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List of all LIC Policies launched from 1956 till date

List of all LIC plans launched till date from 1956 onwards. Details of LIC plans launch dates and withdrawal date with UIN (Unique Identity Number) of Plans.

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Last Updated: 14-01-2022
List of all LIC Policies launched from 1956 till date
Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) of India is the oldest and the only public sector Life Insurance Company in India. It was formed in 1956 with merger of more than 200 insurance companies and provident societies. LIC has become synonymous with Insurance and has huge network of agents and distributors.

We have compiled a list of all the plans that the company has launched since its inception till date.
Financial Year Name of the Product Product UIN Opening date Closing date Status
1956-57 Anticipated Endowment - 15 years 512N001V01 1-Sep-56 1-Apr-80 Withdrawn
1956-57 Anticipated Endowment - 20 years 512N002V01 1-Sep-56 1-Apr-80 Withdrawn
1956-57 Anticipated Endowment - 25 years 512N003V01 1-Sep-56 1-Apr-80 Withdrawn
1956-57 Capital Redemption Plan 512N004V01 1-Sep-56 23-Dec-02 Withdrawn
1956-57 Children Deferred Assurance Endowment - 18 years 512N005V01 1-Sep-56 16-Nov-13 Withdrawn
1956-57 Children Deferred Assurance Endowment - 19 years 512N006V01 1-Sep-56 31-Dec-62 Withdrawn
1956-57 Children Deferred Assurance Endowment - 20 years 512N007V01 1-Sep-56 31-Dec-62 Withdrawn
1956-57 Children Deferred Assurance Endowment - 21years 512N008V01 1-Sep-56 16-Nov-13 Withdrawn
1956-57 Children Deferred Assurance Endowment - 22 years 512N009V01 1-Sep-56 31-Dec-62 Withdrawn
1956-57 Children Deferred Assurance Limited Whole Life - 18 years 512N010V01 1-Sep-56 31-Dec-62 Withdrawn
1956-57 Children Deferred Assurance Limited Whole Life - 19 years 512N011V01 1-Sep-56 31-Dec-62 Withdrawn
1956-57 Children Deferred Assurance Limited Whole Life - 20 years 512N012V01 1-Sep-56 31-Dec-62 Withdrawn
1956-57 Children Deferred Assurance Limited Whole Life - 21 years 512N013V01 1-Sep-56 31-Dec-62 Withdrawn
1956-57 Children Deferred Assurance Limited Whole Life - 22 years 512N014V01 1-Sep-56 31-Dec-62 Withdrawn
1956-57 Convertible Whole Life - with profits 512N015V01 1-Sep-56 1-Apr-80 Withdrawn
1956-57 Convertible Whole Life - without profits 512N016V01 1-Sep-56 30-Aug-03 Withdrawn
1956-57 Deferred Annuity - without profits 512N017V01 1-Sep-56 16-Jun-00 Withdrawn
1956-57 Double Endowment 512N018V01 1-Sep-56 15-Feb-03 Withdrawn
1956-57 Educational Annuity Plan 512N019V01 1-Sep-56 1-Jan-87 Withdrawn
1956-57 Endowment Assurance - with profits 512N020V01 1-Sep-56 1-Jan-14 Withdrawn
1956-57 Endowment Assurance - without profits 512N021V01 1-Sep-56 14-Nov-02 Withdrawn
1956-57 Pure Endowment 512N022V01 1-Sep-56 1-Nov-89 Withdrawn
1956-57 Endowment Assurance Limited. Payment - with profits 512N023V01 1-Sep-56 14-Feb-07 Withdrawn
2006-07 Endowment Assurance Limited. Payment - with profits 512N023V02 14-Feb-07 1-Jan-14 Withdrawn
1956-57 Endowment Assurance Limited. Payment - without profits 512N024V01 1-Sep-56 14-Nov-02 Withdrawn
1956-57 Endowment Assurance Policy - with profits 512N025V01 1-Sep-56 8-Nov-62 Withdrawn
1956-57 Endowment Assurance policy - without profits 512N026V01 1-Sep-56 8-Nov-62 Withdrawn
1956-57 Fixed Term Marriage Endowment 512N027V01 1-Sep-56 1-Jan-87 Withdrawn
1956-57 Guaranteed Triple Benefit - 15 years 512N028V01 1-Sep-56 1-Jan-87 Withdrawn
1956-57 Guaranteed Triple Benefit - 20 years 512N029V01 1-Sep-56 1-Jan-87 Withdrawn
1956-57 Guaranteed Triple Benefit - 25 years 512N030V01 1-Sep-56 1-Jan-87 Withdrawn
1956-57 Immediate Annuity - without profits 512N031V01 1-Sep-56 16-Jun-00 Withdrawn
1956-57 Immediate Annuity Certain 512N032V01 1-Sep-56 1-Nov-02 Withdrawn
1956-57 Joint Life Endowment - without profits 512N033V01 1-Sep-56 1-Jan-87 Withdrawn
1956-57 Joint Life Endowment - with profits 512N034V01 1-Sep-56 11-May-98 Withdrawn
1956-57 Limited Payment Life Policy- with profits 512N035V01 1-Sep-56 1-Jan-14 Withdrawn
1956-57 Limited Payment Life Policy- without profits 512N036V01 1-Sep-56 15-Feb-03 Withdrawn
1956-57 Limited Payment Whole Life SP - with profits 512N037V01 1-Sep-56 16-Nov-13 Withdrawn
1956-57 Limited Payment Whole Life SP - without profits 512N038V01 1-Sep-56 15-Feb-03 Withdrawn
1956-57 Multipurpose Policy - with profits 512N039V01 1-Sep-56 1-Apr-80 Withdrawn
1956-57 Multipurpose Policy - without profits 512N040V01 1-Sep-56 1-Apr-80 Withdrawn
1956-57 Special Whole Life Policy - with profits 512N041V01 1-Sep-56 8-Nov-62 Withdrawn
1956-57 Special Whole Life Policy - without profits 512N042V01 1-Sep-56 8-Nov-62 Withdrawn
1956-57 Special Whole Life Policy - without profits 512N043V01 1-Sep-56 8-Nov-62 Withdrawn
1956-57 Two Year Temporary Assurance Policy 512N044V01 1-Sep-56 16-Nov-13 Withdrawn
1956-57 Whole Life Assurance - with profits 512N045V01 1-Sep-56 24-Nov-13 Withdrawn
1956-57 Whole Life Assurance - without profits 512N046V01 1-Sep-56 1-May-98 Withdrawn
1956-57 Whole Life Limited Payment - with profits 512N047V01 1-Sep-56 8-Nov-62 Withdrawn
1956-57 Group Term Insurance Scheme 512N048V01 1-Sep-56 1-Sep-13 Withdrawn
1956-57 Group Immediate Annuities 512N049V01 1-Sep-56    
1957-58 Group Endowment 512N050V01 1-Apr-57 28-Nov-78 Withdrawn
1957-58 Group Superannuation Deferred Annuity Scheme 512N051V01 1-Apr-57 31-Dec-02 Withdrawn
1957-58 Individual Deferred Annuity Scheme 512N052V01 1-Apr-57 31-Dec-02 Withdrawn
1957-58 Janata Endowment - with profits 512N053V01 22-Jun-57 31-Dec-74 Withdrawn
1957-58 Janata Endowment - without profits 512N054V01 22-Jun-57 31-Dec-74 Withdrawn
1958-59 Mortgage Redemption Policy 512N055V01 1-Sep-58 31-Dec-02 Withdrawn
1965-66 Retirement Annuity 512N056V01 19-Mar-66 15-Jan-85 Withdrawn
1970-71 Convertible Term Assurance 512N057V01 10-Mar-71 16-Nov-13 Withdrawn
1971-72 Centenary Policy 512N058V01 12-May-71 15-Jan-85 Withdrawn
1972-73 Group Gratuity (Pure Endowment) Scheme 512N059V01 1-Apr-72 31-Dec-02 Withdrawn
1972-73 Group Equalisation Account 512N060V01 1-Apr-72 4-Apr-02 Withdrawn
1975-76 Girha Laxmi 512N061V01 24-Jan-76 1-Apr-80 Withdrawn
1976-77 Money Back - 12 Years 512N062V01 1-Sep-76 1-Sep-94 Withdrawn
1976-77 Money Back - 15 Years 512N063V01 1-Sep-76 15-Jan-98 Withdrawn
1976-77 Cash and Cover Policy - 20 years 512N064V01 1-Sep-76 1-Apr-80 Withdrawn
1976-77 Progressive Protection Policy 512N065V01 1-Sep-76 1-Nov-89 Withdrawn
1978-79 Money Back - 20 Years 512N066V01 1-Sep-78 1-Jan-14 Withdrawn
1978-79 Money Back - 25 Years 512N067V01 1-Sep-78 1-Sep-86 Withdrawn
1978-79 Cash and Cover Policy - 25 years 512N068V01 1-Sep-76 1-Apr-80 Withdrawn
1978-79 Children's Anticipated Policy - 18 years 512N069V01 1-Jan-79 1-Dec-97 Withdrawn
1978-79 Children's Anticipated Policy - 21 years 512N070V01 1-Jan-79 1-Dec-97 Withdrawn
1980-81 Multipurpose Policy - with profits 512N071V01 1-Apr-80 1-Nov-89 Withdrawn
1980-81 Anticipated Whole Life - 20 years 512N072V01 1-Apr-80 1-Nov-89 Withdrawn
1980-81 Anticipated Whole Life - 25 years 512N073V01 1-Apr-80 1-Nov-89 Withdrawn
1980-81 Multipurpose Policy - without profits 512N074V01 1-Apr-80 1-Jan-87 Withdrawn
1980-81 Deposit/ Fund Administation Scheme 512N075V01 25-Nov-80 1-Sep-13 Withdrawn
1981-82 Janraksha Policy 512N076V01 30-May-81 1-Nov-89 Withdrawn
1981-82 Group Superannuation (Cash Accumulation) Scheme 512N077V01 13-Aug-81 1-Jan-12 Withdrawn
1981-82 Group Gratuity (Cash Accumulation) Scheme 512N078V01 17-Nov-81 1-Sep-13 Withdrawn
1981-82 Group Saving Linked Insurance 512N079V01 31-Jan-82 1-Sep-13 Withdrawn
1981-82 Jeevan Mitra 512N080V01 1-Jul-85 24-Nov-13 Withdrawn
1985-86 Jeevan Saathi 512N081V01 1-Jul-85 1-Jan-14 Withdrawn
1985-86 Marriage Endowment/ Educational Annuity 512N082V01 1-Jul-85 1-Jan-14 Withdrawn
1985-86 New Jana Raksha Plan 512N083V01 1-Jul-85 1-Jan-14 Withdrawn
1985-86 New Children Deferred Assurance Policy 512N084V01 1-Jul-85 1-Dec-97 Withdrawn
1985-86 New Money Back - 25 years 512N085V01 1-Sep-86 29-Dec-13 Withdrawn
1986-87 Bhavishya Jeevan 512N086V01 1-Sep-86 15-Jul-04 Withdrawn
1986-87 Bima Sandesh 512N087V01 1-Sep-86 30-Mar-02 Withdrawn
1986-87 Jeevan Dhara 512N088V01 3-Oct-87 16-Jun-00 Withdrawn
1987-88 Jeevan Akshay 512N089V01 5-Feb-88 16-Jun-00 Withdrawn
1987-88 Jeevan Balya 512N090V01 19-Jan-89 15-Jul-04 Withdrawn
1988-89 Group Insurance - Single Premium 512N091V01 1-Apr-89 1-Sep-13 Withdrawn
1989-90 Deferred Annuity - with return of notional price 512N092V01 1-Oct-89 16-Jun-00 Withdrawn
1989-90 Immediate Annuity - with return of purchase price 512N093V01 1-Oct-89 16-Jun-00 Withdrawn
1989-90 Jeevan Kishor 512N094V01 15-Dec-90 1-Jan-14 Withdrawn
1990-91 Jeevan Sarita 512N095V01 15-Dec-90 16-Jun-00 Withdrawn
1990-91 Jeevan Chhaya 512N096V01 1-Mar-91 1-Jan-14 Withdrawn
1990-91 Jeevan Griha Double Cover 512N097V01 1-Sep-91 14-Nov-02 Withdrawn
1991-92 Jeevan Griha Triple Cover 512N098V01 1-Sep-91 14-Nov-02 Withdrawn
1991-92 Voluntary Retirment Scheme 512N099V01 1-Apr-92 31-Dec-02 Withdrawn
1992-93 Jeevan Surabhi - 15 years 512N100V01 1-Nov-92 1-Jan-14 Withdrawn
1992-93 Jeevan Surabhi - 20 years 512N101V01 1-Nov-92 22-Dec-13 Withdrawn
1992-93 Jeevan Surabhi - 25 years 512N102V01 1-Nov-92 15-Dec-13 Withdrawn
1992-93 Jeevan Sukanya 512N103V01 1-Nov-92 31-Jul-04 Withdrawn
1992-93 Asha Deep 512N104V01 7-Sep-93 30-Nov-93 Withdrawn
1993-94 Bima Kiran 512N105V01 15-Jul-94 30-Mar-02 Withdrawn
1994-95 Jeevan Shree 512N106V01 16-Jan-95 28-Feb-02 Withdrawn
1994-95 Childrens' Money Back Policy 512N107V01 16-Jan-95 31-Mar-02 Withdrawn
1994-95 Asha Deep II 512N108V01 21-Nov-95 31-Jul-04 Withdrawn
1995-96 Jeevan Aadhar 512N109V01 1-Jan-96 1-Jan-14 Withdrawn
1995-96 Jeevan Suraksha 512N110V01 15-Aug-96 24-Dec-01 Withdrawn
1996-97 Jeevan Sneha 512N111V01 16-Jan-97 31-Dec-01 Withdrawn
1996-97 Jeevan Sanchay - 12 Years 512N112V01 11-Feb-97 15-Mar-02 Withdrawn
1996-97 Jeevan Sanchay - 20 Years 512N113V01 11-Feb-97 15-Mar-02 Withdrawn
1996-97 Jeevan Sanchay - 25 Years 512N114V01 11-Feb-97 15-Mar-02 Withdrawn
1996-97 Jeevan Asha 512N115V01 9-Oct-97 16-Jan-98 Withdrawn
1997-98 Group Leave Encashment Scheme 512N116V01 3-Nov-97 1-Sep-15 Withdrawn
1997-98 Jeevan Sanchay - 15 Years 512N117V01 15-Jan-98 15-Mar-02 Withdrawn
1998-99 Jeevan Asha II 512N118V01 2-Jan-99 16-Oct-03 Withdrawn
1998-99 Bima Nivesh 512N119V01 14-Jan-99 23-Jul-01 Withdrawn
1999-00 Jeevan Mitra Triple Cover 512N120V01 6-Oct-99 29-Dec-13 Withdrawn
1999-00 Bal Vidhya 512N121V01 14-Nov-99 31-Mar-03 Withdrawn
1999-00 Jeevan Vishwas 512N122V01 1-Dec-99 1-Jan-14 Withdrawn
1999-00 Nav Prabhat 512N123V01 1-Dec-99 31-Mar-01 Withdrawn
2000-01 New Jeevan Akshay 512N124V01 1-Jul-00 24-Dec-01 Withdrawn
2000-01 New Jeevan Dhara - without profits 512N125V01 1-Jul-00 24-Dec-01 Withdrawn
2000-01 LIC Bima Plus - Unit Linked Insurance Policy 512L201V01 12-Jan-01 16-Oct-05 Withdrawn
2001-02 Bima Nivesh 2001 512N202V01 20-Jul-01 15-Dec-01 Withdrawn
2001-02 New Bima Nivesh 512N203V01 29-Nov-01 18-Sep-02 Withdrawn
2001-02 New Jeevan Akshay-1 512N204V01 14-Dec-01 16-Oct-03 Withdrawn
2002-03 New Jeevan Akshay-1 512N204V02 15-Nov-02 16-Oct-03 Withdrawn
2001-02 New Jeevan Dhara/Jeevan Suraksha 512N205V01 11-Jan-02 1-Jan-12 Withdrawn
2001-02 Jeevan Anand 512N206V01 17-Jan-02 1-Jan-14 Withdrawn
2001-02 New Bima Kiran 512N207V01 1-Feb-02 17-Aug-05 Withdrawn
2001-02 New Jeevan Shree 512N208V01 4-Feb-02 26-Mar-03 Withdrawn
2003-04 New Jeevan Shree 1 512N209V01 8-Aug-03 1-Jan-14 Withdrawn
2002-03 Bima Nivesh Triple Cover 512N210V01 18-Jun-02 1-Apr-04 Withdrawn
2002-03 Jeevan Rekha 512N211V01 15-Jul-02 17-Mar-06 Withdrawn
2002-03 Term Assurance Plan (Without Profit) - Anmol Jeevan 512N212V01 16-Jul-02 1-Nov-03 Withdrawn
2003-04 Anmol Jeevan I 512N213V01 1-Sep-03 1-Dec-13 Withdrawn
2002-03 Bima Nivesh 2002 512N214V01 3-Sep-02 1-Apr-03 Withdrawn
2002-03 Jeevan Samriddi (New Jeevan Sanchay) 512N215V01 3-Sep-02 1-Mar-05 Withdrawn
2002-03 Komal Jeevan 512N216V01 7-Nov-02 28-Feb-03 Withdrawn
2002-03 Komal Jeevan 512N216V02 28-Feb-03 1-Jan-14 Withdrawn
2002-03 Mortgage Redemption Plan 512N217V01 31-Dec-02 24-Feb-03 Withdrawn
2002-03 Mortgage Redemption Plan 512N217V02 24-Feb-03 16-Nov-13 Withdrawn
2002-03 Bima Nivesh 2003 512N218V01 15-Feb-03 26-Mar-04 Withdrawn
2002-03 Group Mortgage Redemption Assurance Scheme 512N219V01 5-Mar-03 1-Sep-13 Withdrawn
2002-03 Jeevan Bharti 512N220V01 6-Mar-03 30-Jul-08 Withdrawn
2003-04 Jeevan Akshay - II 512N221V01 1-Oct-03 20-Dec-04 Withdrawn
2003-04 Jeevan Saral 512N222V01 4-Feb-04 1-Jan-14 Withdrawn
2003-04 Bima Nivesh 2004 512N223V01 26-Mar-04 21-Mar-05 Withdrawn
2004-05 LIC Jeevan Nidhi 512N224V01 29-Aug-04 1-Jan-12 Withdrawn
2004-05 LIC Jeevan Anurag 512N225V01 8-Sep-04 1-Jan-14 Withdrawn
2004-05 Jeevan Pramukh 512N226V01 13-Oct-04 24-Nov-13 Withdrawn
2004-05 Jeevan Akshay III 512N227V01 13-Dec-04 17-Mar-06 Withdrawn
2004-05 LIC Future Plus 512L228V01 11-Feb-05 1-Jul-06 Withdrawn
2004-05 Bima Nivesh 2005 512N229V01 15-Mar-05 1-Jan-14 Withdrawn
2005-06 LIC Jeevan Plus 512L230V01 21-Jul-05 1-Jul-06 Withdrawn
2005-06 LIC Golden Jubilee Policy - BIMA GOLD 512N231V01 16-Aug-05 31-Mar-06 Withdrawn
2005-06 LIC Bima Bachat 512N232V01 18-Aug-05 1-Jan-14 Withdrawn
2005-06 LIC Amulya Jeevan 512N233V01 14-Feb-06 18-Feb-08 Withdrawn
2005-06 LIC Jeevan Akshay - IV 512N234V01 7-Mar-06 20-Sep-06 Withdrawn
2006-07 LIC Jeevan Akshay - V 512N234V02 10-Aug-06 10-Sep-07 Withdrawn
2007-08 LIC Jeevan Akshay - VI 512N234V03 7-Aug-07 15-May-12 Withdrawn
2012-13 LIC Jeevan Akshay - VI 512N234V04 15-May-12    
2016-17 LIC Jeevan Akshay - VI 512N234V05 17-Oct-16    
2005-06 LIC Jeevan Tarang 512N235V01 7-Mar-06 1-Jan-14 Withdrawn
2006-07 LIC New Bima Gold 512N236V01 4-Apr-06 1-Jan-14 Withdrawn
2006-07 LIC Gratuity Plus 512L237V01 2-Jun-06 31-Aug-10 Withdrawn
2006-07 LIC Market Plus 512L238V01 30-Jun-06 1-Apr-08 Withdrawn
2006-07 LIC Money Plus 512L239V01 1-Dec-06 15-Aug-07 Withdrawn
2006-07 LIC Jeevan Madhur 512N240V01 14-Sep-06 1-Jan-14 Withdrawn
2006-07 LIC Child Career Plan 512N241V01 25-Jan-07 1-Jan-14 Withdrawn
2006-07 LIC Child Future Plan 512N242V01 25-Jan-07 1-Jan-14 Withdrawn
2007-08 LIC Jeevan Amrit 512N243V01 9-Apr-07 8-Dec-13 Withdrawn
2007-08 LIC Fortune Plus 512L244V01 23-Jul-07 1-Apr-09 Withdrawn
2007-08 LIC Profit Plus 512L245V01 6-Aug-07 8-Dec-09 Withdrawn
2009-10 LIC Profit Plus 512L245V02 8-Dec-09 31-Aug-10 Withdrawn
2007-08 LIC Health Plus 512L246V01 18-Dec-07 1-Jan-10 Withdrawn
2008-09 LIC Jeevan Bharati - I 512N247V01 1-May-08 22-Dec-13 Withdrawn
2008-09 LIC Money Plus -I 512L248V01 12-May-08 8-Dec-09 Withdrawn
2009-10 LIC Money Plus -I 512L248V02 8-Dec-09 31-Aug-10 Withdrawn
2008-09 LIC Market Plus -I 512L249V01 16-May-08 12-Dec-09 Withdrawn
2008-10 LIC Market Plus -I 512L249V02 12-Dec-09 31-Aug-10 Withdrawn
2007-08 LIC Amulya Jeevan - 1 512N250V01 20-Jan-08 1-Jan-14 Withdrawn
2008-09 LIC Child Fortune Plus 512L251V01 8-Oct-08 24-Dec-09 Withdrawn
2009-10 LIC Child Fortune Plus 512L251V02 24-Dec-09 31-Aug-10 Withdrawn
2008-09 LIC Jeevan Aastha 512N252V01 2-Dec-08 22-Jan-09 Withdrawn
2008-09 LIC Health Protection Plus 512L253V01 16-Dec-08 11-Oct-13 Withdrawn
2008-09 LIC Jeevan Varsha 512N254V01 7-Feb-09 1-Apr-09 Withdrawn
2008-09 LIC Jeevan Saathi Plus 512L255V01 26-Mar-09 24-Dec-09 Withdrawn
2009-10 LIC Jeevan Saathi Plus 512L255V02 24-Dec-09 31-Aug-10 Withdrawn
2009-10 LIC Superannuation Plus (Defined Contribution) 512L256V01 13-Apr-09 31-Aug-10 Withdrawn
2009-10 LIC Jeevan Mangal 512N257V01 4-May-09 1-Jan-14 Withdrawn
2009-10 LIC Jeevan Nischay 512N258V01 12-Oct-09 31-Mar-10 Withdrawn
2009-10 LIC Wealth Plus 512L259V01 4-Feb-10 31-Aug-10 Withdrawn
2010-11 LIC Group Flexible Income Plan 512N262V01 20-Jan-11    
2010-11 LIC Bima Account -I 512N263V01 28-Jan-11 24-Nov-13 Withdrawn
2010-11 LIC Bima Account -II 512N264V01 28-Jan-11 24-Nov-13 Withdrawn
2011-12 LIC Jeevan Arogya 512N266V01 23-May-11 11-Oct-13 Withdrawn
2013-14 LIC Jeevan Arogya 512N266V02 25-Oct-13    
2011-12 LIC Jeevan Ankur 512N267V01 16-Jan-12 1-Jan-14 Withdrawn
2011-12 LIC Jeevan Vriddhi 512N268V01 28-Feb-12 29-Jun-12 Withdrawn
2011-12 LIC Jeevan Vaibhav 512N269V01 28-Feb-12 18-Sep-12 Withdrawn
2012-13 LIC Jeevan Deep 512N270V01 23-Jul-12 1-Jan-14 Withdrawn
2012-13 LIC New Jeevan Nidhi 512N271V01 26-Dec-12 1-Dec-13 Withdrawn
2013-14 LIC New Jeevan Nidhi 512N271V02 6-Nov-13    
2012-13 LIC Jeevan Sugam 512N273V01 20-Feb-13 10-Apr-13 Withdrawn
2013-14 LIC New Group Superannuation Cash Accumulation Plan 512N274V01 5-Jul-13 12-Apr-17 Withdrawn
2013-14 LIC New One Year Renewable Group Term Assurance Plan -I 512N275V01 30-Aug-13    
2013-14 LIC New One Year Renewable Group Term Assurance Plan -II 512N276V01 30-Aug-13    
2013-14 LIC New Endowment Plan 512N277V01 9-Oct-13    
2013-14 LIC New Money Back Plan - 25 years 512N278V01 9-Oct-13    
2013-14 LIC New Jeevan Anand 512N279V01 9-Oct-13    
2013-14 LIC New Money Back Plan - 20 years 512N280V01 9-Oct-13    
2013-14 LIC New Group Gratuity Cash Accumulation Plan 512N281V01 10-Oct-13 12-Apr-17 Withdrawn
2013-14 LIC New Group Leave Encashment Plan 512N282V01 10-Oct-13 12-Apr-17 Withdrawn
2013-14 LIC Single Premium Endowment Plan 512N283V01 10-Oct-13    
2013-14 LIC New Bima Bachat 512N284V01 10-Oct-13    
2013-14 LIC Anmol Jeevan II 512N285V01 2-Jan-14    
2013-14 LIC Amulya Jeevan II 512N286V01 2-Jan-14    
2013-14 LIC New Jeevan Mangal 512N287V01 2-Jan-14 1-Apr-16  
2016-17 LIC New Jeevan Mangal (Micro Insurance Product) 512N287V02 1-Apr-16    
2013-14 LIC e -Term 512N288V01 19-Feb-14    
2013-14 LIC Jeevan Rakshak 512N289V01 5-Mar-14    
2014-15 LIC Jeevan Shagun 512N290V01 25-Jul-14 30-Nov-14 Withdrawn
2014-15 Varishtha Pension Bima Yojana (VPBY 2014-15) 512G291V01 13-Aug-14    
2014-15 LIC Bhagya Lakshmi 512N292V01 21-Oct-14 1-Apr-16  
2016-17 LIC Bhagya Lakshmi (Micro Insurance Product) 512N292V02 1-Apr-16    
2014-15 LIC Limited Premium Endowment Plan 512N293V01 1-Dec-14    
2014-15 LIC Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana (PMJDY) 512G294V01 30-Jan-15    
2014-15 LIC Jeevan Sangam 512N295V01 2-Mar-15 2-Jun-15 Withdrawn
2014-15 LIC New Children's Money Back Plan 512N296V01 2-Mar-15    
2014-15 LIC Jeevan Lakshya 512N297V01 4-Mar-15    
2014-15 LIC Single Premium Group Insurance 512N298V01 20-Mar-15    
2015-16 LIC Jeevan Tarun 512N299V01 24-Apr-15    
2015-16 LIC Pradhan Mantri Jeevan jyoti Bima Yojana 512G300V01 30-Apr-15    
2015-16 LIC Group Credit Life Insurance 512N302V01 24-Jun-15    
2015-16 Aam Admi Bima Yojana 512G303V01 1-Jan-13    
2015-16 LIC Jeevan Labh 512N304V01 22-Dec-15    
2015-16 LIC Jeevan Shikhar 512N305V01 30-Dec-15 10-May-16 Withdrawn
2015-16 LIC jeevan Pragati Plan 512N306V01 6-Jan-16    
2016-17 LIC Bima Diamond 512N307V01 1-Sep-16    
2016-17 Varishtha Pension Bima Yojna (VPBY 2017) 512G308V01 3-Jan-17    
2017-18 LIC Aadhaar Shila 512N309V01 6-Apr-17    
2017-18 LIC Aadhaar Stambh 512N310V01 6-Apr-17    
2017-18 Pradhan Mantri Vaya Vandana Yojana 512G311V01 13-Apr-17    
2017-18 LIC Jeevan Umang 512N312V01 20-Apr-17    

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