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Reliance Health Total Insurance Plan

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This plan has been withdrawn by the insurance company and is no longer available for sale.

Reliance Health Total Insurance Plan

Reliance Health Total provides a complete health cover that includes a fixed benefit cover for hospitalisation, critical illnesses and surgeries along with reimbursement for other health-related expenses. This is a non-linked and non-participating health insurance policy. 

Key Benefits of Reliance Health Total 

  • Flexibility to choose between the 2 amounts of Sum Insured
  • Cover against expenses for hospitalization and Surgeries
  • Fixed benefit amounts irrespective of actual billing
  • Cashless claims across network of 4000+ hospitals
  • Guaranteed Renewability up to the age of 99 years
  • Cover against 10 critical illnesses 

Eligibility and Restrictions of Reliance Health Total

Parameters   Minimum Maximum
Policy Term (in years)   5
Entry Age Option I 18 years 65 years
  Option II 18 years 55 years
Renewal Age   23 years 99 years
Premium    10,000 50,000
Sum Insured   66,667 6,66,667
Premium Payment Term (years)  
Premium Payment option   Regular
Grace period   30 days from the date of expiry
Premium Payment Modes   Yearly and Monthly (through ECS and direct debit)

Plan Options
Option I    = Annual premium = 150.00 per 1,000 Sum Insured
Option II    = Annual premium =   75.00 per 1,000 Sum Insured

Sum Insured options in detail
Plan option Benefit Comparison Sum Insured Multiple
(as a multiple of Annual Premium
I Higher Medical Reimbursement benefit  6.66667
II Higher Sum Assured 13.33335

What does the plan cover?

Hospitalisation Benefit (HB): hospitalisation due to illnesses or injury, minor & major surgeries and other domiciliary expenses, incurred in India only. The details of Hospitalisation Benefit are as follows:

1. Major Surgical Benefit (MSB): 100% of Sum Insured is paid if the Life assured is hospitalised for at least 24 hours to undergo any one of Major Surgeries. Below are the surgeries covered in MSB:-
  • Hip or Knee joint replacement surgery necessitated due to an accident only
  • Heart valve replacement surgery
  • Excision of tissue of brain with craniotomy
  • Transplantation of Heart
  • Coronary artery bypass surgery
  • Bone marrow transplant
  • Liver transplantation (recipient)
  • Renal transplantation (recipient)
  • Total Excision of Esophagus and Stomach
  • Transplantation of lung 
2. Surgical Cash Benefit (SCB): 5% of Sum Insured is paid if the Life assured is hospitalised for at least 24 hours and is case of multiple surgeries, the amount paid will be 5% of sum insured.

3. Daily Hospital Cash Benefit (DHCB): 0.5% of sum insured is paid, for 24 hours hospitalization.

4. Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Benefit: 0.5% of Sum Insured per day will be payable for the duration of stay in the ICU.

5. Recuperation Benefit (RB): 1.5% of Sum Insured is payable, once in a policy year, if the Life assured is hospitalised for 7 or more continuous days for the same injury or disease. The benefit is not payable if the patient dies during hospitalisation.

6. Critical Illness (CI) Benefit: 100% of Sum Insured will be payable on confirmed diagnosis of the Life Insured suffering from one of the insured Critical Illness. Below are the illnesses covered:-
  • Cancer
  • Heart Attack
  • Stroke
  • Major Burns
  • Loss of Speech
  • Loss of Hearing
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Coma
  • Terminal Illness
7. Medical Reimbursement Benefit (MRB): includes reimbursement for medicines and drugs, medical equipment’s (such as BP machine, thermometer, etc.), Out-patient (less than 24 hours) treatment, diagnostic expenses, dental treatment, maternity expenses, spectacles or contact lenses, annual health check-up. Below is the benefit payable:
Poliy year 2 3 4
MRB (as a % of annual premium) 25 50 60

How does the plan work, illustrated with an example:

1. Illustration of MRB and cover cost: 
Sum Insured opted = Rs.2,00,000
Annual premium = Rs.15,000
The sum insured covers him for Hospitalization and Critical Illness Benefit. He can claim the MRB as below:
Policy Year 2 3 4 5 Total
MRB (as a % of annual premium) 25% 50% 60% 205% 340%
MRB amount (in Rs.) 3,750 7,500 9,000 30,750 51,000

Final workout, with Tax amount under section 80D, under highest 30% income tax slab, Rs. 23,175 projected tax savings.
Sum Insured 5 years premium Approximate Tax 
benefit u/s 80D
Total MRB Net Effective Cost 
per annum
Rs. 2,00,000 Rs. 75,000 Rs. 23,175 Rs. 51,000 Rs.165

So, the net effective cost for sum insured 2 lacs can be only Rs. 165, as shown in the above table. 

2. Illustration of benefits (Total summary of benefits): In the 4th policy year, if life insured suffers from heart attack, undergoes heart surgery, and hospitalised for 14 days, out of which 4 days in ICU and 10 days under recuperation. During this period, the life assured also incurs cost on medicines, tests and doctors’ fees etc. His/her family receives the following benefits under the plan:
Benefit How does it work Benefit amount
Critical Illness (CI) Benefit 100% of Sum Insured Rs. 2,00,000
Major Surgical Benefit (MSB) 100% of Sum Insured Rs. 2,00,000
Daily Hospitalization Cash Benefit (DHCB) Rs. 1000 *14 days Rs. 14,000
Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Rs. 1000 *4 days Rs. 4,000
Recuperation Benefit (BI) 1.5% of Sum Insured Rs. 3,000
MRB/Medicines through Out-patient treatment 60% of yearly premium Rs. 9,000
Total Amount received towards comprehensive Health benefits Rs. 4,30,000

What is not covered?

The standard policy exclusions are – 
  • Any pre-existing ailment/injury that was diagnosed/acquired within 48 months prior to issuance of the first policy
  • War, invasion, act of foreign enemy, terrorism, civil war, public defence, rebellion, revolution, insurrection, military or usurped acts, nuclear weapons/materials, chemical and biological weapons, radiation of any kind.
  • Suicide and illegal acts
  • Participation or involvement in naval, military or air force operation, racing, diving, aviation, scuba diving, parachuting, hang-gliding, rock or mountain climbing
  • Drugs and alcohol, treatment of nicotine addiction

Tax Benefits

Tax benefits as a deduction from the taxable income each year under section 80D of the Income Tax under the existing tax laws of the Income Tax, 1961, on premiums paid up to Rs. 25,000 in case of individuals and Rs 30,000 for senior citizens.

Additional Benefits 

The policy offers option to add following riders, by paying additional premiums over and above the base premium:
  • Reliance Accidental Death Benefit & Total and Permanent Disablement Rider, 
  • Reliance Critical Condition and 
  • Reliance Major Surgical Benefit Rider 

Frequently Asked questions (FAQ’s)

1. Can I attach additional riders to the plan?
Yes, you can attach, 

2. Can I opt for loan under this policy?

3. Can I change the policy term?
The policy term is fixed for 5 years and cannot be altered.

4. Is there any paid up or surrender value?
No, the policy does not acquire, any paid up surrender value

5. Can I pay premium after the premium due date?
You can pay the premium within 30 days from the premium due date, this period is called as “grace period”

6. What if I stop paying premium?
The policy will be lapsed if the due premiums are not paid within the grace period. The claims will not be honoured, if the policy is in lapsed status. If the lapsed policy is not revived within 2 years of the due date of the first unpaid premium then the policy will be terminated.

7. Can I revive my lapsed policy?
Yes, within two years from the due date of the first unpaid premium but before policy maturity date.

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