HDFC Ergo Health Easy Health

HDFC Ergo Health Easy Health Insurance Policy is a basic health insurance policy which covers medical expenses incurred by a person due to any illness, injury or accident. There are 2 options available – it can be purchased for an individual or for the entire family. In case of a family plan – any single member can also avail the entire insured sum amount.

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Portability benefit
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Pre and Post Hospitalisation
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Organ Donor

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HDFC Ergo Health Easy Health - Key Features

Wide cover
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Wide cover for treatment against illnesses and accident

Portability benefit
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Existing health policy with another company can be shifted to Apollo Easy Health on renewal   along with most of your accrued benefits

Hospitalisation Cover
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Get coverage before, during and after hospitalisation

Additional cover
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Additional cover for Critical illness (optional)

HDFC Ergo Health Easy Health - Benefits

Hospital room accommodation

Hospital room accommodation – on a shared basis

Diagnostic procedures

Diagnostic procedures, lodging, ICU, operation theatre, anesthesia, blood, oxygen, medicines, drugs & consumables, surgical appliances, prosthe...

Organ Donor

Expenses for organ donor of transplant

Daily cash

Daily cash for accompanying an insured child (covered in exclusive and premium plan only)

Day Care Procedures

Also covers many day care procedures which do not require 24-hours hospitalisation such as X-ray, Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy, operation of cataract...

Pre & Post Hospitalisation

Pre-hospitalisation and Post-hospitalisation expenses

Emergency ambulance

Emergency ambulance charges – up to Rs. 2000

Health check-up expenses

Health check-up expenses after a certain claim-free period

Maternity expenses

Maternity expenses with a waiting period of 4 years (only in Easy Health Exclusive and Premium)

Dental treatment expenses

Dental treatment expenses (only in Easy Health Premium)

Variants in HDFC Ergo Health Easy Health Insurance Policy

 There are three variants available in Apollo Munich Easy Health insurance policy. They are -

  1. Easy Health Standard
  2. Easy Health Exclusive
  3. Easy Health Premium

Tax Benefits in HDFC Ergo Health Easy Health Insurance Policy

Health Insurance premiums paid up to Rs. 15,000 in case of individuals and Rs 20,000 for senior citizens are allowed as a deduction from the taxable income each year under section 80D of the Income Tax Act.

What is not covered in HDFC Ergo Health Easy Health Insurance Policy?

  • All treatments except within first 30 days, exceptions – accidental case
  • Pre-existing conditions for first  3 yrs
  • HIV, AIDS and related diseases
  • Non-allopathic treatment, congenital diseases, mental disorder, insanity, cosmetic surgery, weight control treatments
  • Abuse of drugs, alcohol, hallucinogens, intoxicant – not covered
  • Hospitalisation due to war
  • Pregnancy, dental unless specific plan taken
  • 2 yrs exclusion for: cataract, hernia, hysterectomy, Joint Replacement, Hydrocele