory 340%
87Other prosthetic replacement of the head of the femurCategory 340%
88Prosthetic replacement of the head of the humerus using cementCategory 340%
89Prosthetic replacement of the head of the humerus not using cementCategory 340%
90Other prosthetic replacement of the head of the humerusCategory 340%
91Prosthetic replacement of any other bone using cementCategory 340%
92Prosthetic replacement of any other bone not using cementCategory 340%
93Other prosthetic replacements of any other boneCategory 340%
94Prosthetic interposition reconstruction of the jointCategory 340%
95Other interposition reconstruction of the jointCategory 340%
96Excision reconstruction of the jointCategory 340%
97Other reconstruction of the jointCategory 340%
98Implantation of a prosthesis for the limbCategory 340%
99Amputation of armCategory 340%
100Amputation of legCategory 340%
101Fixation of fracture of the spineCategory 340%
102Elevation, Exploration, and Fixation of fractured ZygomaCategory 340%
103Amputation of handCategory 420%
104Amputation of footCategory 420%
105Therapeutic endoscopic operations on the cavity of the knee jointCategory 420%
106Replantation of a finger following traumatic amputationCategory 420%
107Surgical Drainage and Curettage for osteomyelitisCategory 420%
XIIOro-Maxillofacial Surgery
108Major reconstructive oro-maxillofacial surgery due to trauma or burns and not for cosmetic purposeCategory 260%
109Osteotomy including segmental resection with bone grafting for Mandibular and maxillary lesionsCategory 260%
XIIIKidney / Urinary Tract / Reproductive System
110Renal transplant (recipient)Category 1100%
111Hysterectomy for malignant conditionsCategory 260%
112Radical prostatovesiculectomyCategory 260%
113Microvascular reattachment of penis following traumatic amputationCategory 260%
114Total nephrectomy due to medical advice (not as a transplant donor)Category 340%
115Partial excision of kidneyCategory 340%
116Open extirpation of lesion of kidneyCategory 340%
117Excision of ureterCategory 340%
118Total excision of bladderCategory 340%
119Kidney injury repairCategory 340%
120Pyeloplasty/Ureterocalcycostomy for pelvic ureteric junction obstructionCategory 340%
121Amputation of penisCategory 340%
122Excision of vaginaCategory 340%
123Unilateral or Bilateral excision of adnexa of the uterusCategory 340%
124Partial excision of bladderCategory 420%
125Therapeutic ureteroscopic operations on the ureterCategory 420%
126Urinary diversionCategory 420%
127Replantation of ureterCategory 420%
128Unilateral or Bilateral excision of testesCategory 420%
129Other operations on Scrotum and tunica vaginalis testisCategory 420%
130Reconstruction of the testisCategory 420%
131Open surgical excision and destruction of prostate tissueCategory 420%
132Extirpation of lesion of vulvaCategory 420%
133Excision of vulvaCategory 420%
XIVOperations on the sinuses
134Operations on the frontal sinusCategory 340%
135Operations on maxillary antrum using sublabial approachCategory 420%
136Radical MastectomyCategory 260%
137Malignant soft tissue tumor excision and reconstructionCategory 340%
138Excision and Major Flap Repair of skin and Subcutaneous tissue due to Major BurnsCategory 340%
139Simple MastectomyCategory 420%
140TIPS procedure for portal HypertensionCategory 420%

Understand the plan in detail – Review of the LIC Jeevan Arogya Plan.

Do drop in a comment, if there is any clarification you would want on this plan.

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