Bajaj Allianz Money Secure Plan

This plan has been withdrawn by the insurance company and is no longer available for sale.

Money Secure is a regular premium unit linked insurance plan with a guaranteed maturity value. You also have the flexibility to select the policy term and the premium paying term. There is an automatic annual increase in sum assured from the 6th policy year onwards.

It works just like any other Ulip. Your premiums are invested in the Assured returns Fund which is invested in the markets. Depending on the NAV of the fund, your investment would increase of decrease over a period of time.

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Plan and Frequency Flexibility
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Death Benefit
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Tax Benefits

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Bajaj Allianz Money Secure Plan - Key Features

Plan Flexibility
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Premium Term and Premium Paying Term can be chosen by you

Sum Increment
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Sum Assured will increase every year by the premium amount every year (after 6 years of the policy term)

Sum Decrement
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Sum Assured can be decreased If need be

Frequency Flexibility
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Flexibility in changing premium paying term and premium paying frequency

Bajaj Allianz Money Secure Plan - Benefits

Death Benefit

Higher of the Sum Assured less the partial withdrawals made or the Fund Value on date of receipt of intimation of death.

Maturity Benefit

The total accumulated fund value would be payable on maturity.

Income Tax Benefit

Premiums paid towards Life Insurance policies up to Rs.1,00,000 are allowed as a deduction from the taxable income each year under section 80C. Mat...


A large number of additional benefits can be taken in the form of riders by paying extra premium


Top Ups

Top Ups can be made in this policy and there is no limit on the maximum amount of top up. Minimum amount should be Rs. 5000 though.

Partial Withdrawals

You can make any number of partial withdrawals anytime after the 5th policy year. The regular fund value should not fall below 3 times t...

Eligibility conditions of Super CashGain Life Insurance Plan

  Minimum Maximum
Sum Assured (in Rs.) Entry Age < 45 – 10 times annualised premium

Others – 7 times the annualised premium

20 times annualised premium
Policy Term (in years) 10 15
Premium Payment Term (in years) Policy Term minus 5 years or Policy Term
Annual Premium 7000 No Limit
Entry Age of Policyholder 3 65
Age at Maturity 18 75
Payment modes Yearly, Half-Yearly, Quarterly

Charges in Bajaj Allianz Money Secure Plan

Premium Allocation Charge – This charge is deducted from the Premium Paid by you

Policy Year
Premium Allocation Charge
1st and 2nd Year
3rd to 5th Year
6th Year onwards
Top Up Premium

Policy Administration Charge— This is the charge for the administrative working of the policy and is deducted by cancellation of units on a monthly basis

Policy Year
Policy Administration Charge
Every Year
Rs 25 p.m.
Increasing at
5% p.a.
Guarantee Charge— 2% of regular premium paid. This charge would be levied when regular premiums are received by the company
Fund Management Charge– This charge is deducted by adjusting the NAV of the units on a daily basis.
Fund Name
Assured Return Fund

Discontinuation Charge— This charge is for discontinuing the plan before the end of the Policy Tenure.

Year of Discontinuation
Annual Premium <= Rs 25,000 p.a.
Annual Premium > Rs 25,000 p.a.
Lower of  20% of (Annual Premium or Fund Value) subject to a maximum of Rs 3,000
Lower of 6% of (Annual Premium or Fund Value) subject to a maximum of Rs 6,000
Lower of 15% of (Annual Premium or Fund Value) subject to a maximum of Rs 2,000
Lower of 4% of (Annual Premium or Fund Value) subject to a maximum of Rs 5,000
Lower of 10% of (Annual Premium or Fund Value) subject to a maximum of Rs 1,500
Lower of 3% of (Annual Premium or Fund Value) subject to a maximum of Rs 4,000
Lower of 5% of (Annual Premium or Fund Value) subject to a maximum of Rs 1,000
Lower of 2% of (Annual Premium or Fund Value) subject to a maximum of Rs 2,000
5th onwards
Miscellaneous Charge— Rs. 100 is charged per transaction for the following:
  • Decrease of Sum Assured
  • Partial Withdrawal and
  • Issuance of copy of policy document
Mortality Charge — This charge is paid for the Life Coverage provided according to the Sum At Risk. This is based on the mortality rates which are specified for all ages and amount of cover being provided.

Service Tax would be applicable on the charges depending on the applicable rates.