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Aegon Religare Ihealth Plan

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This plan has been withdrawn by the insurance company and is no longer available for sale.


Aegon Religare iHealth Plan
Aegon Religare iHealth Plan is a comprehensive Health Insurance Plan from Aegon Religare with exclusive benefits. This plan can be taken for the entire family. This plan can be purchased Online.
How it works – This is a Health Insurance Plan for 15 years but there is a fixed premium for 3 years. The premium is guaranteed for the period of 3 years, irrespective of any claim. This plan can be taken till 70 years of age and continued till 85 years of age with continuous renewals and till 100 years of age by exercising the option of Guaranteed Renewability. This policy can be taken for spouse, upto 4 dependent children, dependent parents and parents-in-law and also dependent siblings.
In this plan, the Insured person would get a fixed amount of money as Daily Hospitalization Benefit in case of hospitalization, irrespective of the actual amount spent. This plan also covers some exclusive additional benefits like Surgical Cash Benefit for 849 specified surgeries and Critical Illness Benefit, which is paid on diagnosis irrespective of the amount spent. This plan is an exhaustive surgical coverage plan.
The Sum Assured can be increased by 10% every 3 years, to keep up with the rising costs.
Since this is not a regular reimbursement policy, this policy can be claimed for a guaranteed amount in addition to the payment received from other health plans.
Key Features of Aegon Religare iHealth Insurance Plan
  • This plan is a comprehensive Health Plan
  • This plan covers Self, Spouse, upto 4 Children, dependent parents and parents-in-law and also dependent siblings can be included in this plan under different options
  • This plan covers 849 surgeries
  • It pays a fixed amount irrespective of the actual billed amount
  • This plan provides guaranteed coverage till 100 years of age
  • This plan is for 3 years and hence the premium is guaranteed for the entire period of 3 years
  • There is a No Claim Bonus available of 10% increase in benefit amount
  • This plan covers Congenital Benefit for new born children, whose parents are covered
  • Till 45 years of age, there is no requirement of any medicals
  • The health coverage can be increased every 3 years by 10%
  • There is an additional Critical Illness Rider Benefit in this plan
  • A Lumpsum Benefit is paid out on diagnosis of any of the Critical Illnesses
Key Benefits of Aegon Religare iHealth Policy
  • This plan Provides for Daily Hospitalization Benefit of Rs 3000 and Rs 5000 per day
  • There is an additional Surgical Cash Benefit for 6 types of specified surgeries which includes 849 types of surgeries
  • On diagnosis of any of the 10 mentioned Critical Illnesses, a fixed amount is paid as Critical Illness Benefit, irrespective of the actual amount spent. This benefit is provided as an additional rider benefit.
  • This plan covers Congenital Benefit, i.e. Medically Necessary Surgical Procedures required to correct congenital defects in a child.
Benefits the policyholder get from Aegon Religare iHealth Insurance Policy
Death Benefit – There in no Death Benefit in this plan.
Maturity Benefit – This plan being a pure Health Insurance Plan has no Maturity Benefit as well.
Income Tax Benefit – Health Insurance Premiums paid up to Rs. 15,000 for normal residents and Rs 20,000 for Senior Citizen are allowed as a deduction from the taxable income each year under section 80D
Additional Benefits from Aegon Religare iHealth Plan
  • There is an increase of benefit amount by 10% for every claim free year
  • There is no requirement of medical tests till 45 years of age under this plan
  • There is an option of increasing the Benefit Amount by 10% every years
Eligibility conditions and other restrictions in Aegon Religare iHealth Plan
Daily Hospitalization Benefit Sum Assured (in Rs.)
Gold: 3,00,000
Platinum: 5,00,000
Policy Term (in years)
Premium Payment Term (in years)
Equal to Policy Term, ( premium fixed for 3 yrs)
Entry Age of Life Insured (in years)
Entry Age of Child (in years)
90 days
Age at Maturity (in years)
Payment modes
Only Annual
Sample illustration of Annual Premium** Aegon Religare iHealth Plan
The below illustration is of the Sum Assured = Rs 5 lacs, Platinum Plan for an individual male of
Ages 25, 35 and 45 years respectively without rider benefit

AEGON Religare iHealth Plan Sample Premiums


Additional Features and Benefits of Aegon Religare iHealth Plan
Riders – There is 1 additional rider available in this policy
  • Critical Illness Benefit rider for the following Critical Illnesses:
    • Alzheimer’s disease
    • Blindness
    • Muscular dystrophy
    • Cardiomypathy
    • Cancer
    • Stroke
    • Paralysis
    • Coma
    • Aplastic anaemia
    • Kidney Failure
What happens if?
You stop paying the premium - If the policy holder stops paying the premium, the policy cover and all its benefits will cease. No further benefit would be payable for illness diagnosed during the lapsed period even if the policy is subsequently revived.
The policy can however be revived within 1 year from the date of first unpaid premium.
You want to surrender the policy – This policy has no Surrender Benefits.
You want a loan against the policyholder policy - There is no loan available under this plan.
Policy Exclusions
There are certain exclusions under which claim would not be admitted. They are:
  • There is a waiting period of 90 days from policy inception for all benefits to be applicable except accidental hospitalization
  • Specific waiting periods of 2 years will apply in case of some specific surgeries
  • Any claim occurring as a result of Pre-existing conditions or their resultant complications unless stated in the proposal form and specifically accepted by the Company and endorsed thereon
  • AIDS, HIV related complications or any Sexually Transmitted Diseases
  • Attempted suicide or self inflicted injury, irrespective of the mental condition
  • Hazardous sports or activities included but not limited to bungee jumping, mountaineering etc.
  • Any flying activity other than as a bonafide passenger
  • Under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any substance not prescribed by a Registered Medical Practitioner
  • War, riots, civil commotion, strikes, civil war or service in the military or paramilitary forces of a country at war
  • Criminal, unlawful or illegal activity participation
  • Exposure to radioactive or nuclear fuel
  • Diagnosis or treatment taken outside India
  • Psychiatric or mental illness
  • Circumcision, any cosmetic procedures or Plastic Surgery
  • Pregnancy, childbirth or their complications, Abortion, Medical Termination of Pregnancy, Infertility or sex change operation
  • Organ donation (donor costs)
  • Rehabilitation or convalescent care or length beyond customary length of stay
  • Non-Allopathic treatment
  • Purely investigative procedure not resulting in any treatment or unreasonable failure to seek medical advice
  • Congenital conditions, genetic disorders or birth defects unless specifically covered
  • All dental surgery or treatment are excluded except those arising due to accident and recommended by a registered and qualified medical practitioner
How to Make a Claim?
You can make a cashless claim at the time of hospitalization through a network of 3000+ hospitals or at any time of the day in their 24 hour Customer Service desk.
For Network Hospitals:
  • The AEGON Religare iHealth ID Card and any photo ID needs to be presented to the hospital and the hospital will submit the pre-authorisation form with signature
  • The Claim Request will be checked
  • The Claim Request will be authorised
  • And the claim would be settled directly to the hospital
For non-Network Hospitals: However, all claim under this plan needs to be made within 90 days of hospitalization along with the following documents:
  • The hospital bill needs to be settled initially by out-of-pocket payment
  • Once discharged, the claim documents needs to be submitted
  • Then the Claim Request will be checked and authorized and paid directly to the policyholder

All claims requests are to be sent to either the nearest Aegon Religare Life Branch or for any claims/ product-related queries or servicing requests, please contact their Customer Care Toll- Free number at 1800-209-9090 or contact the Third Party Administrator at 1800-22-6655 or 022-6662-0808.


Frequently Asked Questions Aegon Religare iHealth Plan

Aegon Religare iHealth Plan cover Pre-existing Diseases?

As mentioned under Exclusions, Aegon Religare iHealth Plan does not cover Pre existing Diseases and hospitalization from the same. It is not even after continuous renewals as in other plans.
Do I need to get my Medicals done under Aegon Religare iHealth Plan?
As mentioned under Key Features, There is no requirement of Medical Tests in this plan till 45 years of age. Only a declaration of Good Health is sufficient. However, if the medical underwriters feel necessary, they may call for medical tests but not under usual circumstances. Hence please mention all ailments in details.
However, for age at entry above 45, Medical Tests would be required.
Is Maternity Benefit provided under Aegon Religare iHealth Plan?
As mentioned under Exclusions, Aegon Religare iHealth Plan does not cover Maternity Benefit and hospitalization from the same. It is not even covered after continuous renewals as in some health insurance plans.

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